Continuing family tragedy of trio forcibly separated in three different locations

Continuing family tragedy of trio forcibly separated


Revathi Masoosai/Siti Fatimah’s 100-day detention for Islamic rehabilitation which ends today has been extended by the Malacca Syariah Court for another 80 days.

Revathi’s husband, Suresh Veerapan was informed by Malacca Syariah Court officials that her detention at the Faith Rehabilitation Centre in Ulu Yam has been extended by 80 days.

When Suresh Veerapan asked for the reasons, an official told him “she did not cooperate during the 100-day stay” which ended today.

His demand for a copy of the court order on the extension was denied. Revathi was not brought to the Malacca court from Ulu Yam in Selangor. Dozens of relatives were waiting to see her.

Revathi, who suffers from asthma, had told her husband last week that she was not taken to a doctor although she was sick.

It is sad and tragic that this heart-rending tale of the father, mother and baby girl being forcibly separated into three different locations by law and religion had not been resolved today, despite a memorandum by DAP MPs to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last week.

The following Associated Press report furnishes a backgrounder to this continuing tragedy:

Malaysia’s Islamic officials seize baby from mother who sought a Hindu life

The Associated Press

Published: April 6, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Islamic authorities took away the baby of a Muslim woman who is living as a Hindu in defiance of the law in the latest case of religious conflict straining ties in multiethnic Malaysia, officials said Friday.

Revathi Masoosai’s 15-month-old daughter was taken by the Islamic Religious Department in southern Malacca state on March 26 and handed to Revathi’s Muslim mother, said department enforcement officer Mohamad Imran Ahmad.

“The baby’s grandmother has custody of her for now,” Mohamad Imran told The Associated Press.

Revathi, an ethnic Indian, is being held in a rehabilitation center run by Islamic authorities for her religious transgression. The baby was with Revathi’s husband when she was seized. He has filed a police complaint, but it was not clear if he plans to take the case to court.

Meanwhile, the baby will stay with her grandmother. “When the baby’s mother is released, she can try to regain custody if she wants to,” said Mohamad Imran without elaborating.

The case, which was made public by the opposition Democratic Action Party on Thursday, highlights an increasing number of spats affecting the religious and family rights of the ethnic Indian and Chinese minorities.

Indians, who form about 8 percent of Malaysia’s 26 million people, are mostly Hindus while some are Christians, Muslims and Sikhs.

Activists say a string of recent disputes have ended in favor of Muslims — who comprise nearly 60 percent of the population — and strained ethnic relations in this multicultural nation, which has enjoyed racial peace for nearly four decades.

Revathi, 29, was born to Indian Muslim parents who gave her a Muslim name, Siti Fatimah. However, Revathi claims she was raised as a Hindu by her grandmother and changed her name in 2001, said Chong Eng, an opposition member of Parliament.

Revathi married Suresh Veerappan in 2004 according to Hindu rites. The marriage has not been legally registered because Suresh would have had to convert to Islam first.

Revathi’s official identification documents state she is Muslim because Malaysians who are born as Muslims cannot legally convert.

The Islamic Religious Department apparently learned of Revathi’s case after she gave birth. Revathi was detained in January and taken to a rehabilitation center in central Malaysia where she is expected to be held until at least mid-April to undergo religious counseling, Chong said.

“Separating mother and child … is inhuman,” Chong said in a statement.

A custody battle would be complicated because Islamic officials and Revathi’s mother would likely seek to try the case in Islamic Shariah court, which handles religious, family and personal law disputes involving Muslims.

Non-Muslims turn to civil courts to settle these issues. But the secular courts have generally avoided taking a position in such disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims, leaving it to the Shariah system, where verdicts have often favored Muslims.

  1. #1 by ahkok1982 on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 3:57 pm

    y not spread this story to e US? They would love e soap opera style story plus we get foreign news coverage. also we can hav a good VM2007 promotion.

  2. #2 by malaysia born on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 4:01 pm

    Wake up People!!! The talibanization of our beloved country is here!

  3. #3 by MALAYSIANbukanMALAYSIAN on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 4:45 pm

    Worse then the Zionist.

    Bob Marley sang……Zion train is coming our way…!

  4. #4 by ahkok1982 on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 4:45 pm

    Anyone who wants to convert to a religion which promotes intolerance please raise your hand.

  5. #5 by grace on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 5:26 pm

    Adei Samy Vellu,
    Mana hang pergi? Lu champion Kaum India! Sekarang apa sudah jadi?
    Lim Kit Siang dan Karpal sahaja yang ambil berat dalam kes ini?

    Po da! Samy ! Cakap besar dan useless!!!

  6. #6 by rojak on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 5:40 pm

    Semi Value is in the midst of writing a poem to dedicate to AAB. Mana ada time’lah!

  7. #7 by Taiko on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 5:41 pm

    This is too much!!!!! I’m gonna write to Human Rights and the BBC and tell the world about authorities forcing religion down the people’s throat!

    Fellow citizens! Let us rally behind Suresh Veerapan!

  8. #8 by k1980 on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 5:50 pm

    Revathi Masoosai ‘did not cooperate’ during the 100-day detention at the Ulu Yam Faith Rehabilitation Centre and so was required to stay there for another 80 days. To ‘cooperate’ means she has to renounce Hinduism and embrace Islam. What happens if she still refuses to cooperate after the 80 days? To be imprisoned for another 360 days and so on until she agrees to cooperate or be stoned to death for being an apostate? The Inquisition has returned, not to Rome but to Malaysia.


    Most (perhaps 85 percent) of the victims of death by torture were women. It is estimated that during the period 1450-1800 between two and four million women were burnt at the stake. I believe the reason for this is rape. When they were burned at the stake, they were gagged, so they could not tell people what crimes were committed against them. In some cases, their tongues were cut out. In other words, a woman would be tortured into confessing. Once she had been sentenced to death, they could rape her as many times as they wanted and she couldn’t tell anybody about it.

  9. #9 by pongsakling on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 6:08 pm

    Samy Vellu, stop talking and start working,
    don’t blame God in this case! Do something for God’s sake!
    And where is the Taiping MP Keyveas? Still quarrelling with LKY?
    Keyveas, use your quarrelling skill with all the talibans!
    Where is Anwar Ibrahim, this is the time to prove that you champion all race, where is your keadilan? If you don’t do anything, stop using the “keadilan” in your party! And where is Michael Chong? why don’t he highlight it in the Star paper?

  10. #10 by smeagroo on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 6:23 pm

    His version is a joke and is now being made a joke all over the world.

  11. #11 by private_undergrad on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 7:34 pm

    Someone’s got to get this news alive in the main press and media. Otherwise the ‘silent’ majority won’t know it even existed in this country…

  12. #12 by sheriff singh on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 9:14 pm

    Hell, man.

    By “co-operate” they want her to embrace Islam and renounce Hinduism. To get her freedom, she must embrace Islam, period. Thats the aim of all these religious “re-habilitation” camps – you must emerge a Muslim or not at all. You are then stuck.

    Sounds like all the Communist “re-education” camps of China, Russia, Vietnam etc in days gone by. Are we enforcing a Muslim inquisition in this country? Is this progressive Islam? Is there equity in Islam? Has Islam no mercy?

    The public, especially the non-Muslims, are wondering how fair, compassionate and transparent the Syariah Courts are when their decisions shrouded in secrecy. Is this how their courts work? No wonder non-muslims don’t have any confidence and respect for their justice system.

    And yet the Hindu religious authorities are silent, frightened to take care of and protect its followers. And the leaders of the Indian communal political parties like MIC, PPP, IPF etc etc dare not say anything. Perhaps one should ask Samy Vellu, the Hindu religious bodies etc, point blank, what they are going to do or not do.

    Right thinking Muslims too dare not say anything, are impotent, and turn a blind eye. What does Anwar Ibrahim, Husam Musa etc have to say on this?

    We are all held to randsome by the mullahs who can do no wrong. Is there ‘habeas corpus” in Islam?

    Are we the only country that legislates the Islamic faith? Can the Syariah Court do no wrong?

    I think this case should be highlighted again in Parliament and we must get a government stand on this.

  13. #13 by Zeebra on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 9:20 pm


  14. #14 by hasilox on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 10:12 pm

    Other countries are working hard to improve. Bolehland is working hard to move backward!

    Where the hell are we heading? Progressive society? More like taleban -afghan in southeast asia.

  15. #15 by Richard Teo on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 10:24 pm

    These people are spoiling the good name of Islam. I dont think it was the intention of their prophet to force people to embrace their faith.What kind of religion would be so desperate as to compel some one convert without having any faith in the religion?Maybe better to put a gun at their head and force them to convert.What is wrong with Islam?Is that how the religion is being practiced?

  16. #16 by mandela on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 10:47 pm

    Is Bad-Awi still sleeping?
    With so many Talibans roaming around in Malaysia, what is he going to do?


  17. #17 by youngman79 on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 11:47 pm

    i dont feel safe in this country any more. going to check my religion in mykad ASAP. I bet im in trouble if my religion is stated as Muslim though im not. hope can get citizenshipo else where soon.

  18. #18 by naked taliban on Wednesday, 18 April 2007 - 11:53 pm

    Freedom of religion, [deleted]….Looks holy , sounds holy but embraces corruption and plundering nations wealth fullsteam.Semua OK.

  19. #19 by aawilliam on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 12:27 am

    Reading all of this comments make me feel racist.Bomb is ticking,YB Kit,don’t you think so.Will they repeat the same that happens in Indonesia ?Few years back.?Are we heading into this direction?Like they said “Everything happens,for a reason”.Trying to archive vision2020 ,AAB keep on sleeping,my dear PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. #20 by lakshy on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 6:52 am

    Call on the PM to apply his principles of Islam Hadhari…

    The points below are taken from the PMO’s webpage on Islam Hadhari for your consumption:-

    Principle of Islam Hadhari
    1. Faith in and piety to Allah
    2. A just and trustworthy government
    3. A free and independent people
    4. A vigorous pursuit and mastery of knowledge
    5. Balanced and comprehensive economic development
    6. A good quality of life for the people
    7. Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
    8. Cultural and moral integrity
    9. Safeguarding the environment
    10. Strong defence capabilities


    To be just is to give people their dues. This is consistent with what Allah has said in Surah an-Nahl, verse 90:

    “Verily, Allah enjoins justice and good deeds, and giving to kith and kin, and forbids evil deeds, all that is prohibited by Islamic law and oppressions. He admonishes you (with these orders and prohibitions), that you may take heed.”

    Justice is blind to race, colour, social status, wealth and religion. This is consistent with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Allah said in the Quran in Surah al-Maa’dah, verse 8:

    “And let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just (to everyone) for it is nearer to piety and fear Allah. Verily Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do.”

    And the prophet said in a hadeeth narrated by Al-Bukhari:

    “If (my daughter) Fatimah steals, I will certainly cut off her hand.”

    Trustworthiness, as prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah, denotes performing all obligations and responsibilities. Allah said in the Quran in Surah an-Nisa’, verse 58:

    “Verily Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due, and that when you judge between men, you judge with justice. Verily, how excellent is the teaching which Allah gives you. Truly, Allah is Ever All-Hearer, All-Seer.”

    And the Prophet, peace be upon him, said in a hadeeth narrated by Ahmad:

    “And there is no faith in him who is not trustworthy.”

    Islam Hadhari seeks to provide good, just and trustworthy governance at all levels of society. An efficient, just and trustworthy (prudent in spending) management of the country will create a righteous and advanced country blessed by Allah, the Almighty, as stated in the Quran in Surah Saba’, verse 15:

    All of the above is from the PMO website …unadulterated
    Heyyyy PM, why then is there no justice for Suresh, Revathim and their baby?

    Your Islam Hadhari principles says “Justice is blind to race, colour, social status, wealth and religion.”

    Please practise what you profess to preach. As the CEo of the nation, put your foot down and put your money where your mouth is……not put your foot in it!

  21. #21 by lakshy on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 6:54 am

    Some more from PMO’s site on islam hadhari:-


    The educational approach of Islam Hadhari preserves the dignity of human beings without any discrimination and without differentiating between majority and minority groups. The rights of these are protected by the country’s law. This protection encompasses the protection of life, religion, property, dignity and intellect. These aspects exist in the objective of Islamic law (maqasid ash-shariah). Therefore, these rights cannot be denied with the excuse that it is a minority group or a different gender. Denying them their rights is wrong in the eyes of the law. This is consistent with what Allah, the Almighty, has said in the Quran in Surah al-Hujurat, verse 13:

    “O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that who has more piety. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware (of your condition and deeds).”

    These rights are protected by the Federal Constitution under Section II, which provides for Fundamental Liberties.

    As a result, minority groups and women are able to enjoy whatever is enjoyed by majority groups and men. They have the right to participate in the development of the country and enjoy everything that is enjoyed by other races. They can participate in administering the country, and in economic, social, educational, religious and political activities. Issues pertaining to women have received special attention from the government in formulating national policies such as the National Policy on Women.

  22. #22 by lakshy on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 7:00 am

    some more :-


    Among the principles of civilization of a nation and country is the existence of cultural and moral integrity as the identity of the said nation and country. In order to enhance the development of Malaysia, cultural and religious diversity must be protected based on a value and moral system which is strong, noble and honourable. The internalization of high moral values will ensure prosperity, harmony and peace in a multiracial society. It will also make the nation honourable and respected. This is consistent with Allah’s saying in verses 1 – 2 of Surah al-Mu’minun:

    “Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and full submissiveness.”

    With this, economic and technological development will progress in line with the cultural and moral integrity of the multiracial society. Nevertheless, moral decline and the weakness of the culture of integrity and knowledge within the Malaysian society today is indeed a great challenge in implementing the Islam Hadhari approach.

    From the perspective of civilization and Islam, economic and knowledge advancement of a race must be internalized by a noble culture of morals and ethics. This goal can never be achieved so long as material advancement is stripped off of noble morals, ethical and spiritual values. History has shown that the great civilization and empire of Rome collapsed owing to severe moral crisis within its society.


    I wonder whether “Caesar” is aware that “Rome” is collapsing because of poor moral and ethical values? Or is it because he knows its collapsing that he is making hay while the sun shines.

    Or is he like Nero who played while Rome burned……..

  23. #23 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 8:57 am

    This is not about religion. This is about mixing state power and religion causes the suspension of logic and personal responsibilities leading to tragedy. The JAIS people just don’t want to try to do better and solve the problems and issues because its hard and difficult.

    religious authoritism can make weak people weaker. Its no different than taking drugs or committing crime – its all about taking the easy way out of tough situation.

  24. #24 by meursault on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 9:40 am

    To quote Richard Dawkins, “The time has come for people of reason to say: enough is enough. Religious faith discourages independent thought, it’s divisive, and it’s dangerous.”

  25. #25 by bhuvan.govindasamy on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 11:22 am


  26. #26 by sammyvellu on Thursday, 19 April 2007 - 7:45 pm


  27. #27 by Cinapek on Friday, 20 April 2007 - 10:29 pm

    The FINAL SOLUTION is obvious, isnt it?

  28. #28 by sammyvellu on Saturday, 21 April 2007 - 12:10 am

    Why is there a need to delete contents in this forum?

    Afterall, its not hosted in Malaysia, no doubt that some BN people tried to hack and down the site in the past!

  29. #29 by DarkHorse on Saturday, 21 April 2007 - 8:04 am

    “Pak Lah, you better do something about this …. are you trying to convert Malaysia into a Muslim only country?”

    How could you convert a country into a Muslim country when it is already a Muslim country?? Hello?

  30. #30 by Jonny on Saturday, 21 April 2007 - 12:02 pm

    The warfare begins now to protect our enshrined constitution from further decline.

  31. #31 by firstMalaysian on Sunday, 22 April 2007 - 7:49 am

    MIC, Semi Value and his gang, do something about this. You have been quiet all this while. How can MIC represent the Indians in Parliament or state assemblies when you cannot even fight for the people you represent on this issue?

    No wonder, the indians have been marginalised here while in India, the indians there are enjoying one of the highest economic growth in Asia. Time will come when there is reversed migration to India.

    MIC, you are losing indians and soon you will be irrelevant in representing the indians in Malaysia.

    The call to Ijok indians, give MIC a strong message that you are not happy with them and vote Keadilan for justice and a multiracial Malaysia.

    My indian friends who have marginalised, look at the famous indian doctors, lawyers,engineers and businessmen around you, and look at the success of India, do not let others and MIC look down on you. This is your chance to stand up for your fellow indians who are in the same situation like you.

    Let Khalid from Keadilan take care of you since MIC has lost their voice after 50 yrs. This is truly Malaysian, a moving indian movie where a Malay representative can speak for indians. This is truly Asia.

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