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Setting up integrity unit in GLCs and government business meaningless “PR” exercises unless Prime Minister and entire Cabinet have the political will to set example of zero tolerance for corruption starting with a RCI into 1MDB scandal

30UTC267UTC1726pm17, 26 J000000Wednesday17 2017 - 4:12 p07

Today calls for celebration: I have become the most powerful person in Malaysia but how come I do not know about it?

UTC000000UTC4225pm17, 25 J000000Tuesday17 2017 - 5:33 p07

MCA can be reduced from a 7/11 party into a ¾ (tiga suku) party in the 14GE if it continues to allow UMNO President to play footsie with Hadi on the RUU355 bill

UTC000000UTC4725am17, 25 J000000Tuesday17 2017 - 9:10 am07

Najib’s ‘Global Movement of Moderates’ is a failure

Jul2017724pm17, 24 J000000Monday17 2017 - 10:56 p07

Pribumi Bersatu is more Malaysian than UMNO, as former wants Malays to unite and work with other citizens as Malaysians, while the latter wants Malaysians to remain Malays, Chinese and Indians and is even trying to polarize the next elections as a battle between the Malays and Chinese

Jul2017724pm17, 24 J000000Monday17 2017 - 1:50 p07

Pakatan Harapan would have to achieve two political tsunamis in the 14GE to save Malaysia and to start the country’s journey as a normal democratic country

Jul2017724am17, 24 J000000Monday17 2017 - 8:52 am07

Each of the 100,000 Felda settlers would be allocated RM70,000 if the US$1.7 billion 1MDB-linked assets which US DOJ wanted to forfeit is allocated among the Felda settlers

rd000000723pm17, 23 J000000Sunday17 2017 - 5:03 p07

Free advice to Najib and his propagandists – be consistent and credible or all their propaganda campaign of lies, fake news and false information will come to nought like MCA complaining about losing support of 85 per cent of Chinese voters in 13th General Election

rd000000723am17, 23 J000000Sunday17 2017 - 10:30 am07

Tahniah Dato’ Seri A. Samad Said, sasterawan rakyat bersenjata pena dan puisi

rd000000723am17, 23 J000000Sunday17 2017 - 8:33 am07

Najib in panic mode

JulyFri, 21 Jul 2017 11:48:32 +00004821am17, 21 J000000Friday17 2017 - 11:48 am07

Malaysia Airlines’ latest losses occurred during Najib’s time

JulyFri, 21 Jul 2017 06:17:25 +00001721am17, 21 J000000Friday17 2017 - 6:17 am07

Sad reflection on Najib not so much on Sarifuddin that the propaganda offensive against Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan leaders have reached a new low, scraping the bottom of the barrel, in personal attacks

UTC11000000Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:36:44 +00004420am17, 20 J000000Thursday17 2017 - 11:36 am07

Questions for Najib on the indictment of two French executives in connection with graft over Scorpene submarine sale to Malaysia fifteen years ago in 2002

29UTC197UTC3019pm17, 19 J000000Wednesday17 2017 - 5:39 p07

If Apandi is so God-fearing, he should not be Attorney-General of a global kleptocracy

29UTC197UTC5919am17, 19 J000000Wednesday17 2017 - 10:25 am07

Mahathir effect threatens Umno vote bank

UTC000000UTC4018pm17, 18 J000000Tuesday17 2017 - 6:28 p07

Will Parliament be dissolved after Najib presents his 2018 budget of goodies on Oct. 27?

UTC000000UTC2418pm17, 18 J000000Tuesday17 2017 - 1:13 p07

1MDB scandal and Malaysia as global kleptocracy are potent signs that something is very wrong and even rotten in Malaysia and that the nation has lost its moral moorings of its founding years of Merdeka and Malaysia

UTC000000UTC4018am17, 18 J000000Tuesday17 2017 - 9:07 am07

Call for a common strategy by the 10 Cabinet Ministers and 57 MPs from Sabah and Sarawak in next week’s Parliament to ensure that the first appointment of a Chief Justice from Sabah and Sarawak is not voided and by-passed

Jul2017717pm17, 17 J000000Monday17 2017 - 12:38 p07

Window for Najib to hold 14GE this year closing as UMNO/BN leaders panic over serious challenge by Pakatan Harapan, after finalizing new structure and leadership line-up, to topple Najib and UMNO/BN in Putrajaya

Jul2017717am17, 17 J000000Monday17 2017 - 6:30 am07

UMNO/BN at sixes and sevens over Pakatan Harapan’s structure and leadership line-up last Thursday

th000000716pm17, 16 J000000Sunday17 2017 - 3:25 p07