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Powerful rebuttal to Hishammuddin

A powerful rebuttal by the Secretary-General of Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (National Patriot Association), Mej Hj Mior Rosli TUDM (Bersara) to the Defence Minister’s caution of Patriot’s recent Press Release:

I would like the Defence Minister & his Deputy to listen very carefully to what I have to say in this video clip …

Yesterday, Hishammudin accused Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan of being Racist. I demand you to say sorry to us because it is not us who are racist … it is you. Don’t you remember when you were the UMNO youth chief? You unsheathed the Keris in the air and waved it while demanding for Chinese blood? Isn’t that Racist and dangerous? The police should have charged you with ISA and put you behind bars. We don’t need Racist people like you leading a multiracial country. Now just because the General Election is around the corner you have the cheek to talk about increasing the number of non-malays in the Armed Forces. We have heard of this many many times in the many years that have passed.

Let me tell you and all your bloody UMNO goons … THERE ARE NO RACIAL CONFLICTS AMONG SOLDIERS WITHIN THE MAF. We have gone through tough team training day and night for 6 months for the other ranks, and 12 months training for the officers. We eat, sleep, train, sweat, cry and laugh together. After recruit or cadet training, we were enlisted and commissioned into our various corps and services. Except for the Royal Malay Regiment, in all corps and services we were not concerned if our fellow comrades was a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, IBAN or Kadazan. Whatever race and religion, our loyalty only went to our Commander, to our Corps/services, to the MAF, to our King and country. That was how we were taught and trained.

During both emergencies (1948-1960/1960-1989), during the confrontation with Indonesia, and the war in Sarawak, till the early 90s … we fought like brothers, to defend and maintain the independence of this country. We made sure that people like you would be safe, and enjoy your freedom in this country. Read the rest of this entry »