Conscientious Reconciliation

Allan CF Goh
28th June 2013

Good politics for the people,
Is good politics for the nation.
It’s not about supremacy.
It’s about exemplary notion.
For voters in democracies,
It’s about moral imperative.
Performing with moral conscience,
Government must claim superlative.
Any government becomes bad,
When it survives on wild, constant ill,
Diverting from people’s real need,
To arrogantly plunder at will.

The treasury is sacrosanct,
Meant for enhancing peoples’ living.
It is not for official squander,
Nor for anybody’s pilfering.
All those citizens who need help,
Regardless of their colour or race,
Can appeal to their government,
To provide them economic grace.
Money derived from the taxes,
Is the people’s rightful property.
It should be used with utmost care,
With proper accounting, propriety.

Corruption depletes the coffer,
And desecrate the morality,
Wreaking havoc in society,
Leaving behind vile duplicity.
All the collected public fund,
Is for citizens’ development,
(Like good, affordable housing),
And for citizens’ best endowment.
Education forms a large part
In ensuring the nation’s future;
There is nothing too excessive
For real talents to grow and mature.

For any nation to grow and glow,
It must have unified one-people,
Pulling and pushing the same way,
So as not to have their efforts crippled.
When the nation fails to unite,
Through bad, inconsistent policy,
The country risks falling apart,
This is really a sad prophecy.

  1. #1 by omeqiu on Friday, 28 June 2013 - 9:40 pm

    Mr. Goh, I enjoy what you have written. Since I am a layman, can you please tell me (and many others who view this blog) what you REALLY MEAN instead of beating about the bush?

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