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The chill of sedition laws

Aerie Rahman (Loyarburok)
The Malaysian Insider
May 23, 2013

MAY 23 — Despite it being Spring, London is chilly. Malaysia, so I hear, is extremely hot right now, with friends and family members telling me that the current heat wave is unparalleled to any we’ve had before.

Nevertheless, a chilling effect is haunting Malaysia. This kind of chilly feeling is unable to be insulated by thick clothing, a warm fire or a kiss from a mistress. It seeps into your cold black bones and relentlessly gnaws at them. This is the chill of sedition laws.

Adam Adli is not the victim of the chilling effect. He can continue to say what he wants to say because he’s got nothing to lose. He’s already charged of the act; he might even be a martyr. On the other hand, we, the unfortunate citizens of Malaysia are the victims of this effect, every single one of us.

Of course, by every single one of us, I must qualify that with the fact that not everyone who makes a ‘seditious’ statement is charged with sedition. Some people are exempted from being punished. Selective prosecution or cherry picking is something familiar to Malaysians. In fact, a certain daddy of the “gomo” persuasion would gladly attest to this. This is hypocrisy at its finest.

When a person is publicly muzzled from speaking, we shudder at the thought of us being in his position. What if I’m the one in prison for my anti-establishment rhetoric? What’ll happen to my family? My parents would be so disappointed, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »


After GE13, what changed, and the status quo

— The Malaysian Insider
May 23, 2013

MAY 23 — Now that the dust has settled after GE13 and the Malaysian Cabinet has been named, it is time to test the pulse in the country and figure out what has changed and what has not changed.

What has changed?

● Umno and Barisan Nasional’s armour of invincibility and sense of confidence

Nothing punctures confidence and self-belief than the fact that most voters gave their support to Pakatan Rakyat. The official spin is that the Chinese betrayed BN but that party line suits a national leadership looking to absolve itself from any blame. Fact is that many Malaysians were unwilling to trade their precious vote for temporary gratification.

● Fear factor gone forever
There was a time when a police threat or a warning about a repeat of May 13 would have kept Malaysians indoors. Not anymore, it seems.

Thousands have defied threats to attend post-election rallies in Selangor, Penang, Johor, Kedah and have done so in an orderly manner. In fact, participants of different races have come away from these gatherings feeling as one. Read the rest of this entry »


Sekiranya wujud “satu orang, satu undi, satu nilai”, BN sudah hilang majoriti dua pertiga di Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah

Di dalam pilihan raya umum yang baru diadakan pada 5 Mei, Barisan Nasional sudah tentu hilang majoriti dua pertiga di dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah sekiranya kita benar-benar ada sistem “satu orang, satu undi, satu nilai”.

Dengan 55.78 peratus daripada jumlah undi keseluruhan untuk 60 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah, iaitu 427,890 undi, Barisan Nasional sepatutnya hanya berjaya mendapat 34 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri bukannya memenangi 48 kerusi, iaitu 80% kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Ketiga-tiga parti Pakatan Rakyat terdiri daripada PKR, DAP dan PAS yang bertanding di kesemua 60 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri mendapat 248,185 undi atau 32.36% daripada jumlah undi keseluruhan, dan sepatutnya memenangi 20 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri bukannya cuma 11 (iaitu 18.33% daripada 60 kerusi). Read the rest of this entry »

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No sobriety or sanity in former judge’s statement

by P Ramakrishnan

Decent thinking Malaysians were justifiably shocked that a former judge of the Court of Appeals, Mohd Noor Abdullah, could have expressed views that are so abhorrently out of character for a judge.

There was no sobriety or sanity in his statement.

One would expect such incoherent utterings from the likes of extremists from Umno – not from a judge. But then, he reportedly has some connection with Umno and therefore it should not come as a surprise. Apparently, he is a member of Umno’s disciplinary committee. Read the rest of this entry »


If there is “one man, one vote, one value”, BN would have lost two-thirds majority in Sabah State Assembly

In the recently held May 5 general elections, Barisan Nasional would have lost its two-thirds majority in the Sabah State Assembly if we really have a “one man, one vote, one value” system.

With 55.78 per cent of the total votes cast for the 60 Sabah State Assembly seats, i.e. 427,890 votes, Barisan Nasional should have only secured 34 State Assembly seats instead of winning 48 seats, which is 80% of the Sabah state assembly seats.

The three Pakatan Rakyat parties of PKR, DAP and PAS which contested all the 60 State Assembly seats secured 248,185 votes or 32.36% of the total votes cast, and which should won 20 State Assembly seats instead of just 11 (which is 18.33% of the 60 seats).

Star fielded 47 State Assembly candidates, winning one seat, and netted 5.63% of the votes cast while SAPP fielded 41 State Assembly seats, netting 28,305 votes or 3.69% ov the total votes cast, without winning a single seat.

Although a lively and strong Opposition presence has now been restored to the Sabah State Assembly after an absence of two decades, with 11 State Assemblymen (DAP 4 and PKR 7) from Pakatan Rakyat and one from Star, the May 5 general elections is an expensive lesson for the Opposition in Sabah, for the Barisan Nasional would have lost in another four parliamentary and eight state assembly seats if not for split votes among the Opposition candidates. Read the rest of this entry »

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We just love our motherland, is that so hard to grasp?

– May Chee
The Malaysian Insider
May 22, 2013

MAY 22 – More than a hundred thousand have thronged a single rally and there was no untoward incident. Thirty at a candlelight vigil showing solidarity with a young and courageous Malaysian and it turned chaotic. So, when someone says we go to the streets to foment chaos, he hasn’t a clue or he’s plain lying through his teeth. I would say he had ill-intent. We all know very well that things only turn ugly when people with ill-intent send in their thugs to rough others up.

I have never been prouder of our fellow Malaysians, especially our youth than now, when we are going through some really trying times. There was a time when I was so afraid that our young would be so obsessed with the ills of consumerism that they would not learn how to love their fellowmen. I was so afraid that all they cared for was to deck themselves with branded stuff from top to toe, bling-a-ling away like a Christmas tree.

Now, I know better. I know there’s hope for Malaysia because our youth care. They do care for their fellow Malaysians, irrespective of creed and colour. They care so much that they have spent time and money, braved the scorching sun and pouring rain, teargas and chemical-laced water, too, to be in solidarity with fellow Malaysians. They care so much that they are asking now for a more active participation in the building of the future of their motherland, only because others have failed. Read the rest of this entry »