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Sad reflection on Najib not so much on Sarifuddin that the propaganda offensive against Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan leaders have reached a new low, scraping the bottom of the barrel, in personal attacks

After 52 years in politics, I thought no propaganda offensive and lies, however bizarre or outlandish, would have surprised me but I was wrong.

I refer to the scurrilous attack by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s aide, Tengku Sarifuddin Tengku Ahmad on former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, playing on Mahathir’s description of himself as “top dog” of Pakatan Harapan and claiming that in reality the “top dog’s leash in Kit Siang’s hand”.

In my 52 years in Malaysian politics, I had faced six Prime Ministers – Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib himself, but I had never descended to the gutter level of making personal attacks on anyone or them, always respecting the highest offices in the land and the personalities involved.

The term “top dog” may not be the most apt and correct term, but it must be regarded as an absolute “No No” in Malaysian politics to have to raid the animal kingdom to lower the bar in personal attacks on political opponents, especially a former Prime Minister who had been the longest-serving premier in the nation’s history!
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Cabinet meeting tomorrow should send all Cabinet Ministers for re-education as Salleh’s blog is a shocking revelation of the abysmal educational standards of Malaysian Ministers

The Cabinet meeting tomorrow should send all Cabinet Ministers for re-education as the blog of the Minister for Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak on Sunday entitled “What a dictatorship really means” is a shocking revelation of the abysmal educational standards of Malaysian Ministers.

How many of the 36 Ministers would be shocked by Salleh’s blog because it would reveal not only the abysmal educational standards of the blogger Minster but the other Ministers as well?

I believe that the majority of the 36 Ministers would not be shocked at all or see no reason why anybody should be shocked. This is the very reason why all the Cabinet Ministers needs to undergo a “re-education” programme.

There have often been complaints of declining educational standards today as compared to yesteryears, and Salleh’s blog provides the strongest proof of such inexorable decline of educational standards in Malaysia over the decades.

Salleh’s three-paragraph blog on “What a dictatorship really means” is full of fake and false history in every paragraph, which may be the proper background and credentials for one who is to preside over a massive black-ops propaganda campaign of lies, fake news and false information against political opponents. Read the rest of this entry »


I weep for Najib – with 1MDB billions, can’t he find smarter and more intelligent propagandists, publicists and cybertroopers?

I weep for Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of UMNO/Barisan Nasional. With his 1MDB billions, can’t he find smarter and more intelligent propagandists, publicists and cybertroopers?

There is an idiom that “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. But what happens if you get the same results despite loaded with tons of money?

The latest attack on DAP by Najib’s army of propagandists and publicists, rushed out to the media late last night and directed at the DAP Director of Political Bureau and MP for Kluang, Liew Chin Tong, provides one such classic example.

I was taken aback by the “gutter” contents of the statement, which I will not dignify as Chin Tong has ably responded to it, except to refer to the last two sentences in the statement, viz:

“We are now in the 21st Century. Dictators are relics of the past – although the opposition, even though it claims to speak for democracy, now has not one but two dictators leading it.”

May be I should congratulate Najib for being able to find a “genius” who could think of a country, a political system or a political party with two “dictators” – making nonsense of the meaning of a dictator. Read the rest of this entry »


Why are there people who insist on creating the scare that DAP is anti-Malay or anti-Islam when they know these outrageous charges are fake news and false information?

DAP is a Malaysian political party, promoting the rights and interests of all races and religions in the country, and we have within our ranks Malaysians from all races and religions, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans and Orang Asli; whether Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs or Taoists.

DAP is not anti-Malay and anti-Islam as demonstrated by the record of the nine-year DAP-led Penang State Government, serving interests of all Malaysians in Penang, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background.

We cannot be anti-Malay or anti-Islam for this will be anti-Malaysian, which comprise the diverse races and religions in the country.

Why then are there people who insist on creating the scare that DAP is anti-Malay and anti-Islam when they know that these outrageous charges are fake news and false information? Read the rest of this entry »


Alas – Kamarul Zaman is only a “downline” UMNO propagandist, and his admission that it is ridiculous for anyone to claim that “Lim Kit Siang is the DAP and DAP is Lim Kit Siang” will not stop the “upline” UMNO propagandists, cybertroopers and leaders from continuing such attacks

Kamrul Zaman Yusoff has done irreparable harm to the academic reputation of University Utara Malaysia (UUM) and I mourn for Malaysia’s university academic standards when people like him could become the director an university institute of political analysis.

Kamarul Zaman has only exhibited his academic mediocrity and sloppiness in his gem of lies and falsehoods in his latest FaceBook posting, repeating the garbage about a “DAP Christian agenda”, and claiming as proof two major “strategists” of such agenda, the DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke and DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua.

But Kamarul Zaman did UUM and Malaysian universities’s academic reputation no favours when he committed the most rudimentary academic sin of being misled by Loke and Pua’s western names and not verifying that Loke and Pua are Christians in the first place. For Kamarul’s information, both Loke and Pua are not Christians. Where come the DAP’s “Christian agenda”? Read the rest of this entry »


Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or party affiliation, must steadfastly speak up for peace, harmony, tolerance and goodwill to foil designs of those who want to spread hate, extremism and strife in plural Malaysia

The latest news from the Philippines that over a hundred people have died in the city of Marawi on the southern island of Mindanao in less than a week as fighters affiliated with Islamic State (IS) engaged in violent clashes with government forces, coupled with the gory reports of the senseless bombings and killings of over 50 people in Manchester, Jakarta and Egypt, in the past week are sad reminders of the troubled world we are living in today.

They are also challenges to Malaysians to preserve the country as an oasis of peace, tolerance, harmony and goodwill in a plural society where the greatest religions and civilizations meet in confluence.

Is there something Malaysia can teach the world? I think so. Read the rest of this entry »

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The most meaningful way to celebrate Malaysia’s 60th National Day celebrations is to launch a national movement to save the country from the politics of lies, hate and fear to ensure that what happened in Manchester, Jakarta and Egypt in the past week never happen in Malaysia

The past week had been a sober reminder that we are living in dangerous times, with the senseless bombings and killings in Manchester, Jakarta and Egypt, causing the death of over 50 innocent lives and the injury of scores of others as a result of bigotry, intolerance and extremism.

In Malaysia, there has recently been an intensification of the politics of lies, hate and fear coupled with irresponsible politics of race and religion which must be condemned by all right-thinking Malaysians who want the country to be an oasis of peace, tolerance, harmony and goodwill in the midst of diverse races, religions and cultures.

Malaysia can and must be a showcase to the world that diverse races, religions and cultures can live in peace, tolerance, harmony and understanding and not in bigotry, intolerance or strife. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Annuar Musa bear full legal responsibility for the “Lim Kit Siang is racist” writing contest and all the articles which won awards?

I have one question for the UMNO Information chief Datuk Annuar Musa whether he would bear full legal responsibility for the “Lim Kit Siang is racist” writing contest and all the articles which won awards.

I have not yet seen a copy of the book inspired and launched by Annuar Musa titled “DAP Bahaya Kepada Melayu-Islam Di Malaysia) (DAP a danger to Malays and Islam in Malaysia”) in Shah Alam yesterday but according to the DAPSY Youth Wong Kah Woh, the book violated the law as it does not display the names of the publisher and printers as required by the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA).

This is the second question for Annuar to answer – how could the UMNO Information chief launch such a book and whether UMNO leaders are above the law? Read the rest of this entry »


While Malaysians condemn the bombings and killings in Manchester, Mindanao and Jakarta, we must not allow the country to slide towards greater intolerance and extremism because of racial and religious politics of lies, hate and fear

Malaysians condemn the bombings and killings in Manchester, Mindanao and Jakarta but we must learn the lessons of these tragedies and horrors – we must not allow Malaysia to slide towards greater intolerance and extremism because of the racial and religious politics of lies, hate and fear.

Yesterday, Selangor DAP central committee member Edry Faizal Eddy Yusof lodged a police report over the death threats made against him on a hate-and-damn-DAP Facebook page.

As Edry said yesterday, differences in opinion are part of a healthy democracy, but not when it leads to extremists conjuring falsehoods and threatening a person’s safety. Read the rest of this entry »

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Call on political parties and leaders in Penang to be the vanguard in Malaysia to condemn mischief-makers who are trying to falsely frame the 14th General Election as a battle between Malays and Chinese as well as between Islam and enemies of Islam

I call on all political parties, whether in government or opposition, to take an united stand to condemn mischief makers who want to create chaos in the country by falsely framing the forthcoming 14th General Election as a battle between Malays and Chinese as well as between Islam and enemies of Islam.

This is the height of mischief and even treason.

The forthcoming 14th General Election is not a battle between Malays and Chinese, nor is it a battle between Islam and the enemies of Islam.

The 14th General Election is a battle between Malaysians vs Malaysians, for a democratic Malaysia with accountability and good governance or a kleptocracy which rejects the principles of democratic good governance.

It is for Malaysians, regardless of race or religion to ponder deep and hard why Malaysia in the past six decades had failed to live up to the promise when we achieved Merdeka on August 31, 1957 to be united, harmonious, democratic, progressive, prosperous multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation; save Malaysia and re-set nation-building directions and policies for Malaysians to compete with the rest of the world and not to fight among ourselves and lose out in the international race of nations for development and progress. Read the rest of this entry »


Best Wishes to Hadi for swift recovery from heart surgery to the best of health

I congratulate PAS President, Datuk Hadi Awang on a successful heart surgery and convey to him my best wishes for his swift recovery to the best of health.

We may have different political positions, but it is a test of maturity of Malaysian political leaders in a democratic system that political leaders must always be civil and polite with each other, and never be personal, cantankerous or abusive in pursuit of their roles in a democratic system to submit their objectives, programmes and policies to the peaceful and democratic electoral endorsement of the people in periodic general elections. Read the rest of this entry »


14th General Election critical test whether Malaysia can be normal democratic country where voters can peacefully and democratically elect the Federal government they want

This year, Malaysians celebrate the 60th Merdeka Day and 57th Malaysia Day anniversaries, and this is an important milestone to review our national successes and failures.

Despite thirteen General Elections in nearly six decades, Malaysia has yet to become a normal democratic country where voters can change the party or political coalition in government peacefully and democratically through the ballot box like other mature democracies without threats of national catastrophes.

In the past 60 years, there had been six democratic and peaceful changes of government in the United Kingdom, but not a single time in Malaysia.

In Asia, Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan and even Philippines and Indonesia have more democratic traditions and practices than Malaysia, as the Japanese, Indians, South Koreans, Taiwanese and even Filipinos and Indonesians can use the ballot box to change the party or political coalition in power without any national disaster or calamities.

The case of South Korea should be a salutary reminder of how far we as a nation have fallen short of our expectations when we achieved Merdeka on August 31, 1957. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who has the final authority on the police ban of the Mahathir-Nazri debate – the IGP or the Home Minister?

The Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, has turned the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, into a cypher (dictionary definition – “a person of no influence”) on whether the police should ban the Mahathir-Nazri debate to be organized by Sinar Harian at its premises in Shah Alam on Friday.

What is most shocking is that the police ban came within 24 hours of written police consent for the debate.

Not only the majority of Malaysians, but the majority of the police force, cannot accept Khalid’s absurd claim that the police are merely exercising their discretionary powers provided under Section 3(3) of the Police Act 1967 in banning the debate between former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz on grounds of maintaining public order.

Khalid is scraping the bottom of the barrel invoking Section 3(3) of the Police Act, as this section makes no mention that the police enjoys “discretionary powers” to ban the debate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Malaysians must Save Malaysia, which lost it way in failing to be an exemplary economic and political success in the last six decades, to reset nation-building directions and policies

My political life started in Batu Pahat, from my political interests in my school days in Batu Pahat High School.

My class of the Year 1959 in Batu Pahat High School had been quite active and outstanding, as it produced six doctors including a surgeon (Dr. Chong Guan Chock, Dr. Chan Soh Ha, Dr. Hee Tien Lai, Dr. Chia Sze Foong and Dr. Ow Yang Chee Wah), two engineers, two lawyers, two architects, two journalists, two university academicians, an accountant, a quantity surveyor, a town planner, a timber grader, a dozen educationists and teachers as well as others.

It produced three Members of Parliament who became a Minister (Datuk Mustapha Mohamad), a Deputy Speaker (Dr. Hee Tien Lai) and a Parliamentary Opposition leader.

I did not get involved in politics until 51 years ago, and I can still remember seeking the views of classmates at the end of 1965, and they thought that it was quite crazy for me to give up a comfortable and secure job as a journalist for the unknown challenges and terrain of direct political involvement.

The last 51 years had not been a holiday or a “bed of roses”, but a tough political journey and even a “crown of thorns”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rahman Dahlan should prove he is a patriot by asking Najib to resign as Prime Minister if Najib is not prepared to clear Malaysia of the curse, infamy and ignominy of being ridiculed world-wide as a global kleptocracy because of 1MDB money-laundering scandal

I am quite bemused by the latest antics of the Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, although I must thank him for finally resolving the question in my mind as to what are the job specifications of a BN Strategic Communications Director – which is clearly to create and amass “strategic lies” about the Opposition and to use them to attack the Opposition parties in the BN-UMNO owned or controlled mainstream mass media and the social media.

This is the reason for the outpouring, close to an avalanche, of demonization of myself in the last three months in the UMNO/Barisan owned or controlled mass media, like the New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Star, or TV3, when for the past half a century of my political activities, I was blacked out in these media, with clear directive given in one mainstream media that my photograph was never to be used.

Now I appear almost daily, if not in New Straits Times, then in Utusan, Berita Harian, Star or TV3, even with pictures – but there were no news, facts or truth, but downright lies, falsehood and fake news.

A recent egregious example of such lies, falsehoods and fake news is the allegation that Tun Mahathir and I had a secret meeting on Dec. 3 last year where a secret deal was struck that Mukhriz Mahathir would be the Prime Minister and I be the Deputy Prime Minister, when there was never such a meeting between Mahathir and myself on Dec. 3, and we had never discussed the subjects of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in our discussions so far.

The latest example of such BN “strategic lies” is that I had masterminded electoral fraud in the DAP party elections in 2012, which is a new twist to a tissue of lies which had been concocted and disseminated in BN/UMNO misinformation campaign in the past few years.

Abdul Rahman wants me to retire from politics for failing to topple Barisan Nasional in previous general elections and he said that I should “feel ashamed” towards DAP party members and should make way for other capable leaders.

It is Abdul Rahman who is a man of no shame, who does not realise that he is making a fool of himself, trying to shed “crocodile tears”.
If I am such a political failure in DAP, then Abdul Rahman should be praying fervently that I will remain instead of wanting to see me retire. What hypocrisy, cant and utter bunkum from the BN Strategic Communications Director! Read the rest of this entry »


Puad has confirmed that he is not fit to be Deputy Education Minister or JASA director-general

I always had doubts about the communication skills or language comprehension of Mohd Puad Zarkashi and wondered how he could be a Deputy Education Minister in the first Najib administration and now the director-general of the propaganda outfit in the Communications and Multi-Media Ministry, JASA.

My doubts about Puad’s intellectual capability has been confirmed from a WhatsApp “JASA Update” message put out this morning, as follows:

“*Fitnah Lim Kit Siang Dan Pembangkang Dipatahkan Lagi* -> Read the rest of this entry »

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Journalism a sacred duty to uphold truth, not a mere tool of the regime to perpetuate lies and falsehoods, nor a political implement to dumb down Malaysians in order to stay in power

I would like to acknowledge the statement issued by Geramm (Gerakan Media Marah), a loose coalition of media practitioners and journalists, entitled ‘Media is not the enemy’ in defence of a fellow journalist who had an altercation with me during a press conference welcoming Datuk Zaid Ibrahim into the DAP on Monday.

The journalist who identified himself as coming from TV3, had asked if I would be speaking about the BMF and forex scandals differently if former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not within the opposition ranks.

Mahathir, who was seated next to me at the presser was visibly amused at the question. The amusement increased as soon as the person said that he came from TV3, inviting jeers and laughter from the audience around him. Even other fellow journalists at the event did not voice out any protest against the so called altercation nor the jeering by the crowd later.

Perhaps because it is well understood that the DAP and the rest of the opposition has been the regular target of the traditional media owned and controlled by UMNO for as long as we can remember. TV3 in particular has become the main tool to paint the DAP as being anti-Malay and anti-Islam, demonizing our leaders with every other lies and falsehoods you can think of, without ever giving a right of reply. Read the rest of this entry »

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Obama’s Farewell Address: How Presidents Use This Moment Of Reflection

Tamara Keith
January 10, 2017

In giving his farewell address on Tuesday night in Chicago, President Obama will follow a tradition begun by America’s first president.

George Washington offered a series of warnings, what he called a “solemn contemplation.” His parting words have been deemed so valuable that they are read on the floor of the U.S. Senate each year, including his warning about the dangers of partisanship:

“It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another; foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passion.”

The presidential farewell address became a fixture in the 20th century, right along with the arrival of television in American homes. In these modern farewell speeches, almost all of them talk about the difficulty of the job, and urge the American people to be nice to the next guy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Great regret that Ku Li is playing the racial card of reducing Malaysian politics into Malay versus Chinese when it should be a battle between integrity, good governance and democracy versus corruption, bad governance and authoritarian rule

The launch of the seven-week Bersih 5 convoy in Johor, which is held simultaneously today in five other locations in the country, is a historic occasion for patriotic Malaysians regardless of race, religion, region or politics to reclaim the country from undemocratic, corrupt and opportunistic forces in the country which are prepared to see the country hurtle down the slippery slope towards a failed state provided they can achieve their selfish and greedy objectives.

The Election Commission’s most undemocratic redelineation of electoral constituencies in the nation’s history, even more unfair and undemocratic than the four previous redelineation exercises, has only highlighted the importance, relevance and urgency of the Bersih’s cause and primary objective to have clean, free and fair elections.

Nov. 19 should be a rendevous with history for all Malaysians concerned not only about the future of democracy but also the future of the plural Malaysian nation – why a country with so much promise for greatness in various fields of human endeavour and which could be a showcase of successful multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation to the world has overnight becoming a “basket-case” of nation-building? Read the rest of this entry »


Brexit is not just Europe’s problem. It highlights a crisis in democracies worldwide.

By Dan Balz
Washington Post
June 27, 2016

LONDON — Britain’s political system remained in turmoil Monday, virtually leaderless and with the two major parties divided internally. But the meltdown that has taken place in the days after voters decided to break the country’s ties with Europe is more than a British problem, reflecting an erosion in public confidence that afflicts democracies around the world.

Last Thursday’s Brexit vote cast a bright light on the degree to which the effects of globalization and the impact of immigration, along with decades of overpromises and under-delivery by political leaders, have undermined the ability of those officials to lead. This collapse of confidence has created what amounts to a crisis in governing for which there seems no easy or quick answer.

The debris here is clear. The Brexit vote claimed Prime Minister David Cameron as its first victim. Having called the referendum and led the campaign to keep Britain in the European Union, he announced his intention to resign the morning after the vote. The results also now threaten the standing of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who faces a likely leadership election after seeing more than two dozen members of his leadership team resign in the past two days.

Alastair Darling, a former chancellor of the exchequer, outlined the extent of the crisis here during an interview with the BBC’s “Today” program on Monday. “There is no government. There is no opposition. The people who got us into this mess — they’ve gone to ground,” he said “How has the United Kingdom come to this position? We have taken this decision and have no plan for the future.”

The seeds of what has brought Britain to this moment exist elsewhere, which makes this country’s problems the concern of leaders elsewhere. In Belgium and Brazil, democracies have faced crises of legitimacy; in Spain and France, elected leaders have been hobbled by their own unpopularity; even in Japan, where Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faces no threat from the opposition, his government has demonstrated a consistent inability to deliver prosperity. Read the rest of this entry »

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