Keep Alive The Fight

By Allan CF Goh

We may shed silent tears,
But keep faith through the years.
Let’s keep alive our hope,
With disappointments cope.
Though cheated of our dream,
Let’s not frustration scream.
Let’s keep alive the fight,
Till tyranny takes flight.
Fraud cannot defeat truth.
Let’s think this rightly through.
Victory will dawn one day.
It’ll not be long delayed.
The writing on the wall
Says BN will soon fall,
Because of racism,
And vile cronyism,
And those foul corruptions,
And discriminations.
We must not rejoice yet,
Till our big goal beget,
To change the government,
End the nation’s torment.
Believe in ‘right is might’,
We can still win the fight.
When that day comes along,
Folks will live freedom’s song.
Onwards, Putrajaya,
Fight on till berjaya!

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