GE 14

Allan CF Goh
11th Jan 2018

The coming election 14

Brings the loud howling of the wolves,

And the braying of the asses,

To proclaim the country is well,

That everything with us is swell.

Yet people are struggling with debts,

Unable to make their ends meet,

In the face of high rising costs.

To give away this election

Is to prolong that stagnation.

It is time for citizens’ wraith

To destroy all the corruptions,

And the official malfeasance,

To make our country great again,

To grant us life without the pain!

Let us vote wisely this time round.

Remove the voracious wolves,

And those useless, brainless asses,

To build the greatest Malaysia,

To return us the ambrosia.

  1. #1 by worldpress on Friday, 12 January 2018 - 6:40 pm

    Have they sold to Arab Saudi!
    Have they sold us to Arab Saudi!

  2. #2 by waterfrontcoolie on Friday, 19 January 2018 - 6:28 pm

    I like to use this block to ask the Selangor Gomen as the reason for my water bill to jump so high after they kept on changing the water meter? There are only two of us at home and since each household was given 10 m3 free we had never paid any bill. In fact we were using only 60% of the allocated free water. But the department had decided that there was something wrong with the meter and they had changed 3 to 4 times. Now the meter indicates that I am using RM 11.00 additional water. What the F>>> is going on? Based on the billing we are using 20 m3 each month or 20,000 litres or nearly 700 litre per day! Are those meters calibrated by an independent party? Or simply adjusted to make certain household pay for their inability to find the truth of real water usage? Illegally ‘sold’ to anyone willing to pay????

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