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Let Johore be the forefront to pioneer to recasting of the 2005 United Nations Initiative of Alliance for Civilisations to defuse tensions between Western and Islamic worlds into a genuinely universal civilizational collaboration with the growing importance of Chinese and Indian civilisations

Johore DAP has made history in the 53-year history of the DAP, as never before in a state meeting has there been more questions and more opinions expressed in the past three hours.
When I decided in 1966 to take the political plunge and join in the establishment of the DAP, it was purely for idealism and patriotism of what we can do for Malaysia. There was never a thought of elections, becoming a Member of Parliament or be part of the government.

But these became necessary steps in the process to translate our ideas and ideals into reality.

DAP leaders and members have undoubtedly found in the past 15 months that it is easier to be an Opposition party, and this explain for the thicket of views and questions by the Johore branch leaders this morning.

But in opposition, we cannot translate our ideas, ideals and hopes into reality, which we can while we are in government.

DAP members and supporters must have trust and confidence of DAP and its leaders that after so many sacrifices and struggles that they have gone through, the objectives and principles of the party for unity, integrity, justice and progress for all Malaysians will never be betrayed. Read the rest of this entry »

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