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GE 14

Allan CF Goh
11th Jan 2018

The coming election 14

Brings the loud howling of the wolves,

And the braying of the asses,

To proclaim the country is well,

That everything with us is swell. Read the rest of this entry »


Impian Pemimpin

(istimewa untuk YB Lim Kit Siang)

oleh Pak Samad

Datangnya dengan peta yang tulus terbuka
Cekal disemainya benih impian bangsa
Dirinya pemahat peta hidup berukun
Dengan peluh diukirnya secermat tekun

Di dalam taman merpati mesra menari
ternampak dia meneroka rimba asli
tabah disemainya benih janji yang murni
diusaha yang mercup: Impian Sejati

Tujuh dekad setengah dirinya berarah
Diasasnya demokrasi di era resah
dilepaskan kekunang di alam gelita
agar malam merdeka berwarnian indah Read the rest of this entry »

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“Mengenang Negarawan, Meraikan Sasterawan”

Puisi ‘Air yang berkata’ di bawah ini ditulis khas oleh Sasterawan Negara A. Samad Said bersempena pelancaran Gabungan Impian Kelantan di Kota Bharu pada 31 Januari 2015.

Pak Samad berkongsi tarikh lahir dengan Bapa Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj pada 8 Februari.

Sebuah forum memperingati hari lahir Tunku serta meraikan hari lahir Pak Samad bertajuk “Mengenang Negarawan, Meraikan Sasterawan” akan dianjurkan oleh Roketkini pada:-

Tarikh: 7 Februari 2015 (Sabtu)
Masa: 2 petang
Tempat: Mandarin Court Hotel, Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur.
Google Maps :

Semua dijemput hadir!

~~~~~ Read the rest of this entry »

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Malaysia Reborn

Allan CF Goh

Malaysia Reborn is full of charms,
With white beaches and tall swaying palms.
The redolent air is fresh and cool,
Blowing with gentle, caressing balm.
Native animals are free to roam;
Forests grow in protected freedom.
Myriad flowers bloom in ecstasy,
Their habitats are saved by wisdom.

This country is a peaceful nation,
Where people live in real maturity.
Each respects the other’s differences,
Celebrating our diversity.
Malaysians embrace creative life;
Citizens live with true harmony.
They pursue fruitful activities,
Undisturbed by vile cacophony. Read the rest of this entry »


Farewell To 2013

by Teck Ying & Allan Goh

As we sing the Olde Lang Syne,
To history this year consign,
We thank fate, and Almighty,
For surviving our frailty.
To all friends and relatives,
A ‘Thank You’ superlative!
Forgive us our short-coming,
And uncalled for transgressing. Read the rest of this entry »


Happy Deepavali

by Allan CF Goh

This day Hindus celebrate
The holy festival of light,
So as to commemorate
The victory of right over might.

This day the lamp’s waving flame
Welcomes the Goddess Lakshimi
To bring blessings, without blame,
To all the faithfuls, every me. Read the rest of this entry »


Religion In Protest

by Allan CF Goh
(A Poem)

Religion is there for mankind
To discover his soul and its kind
It’s there for his spiritual need
Be better based on enlightened deed
Religion must preach righteousness
Built up with karma of real kindness
So as to enhance his belief
To bring benign religious relief
Religion clothed in intemperance
Demeans its true holy forbearance Read the rest of this entry »

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The Moon-Cake Festival

by Allan CF Goh

Up in the blissful autumn night,
Hanging by the majestic pines,
The silvery moon proudly shines,
Sprouting her divine light so fine.
The serene lake tries valiantly,
To mirror the moon’s bright splendor,
By reflecting a rounded light,
Water-dancing in paired ardour. Read the rest of this entry »


A New Morality?

by Allan CF Goh

Listen, listen, listen,
Do not rebut at all,
In spite of the foolishness,
Despite lacking truthfulness.

When wrongs are committed,
You shall not see or hear.
Citizens may not report;
Ignore the racist import. Read the rest of this entry »


Aunty Bersih, Annie Ooi

by Allan CF Goh

(Also Dedicated To Other Unsung Heroes)

Dear Aunty Bersih,
Your frail look belies your strength.
Despite being gassed, sprayed,
Your faith is firmly entrenched.
You dared the hardship
Of marching for a true cause,
Even though harassed,
Even though at a great cost. Read the rest of this entry »


Eulogy to a friend – Koh Yeow Tong

by Allan CF Goh

Excuse me for misusing this site to eulogize a friend, who has just said his last goodbye. Koh Yeow Tong was, and will always remain, a valued classmate of the Class of ’59 of the Batu Pahat High School.

Classmates fondly call him the super-athlete. He ruled over the field and track events on every Sports Day in the school, district and state. He also excelled in games, and played in the Asian All Blues (a bunch of blue-ribboned sportsmen from Asia) in rugby, challenging the mighty European teams.

On field, he was the demon sportsman; off field, an impish gentleman, generous to a fault, always concerned with fellow classmates. We will certainly miss him. He will live on in our collective memory.

May his soul rest in peace.

The Race
(Dedicated to Koh Yeow Tong)

The group of young athletes,
Muscled in superb condition,
Mass at one end of the field,
In suppressed anticipation.
Getting ready for the race,
They do their warm-up exercise.
They stretch and windmill their arms,
They are tense and well energized. Read the rest of this entry »


In Memory: Koh Yeow Tong

by Allan CF Goh

Yeow Tong is the name,
Athletics, his fame.
He raced with the wind
For his famous wins.
He soared in the jumps,
Never mind the bumps.

Came the sun or rain,
On field, he would train.
In rugby, football,
And more, he walked tall.
Now he lies stilled, lamed;
Classmates mourn his name. Read the rest of this entry »


The Red Bean Army

by Allan CF Goh

The Red Bean Army is coming,
So claim the top security.
They are so very well hidden,
Full of devils’ ability.

But they cannot be found at all,
Even by closest scrutiny.
Do these dangerous beans exist?
Perhaps in one’s mad agony? Read the rest of this entry »


National Reconciliation

by Allan CFGoh
6th July 2013

The rite of reconciliation
Starts with the admission of wrong.
It is not for crude posturing,
To show off who is really strong.
Reconciliation must respect
The principle that ‘Right is might’;
Not to be manipulated,
Or exploited to ‘Might is right”. Read the rest of this entry »


Conscientious Reconciliation

Allan CF Goh
28th June 2013

Good politics for the people,
Is good politics for the nation.
It’s not about supremacy.
It’s about exemplary notion.
For voters in democracies,
It’s about moral imperative.
Performing with moral conscience,
Government must claim superlative.
Any government becomes bad,
When it survives on wild, constant ill,
Diverting from people’s real need,
To arrogantly plunder at will.

The treasury is sacrosanct,
Meant for enhancing peoples’ living.
It is not for official squander,
Nor for anybody’s pilfering.
All those citizens who need help,
Regardless of their colour or race,
Can appeal to their government,
To provide them economic grace.
Money derived from the taxes,
Is the people’s rightful property.
It should be used with utmost care,
With proper accounting, propriety. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Living Nation

By Allan CF Goh

A nation cannot live
With its people truncated,
Like the dried fallen leaf,
Crushed and emasculated.

A people cannot thrive,
Under any tyranny,
Be it of racist strife,
Or undeserved agony.

A state cannot progress
If she rejects the truly best,
And goes on to transgress
Her people’s talented quest.
Read the rest of this entry »

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The Tsunami

by Allan CF Goh

The Tsunami

GE13 has come and gone,
But the racists still drone and drone…..
This event brings forth a huge storm
Of righteous passion, pure and strong.
Despite the whirlpool of dark threats,
May 5 shows the Malaysians great.
They flocked to attend the address,
Defying vile threats of unrest. Read the rest of this entry »


Keep Alive The Fight

By Allan CF Goh

We may shed silent tears,
But keep faith through the years.
Let’s keep alive our hope,
With disappointments cope.
Though cheated of our dream,
Let’s not frustration scream.
Let’s keep alive the fight,
Till tyranny takes flight.
Fraud cannot defeat truth. Read the rest of this entry »

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My Malaysian Dream – all the way back to 1957

One for all and all for one
We care not what colour, creed or religion you belong
For aren’t each of us Malaya’s son
Then why let silly racial quarrels prolong?

(from poem written in 1957 for class magazine – when I was 16 and in Form III in Batu Pahat High School)

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May 5: Ubah! Ubah! Ubah!

by Allan CF Goh

Come the sun-bright, or the cold, cold rain,
Despite those small inconvenient pain,
Come Election Day, we must all vote,
For our rights, and our principled code.
This day, we can create and claim our dreams,
Willing a meaningful life to stream.
Let us safeguard our children’s future
Within a most just, social structure.
Ensure them the best education,
(Not denied by deprivation),
Premised on the world’s greatest knowledge,
And real, solid values acknowledged.
Vote for a real, better way of life,
Where folks can thrive, without harmful strife,
Without the dark threats of racism,
Or the bane of damned cronyism.
Let’s vote in realistic hope and change,
And throw out the policies deranged.
Change the government for the better,
Free of those unfair, unjust fetter.
Let’s vote for a bright Malaysian sun,
That shines equally for all its sons
And daughters, without being reduced
By any laws, racially induced.
Malaysia must be a one-nation,
One-real-people without exception.
There should be no lesser Malaysians,
Be they Muslims, Hindus, or Christians
Malaysia is ours to love and keep,
Never to be betrayed on the cheap,
Not to be pawned, sold to corruption,
Nor pandered to those depravation.
Citizens, come out, do your duty.
Vote us back our rights, our dignity.
Vote in candidates of good conscience,
Who will avow right with their presence.
Choose right people who will be our voice,
Respecting always the people’s choice.
Select a regime of righteousness,
Not one full of condemned thoughtlessness.
Ubah for a better tomorrow!
Ubah the Malaysia faked, hollow!