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Deaths in police custody have worsened since Dzaiddin RCI Report – Six MPs on PR parliamentary task force on IPCMC

I welcome the undertaking by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Paul Low to raise the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) proposal at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow, although the value of such an undertaking suffers serious detraction when Low refused to say if he would support its formation.

The country does not need a Minister acting as super-postman in Cabinet just to raise a particular proposal brought to him but an ardent advocate who is prepared to fight tooth and nail for the proposal to be adopted by the Cabinet.

Does Low considers himself as a super-postman or an ardent advocate of IPCMC at the Cabinet tomorrow?

It does not speak very much for the integrity which Low is supposed to infuse in the Najib administration when he himself is not prepared to state his stand on IPCMC. Read the rest of this entry »


Well-funded Umno/BN Demonise/Destroy DAP (DDD) Brigade formed eight months before Parliament dissolution an abject failure

Further inquiries have shown that the well-funded UMNO/BN conspiracy to demonise and destroy the DAP (the DDD Brigade) has a central high command and was hatched as far back as September last year or some eight months before the dissolution of Parliament in April and not just three months in January as earlier thought.

The spawning of the outrageous allegation of a fictitious DAP-funded “Red Bean Army” of 3,000 cybertroopers with a budget of RM100 million to RM1 billion in the past six years is just one of tasks of this secretive but well-funded “DDD” Brigade.

Other tasks of the “DDD” Brigade through spewing sheer lies and falsehoods include:

• Foment internal distrust, conflict and strife in DAP;

• Demonise and destroy public confidence, credibility and integrity of DAP leaders;

• Paint the image of DAP as a Chinese chauvinist party which is anti-Malay and anti-Indian;

• After the 16th DAP Congress on Dec. 15, 2013, SPEARHEAD a three-prong campaign involving party members, former party activists and outsiders to demand deregistration of DAP on the spurious ground of party election irregularities.

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Sekiranya Najib mahu menang perang persepsi, pentadbirannya harus berhenti mencipta Malaysia yang Kafkaesque

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak semalam memberitahu perhimpunan pertama dengan petugas Jabatan Perdana Menteri selepas Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 bahawa kerajaan perlu meningkatkan usaha untuk menangani persepsi negatif dan memberi amaran kepada penjawat awam supaya tidak leka dengan berlebihan bermain politik.

Sekiranya Najib mahu memenangi perang persepsi, pentadbirannya harus berhenti mencipta Malaysia yang Kafkaesque.

Dinamakan sempena penulis Franz Kafka, “Kafkaesque” digunakan untuk menggambarkan apa saja yang tidak masuk akal, tiada warna dan tiada titik rujukan. Ia menggambarkan sesuatu yang sangat rumit tanpa sebab, terutamanya merujuk kepada birokrasi.

Karakter Kafkaesque pemerintahan Najib ditonjolkan melalui ucapannya semalam, memberi amaran kepada penjawat awam supaya tidak dilekakan dengan berlebihan bermain politik sedangkan sesetengah penjawat awam sememangnya bersalah berlebihan bermain politik atas perintah tuan politik mereka pada bulan pertama selepas pilihan raya umum. Read the rest of this entry »

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If Najib wants to win the war of perception, his administration should stop creating a Kafkaesque Malaysia

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday told the first morning assembly with staff of the Prime Minister’s Department after the 13th General Election that the government must intensify efforts to address negative perceptions and cautioned civil servants against being distracted by excessive politicking.

If Najib wants to win the war of perception, his administration should stop creating a Kafkaesque Malaysia.

Named after the author Franz Kafka, “Kafkaesque” is typically used to describe anything that makes no sense, has no colours and has no points of reference. It describes something that is horribly complicated for no reason, usually in reference to bureaucracy.

The Kafkaesque character of the Najib premiership is immediately highlighted by his speech yesterday, warning civil servants against being distracted by excessive politicking when some civil servants have been guilty exactly of excessive politicking at the behest of their political masters in the first month after the 13th general elections. Read the rest of this entry »


Protecting our streets

Tricia Yeoh
The Sun
30 May 2013

LAST week was the very first time I experienced crime personally in the country, despite having written about it as a policy issue. Parked on the side of the road in a housing estate in Section 5, Petaling Jaya, I made the mistake of leaving my laptop bag on the passenger seat while chatting on the phone.

A motorbike with two riders came by, smashed the side window, opened my car door, and rode off having stolen my laptop and handphone, to my great distress.

That very night, 18 protesters were arrested by the police after failing to disperse at a candlelight vigil for student activist Adam Adli outside the Jinjang police station.

While I very much commend the efforts of the officer and inspector who dealt with my case efficiently, it must be noted that there is a gross discrepancy between what the public sees as efforts to combat street crime versus that of conducting rampant arrests.

Over the last few years, a number of groups have been formed to increase awareness and offer solutions to overcome crime, such as Safer Malaysia, Malaysian Mothers against Crime, as well as similar proposals made by think-tanks such as Research for Social Advancement. Read the rest of this entry »