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Night-and-day police visibility – extend from JB to all crime ‘black areas” like Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh

The Chinese media gave front-page news and photo coverage to the “show of force” of the police in Johore Baru in projecting high police visibility in crime-prone areas, including night police patrols.

This is welcome by all, not only by the long-suffering people of Johore Baru from the reign of terror from rampaging crime wave, but also by all Malaysians throughout the country — showing that the police is capable of responding to public opinion and pressures.

The visible police presence day-and-night in Johore Baru must not be a transient “PR exercise” which will be forgotten after the end of the current nation-wide outcry at police failure to control and reduce crime, but must be a permanent feature of policing not only in JB but nation-wide, especially in hot spots of crime like Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Penang and Ipoh.

As an immediate follow-up to the stepped-up police presence and visibility in the streets and public places in JB to fight crime, the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan should also announce measures to duplicate such high night-and-day police visibility in the crime “black areas” of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Klang, Penang and Ipoh.

When over 250,000 signatures nation-wide responded to the 100,000-signature campaign launched in JB to restore safety and security, it is a clear message to the police, government, Cabinet and Parliament that the Malaysian public are not prepared to keep silent anymore to be sitting targets and victims of rampant crime and lawlessness, whether in JB or any part of the country.

The Police should commend the Malaysian public for their awareness and public-spirited response to the signature campaign, as well as praise the media, in particular the Chinese media, for their high standards of journalism in reporting the people’s legitimate cries for effective policing to control and reduce crime. Read the rest of this entry »


PTPTN – incompetence compounded

OMJ has sent me a copy of letter he had written to PTPTN on the unreasonable interest demanded for the balance of loan, illustrating that the PTPTN is suffering from “incompetence compounded”.

This is OMJ’s letter to PTPTN:

Dear sir,

i am OMJ, (I/C given) a ptptn loan borrower. i previously got a loan from ptptn to further my studies and after i graduate i immediately sent an email to ptptn, asking your ministry to deduct my loan repayment from my salary, but there was no answer from your ministry until end of last year which said that you all will process my request but then i found out during the “no answer period”, i was being charged with interest which purely no fault of mine.

A few days ago i got another letter telling me that i still a balance of RM 355.90 unpaid. This is very unfair to me. I, an honest citizen, trying to repay my loan, but because due to your ministry’s ineffeciency, i have keep interest which i myself do not even know.

Is it how an honest person is being treated? And i have tried to check my balance on your website but i was always unable to load the page. SO i am kept in the dark of my balance while your ministry keep sending my letter, telling me of balances which i do not even know existed, to pay up.

This is very unfair to me. A letter was sent from your ministry to me asking me to send RM 1779.50 in 5th February 2007 and i have sent a check on 12th February 2007. So what is this RM 355.90. Why am i being bullied for being a good citizen? Read the rest of this entry »


Let us end 50 years of BN rule

by Richard Teo

For the first time in more than fifty years, when the next General Election comes, I am going to abandon the edict that it is better to vote for the devil that I know rather than the devil that I don’t Know.

This time round there will be no hesitation. I will be like the proverbial saying throw caution to the wind. There will be no turning back. There will be no second thoughts.

For the last fifty years I have faithfully chosen the safe path. I voted for the race-based party that belonged to the Barisan National.

I even encouraged and persuaded my relatives to vote along the same racial line to ensure a strong stable govt that will protect the interests of all races. But events of late has proven me wrong.

This govt that I and many others who placed their faith in is a corrupt, short-sighted, manipulative, racist and incompetent one. After fifty years they have not shown their abiltiy to govern with wisdom.

Instead they squandered our nation’s coffers, encouraged and perpetuated a corrupt civil service and continue to formulate economic and fiscal policies that will take our country down the road to destruction. Read the rest of this entry »