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Is the suggestion that Najib can make a second review application to set aside his conviction and sentencing to 12 year’s imprisonment in the SRC corruption case an April Fool’s joke when the country needs finality and closure in the case to achieve sorely needed political stability?

stpm30000000Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:45:17 +080001pm23, 1 PMpSat, 01 Apr 2023 13:45:17 +080045Saturday 2023 - 1:45 p04

The eight-week meeting of the opening of the 15th Parliament will end with a big bang if the Reports of the CEP and IRC are declassified and tabled as White Papers in the last two days of Dewan Rakyat next week

MarchFri, 31 Mar 2023 10:18:49 +08001831am23, 31 MaramFri, 31 Mar 2023 10:18:49 +08002023-03-31T10:18:49+08:0010 2023 - 10:18 am03

Will Khairy’s proposal for a weekly showdown between the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister-designate come off when Muhyiddin, Hadi, and Hamzah had not posed a single question since the introduction of the Prime Minister’s Question-Time (PMQ) in the last two months?

GMT+080009000000Thu, 30 Mar 2023 09:50:05 +08000530am23, 30 MaramThu, 30 Mar 2023 09:50:05 +08002023-03-30T09:50:05+08:0009 2023 - 9:50 am03

The Johari task force to investigate the unsatisfactory 1MDB settlements by previous governments should submit its first report to the May/June Parliament

13+08:00293+08:005929pm23, 29 MarpmWed, 29 Mar 2023 13:39:59 +08002023-03-29T13:39:59+08:0001 2023 - 1:39 p03

Shocked by Jomo’s revelation that Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) never produced a report

GMT+0800000000+08:002428pm23, 28 MarpmTue, 28 Mar 2023 12:36:24 +08002023-03-28T12:36:24+08:0012 2023 - 12:36 p03

PAS leaders and MPs will not be able to respond to calls by the Rulers and the Malaysian public to reduce race and religious temperature in the political arena until the PAS President Hadi Awang stop using lies, falsehoods, and fake news to pursue his political interests

Mar2023327pm23, 27 MarpmMon, 27 Mar 2023 13:53:13 +08002023-03-27T13:53:13+08:0001 2023 - 1:53 p03

Six steps to show that there is no “green wave” in Malaysia

th000000326am23, 26 MaramSun, 26 Mar 2023 07:18:41 +08002023-03-26T07:18:41+08:0007 2023 - 7:18 am03

Hadi should break his silence for two decades as PAS President and declare whether he had supported Vision 2020 and the nine strategic challenges

thpm31000000Sat, 25 Mar 2023 15:38:18 +080025pm23, 25 MarpmSat, 25 Mar 2023 15:38:18 +08002023-03-25T15:38:18+08:0003 2023 - 3:38 p03

Mahathir’s blaming Abdullah and Najib for the total failure of Vision 2020 has reinforced my argument that Parliament should be extended by another two days to debate why Vision 2020 was a total failure with Malaysia more corrupt, disunited, and polarised along race and religious lines at the end when compared to the beginning of Vision 2020 in 1991

MarchFri, 24 Mar 2023 11:39:39 +08003924am23, 24 MaramFri, 24 Mar 2023 11:39:39 +08002023-03-24T11:39:39+08:0011 2023 - 11:39 am03

Parliament should be extended by another two days to debate why Vision 2020 was a total failure with Malaysia more corrupt, disunited, and polarised along race and religious lines at the end when compared to the beginning of Vision 2020 in 1991

GMT+080007000000Thu, 23 Mar 2023 07:36:04 +08000423am23, 23 MaramThu, 23 Mar 2023 07:36:04 +08002023-03-23T07:36:04+08:0007 2023 - 7:36 am03

All the nine strategic challenges spelt out by Mahathir when launching Vision 2020 in 1991 were abject failures

12+08:00223+08:001222am23, 22 MaramWed, 22 Mar 2023 11:47:12 +08002023-03-22T11:47:12+08:0011 2023 - 11:47 am03

Final Advice to Mahathir Mohamad

GMT+0800000000+08:002321am23, 21 MaramTue, 21 Mar 2023 11:39:23 +08002023-03-21T11:39:23+08:0011 2023 - 11:39 am03

Malaysia does not want to be another Singapore but better than the island republic, as Malaysia is better positioned to leverage on the best values and virtues of four great civilisations to build a new international civilisation for the world

Mar2023320am23, 20 MaramMon, 20 Mar 2023 11:55:17 +08002023-03-20T11:55:17+08:0011 2023 - 11:55 am03

Let the general election in the six states in July or August be a reaffirmation of the Malaysian Dream to show that it is not only strongly supported in Penang, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan but receiving more and more support in Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu

th000000319pm23, 19 MarpmSun, 19 Mar 2023 14:56:33 +08002023-03-19T14:56:33+08:0002 2023 - 2:56 p03

Anwar must take firm action against heightened racial and religious incitement and polarisation

thpm31000000Sat, 18 Mar 2023 17:46:03 +080018pm23, 18 MarpmSat, 18 Mar 2023 17:46:03 +08002023-03-18T17:46:03+08:0005 2023 - 5:46 p03

Full support for Anwar’s policy of zero tolerance for racial and religious incitement and putting security forces on alert for possible unrest

MarchFri, 17 Mar 2023 18:05:16 +08000517pm23, 17 MarpmFri, 17 Mar 2023 18:05:16 +08002023-03-17T18:05:16+08:0006 2023 - 6:05 p03

Call on Malaysians to continue to pursue the Malaysian Dream where Malaysia, as a plural nation of diverse races, languages, religions, and cultures could be an example to the world of inter-racial, inter-religious, and inter-civilisational understanding, harmony, and peace

MarchFri, 17 Mar 2023 08:50:55 +08005017am23, 17 MaramFri, 17 Mar 2023 08:50:55 +08002023-03-17T08:50:55+08:0008 2023 - 8:50 am03

Hadi has proven himself to be a political leader who has no compunction to dabble in lies, falsehoods, and fake news, and who represents an extreme and intolerant instead of a moderate form of Islam

GMT+080011000000Thu, 16 Mar 2023 11:13:07 +08000716am23, 16 MaramThu, 16 Mar 2023 11:13:07 +08002023-03-16T11:13:07+08:0011 2023 - 11:13 am03

The 31-day eight-week parliamentary meeting is coming to an end with three weeks left, but there are no sign that Bersatu and PAS MPs are prepared to show a face of moderation, inclusivity, tolerance, and integrity so that Malaysia can recover and be a world-class nation again

11+08:00153+08:000415pm23, 15 MarpmWed, 15 Mar 2023 12:26:04 +08002023-03-15T12:26:04+08:0012 2023 - 12:26 p03

One lesson from Michelle Yeoh’s winning the Oscar for best actress: Lets unite all the races and religions in the country to compete with the rest of the world instead of competing among ourselves as in the last few decades

GMT+0800000000+08:001314pm23, 14 MarpmTue, 14 Mar 2023 16:45:13 +08002023-03-14T16:45:13+08:0004 2023 - 4:45 p03