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RPK allegations of top police corruption – urgent parliamentary debate next Tuesday

There is no better way to review the implementation of the Royal Police Commission’s recommendations after two years than to start with the front-page headline of Sin Chew Daily street edition for Thursday, “Police cannot refuse to accept report” following reports that in the case of the abduction-gang rape of a 19-year-old girl and her 22-year-old boyfriend in Johor Bahru on Monday, attempts to make report on the oncoming crime was shunted from Larkin Police Station to Tampoi Police Station and again to Johor Baru Tengah Police Station or the crime could have been averted with prompt police action.

Why is the problem of the police refusing to accept a report still prevalent in the country when it is supposed to have been rooted out for good two years ago?

When the Royal Police Commission started its public hearings in early 2004, police refusing to accept reports from the public was a common complaint.
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As a result, the then Inspector-General of Police Bakri Omar summoned a meeting of police chiefs from across the country in May 2004 and warned that any police officer who refused to accept a report would be dealt with severely, and this warning was to be communicated to all police officers throughout the country.

But today, this most basic and elementary police duty to accept reports from the public is back again in the public limelight. Is police reform making progress after two years of the Royal Police Commission Report or are we back to square one? Read the rest of this entry »


Abdullah’s Vision 2057 – do the imaginable before talking about unimaginable

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The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could not have chosen a worse time to broach his Vision 2057 for the nation to achieve the unimaginable, when what is imaginable seems beyond the grasp of the Abdullah premiership.

Abdullah is suffering from a grave denial syndrome if he is not aware that Malaysians are increasingly concerned that under his leadership, Vision 2020 is not only out of reach, he has also reneged on his 2004 general election promises to lead a clean, efficient, incorruptible, transparent, progressive, just and people-oriented administration prepared to hear the truth from the people.

This is the Vision 2057 that Abdullah painted last night:

“A hundred years of Merdeka would see this society, this nation achieve the unimaginable. We will have Nobel laureates, truly global corporations, respected and market-leading brands, internationally acclaimed poets and artists, among the largest number of scientific patents in the world and even the best football team in Asia.

“Our students and professors will dominate Ivy League universities and our own universities will be citadels of excellence for international scholars.

“We will be pioneers in alternative energy, drawing on our strength in biofuels. Our cities will be the most liveable on the globe, blending cosmopolitan facilities that are rooted in a tolerant and just societal ethos.

“This is the Malaysia in my dreams for 2057. One hundred years of independence, one hundred years of advancement.”

Abdullah has been badly served by his advisers, who do not seem to realize that the Prime Minister is stretching to the limit the credulity of Malaysians to paint a visionary picture of Malaysia in 2057 when things in more and more fronts seem to be falling apart, best illustrated by the nation’s failure in the past 44 months to make the transition from “First-World Infrastructure, Third-World Mentality” to “First-World Infrastructure, First-World Mentality” or to prevent backsliding to “Third-World Infrastructure, Fourth-rate Mentality, nine-rate Maintenance”.

Yesterday, Abdullah let down Malaysians for more reasons than one. Read the rest of this entry »