Religion In Protest

by Allan CF Goh
(A Poem)

Religion is there for mankind
To discover his soul and its kind
It’s there for his spiritual need
Be better based on enlightened deed
Religion must preach righteousness
Built up with karma of real kindness
So as to enhance his belief
To bring benign religious relief
Religion clothed in intemperance
Demeans its true holy forbearance

It demands the highest standard
Of behaviour free from the dastard
Any religion worth its fame
Must act rightly to defend its name
Adherents must rightly protest
Foul falsehood that all humans detest
To bring the truth into the light
And to make matters all clear and right
But that does not condone murder
Regardless of the hurt of the slander

The deed of crude protestation
And rude violent intimidation
That threaten death, harm to others
Dump its values down the gutter
So as not to be trivialized
Religionists must act civilized
Not be diverted with trifles
Not with insignificance ruffled
Religion needs its wholesomeness
To safeguard its sacred holiness

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