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“Moonlighting” by civil servants – PM advocates “close one eye”?

CUEPACS President Omar Osman has reiterated the stand of the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services before and after the recent RM8 billion public service pay revision that civil servants should immediately stop “moonlighting” and give up part-time jobs to focus 100 per cent on their jobs, as they will be taking home a much larger pay packet.

Utusan Malaysia in its report today “Hentikan segera kerja sambilan — CUEPACS”, Omar said CUEPACS takes a serious view of “moonlighting” by civil servants after the RM8 billion pay revision and fully agrees if departments concerned take disciplinary action against civil servants who continue to be obstinate.

Admitting that hitherto, the departments concerned had “closed an eye” to “moonlighting” by lower-paid civil servants as their pay were not adequate to meet their needs, Omar said firm action should be taken against those who still hold second jobs as the government had been fair in raising their incomes in the recent salary revision.

Omar said: “Melakukan kerja sambilan merupakan satu kesalahan di dalam sector awam dan perkara ini terdapat di dalam akujanji dan peraturan.

“Bagi CUEPACS sekiranya perkara ini dibiarkan tanpa ada usaha untuk mencegahnya ia sememangnya boleh menjejaskan productivity.”

The time has come for the government to give a clear position on the question of “moonlighting” by civil servants or the RM8 billion salary increase beginning on July 1 will become an expensive farce. Read the rest of this entry »


Altantunya trial – Malaysia’s justice system the casualty with AG’s continued silence

The Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail must come forward to give proper explanation to end the thousand-and-one questions swirling around the last-minute change of prosecution team in the high-profile Mongolian Altantunya Shaariibuu murder trial or Malaysia’s system of justice is in for another chapter of adverse publicity both nationally and internationally, ending up as the greatest casualty.

Gani should know that his explanation that the last-minute switch of prosecution was to enable “a fair trial” raises more questions than giving an answer.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt explains not only nothing, but implies that continuing with the original prosecution team of DPPs Salehuddin Saidin and Noorin Badaruddin could be against the interests of ensuring “a fair trial” and if so, clearly the Attorney-General must explain why, since it casts a serious reflection on the professionalism and integrity of Salehuddin and Noorin.

Furthermore, why if there has to be a switch of the prosecution team for whatever reasons, the change was not made earlier as the charges of murder against the three accused were first made in November 15 last year while the trial dates for 25 days starting on Monday was fixed by the Shah Alam High Court as far back as March 9, 2007.

Gani should explain whether the last-minute switch of the prosecution team was to strengthen the chances of securing convictions in the Altantunya Shaariibuu trial and if so, how.

Why was the whole prosecution team switched, instead of directing DPP Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah to lead the prosecution team but still comprising Salehuddin and Noorin since they had been involved in the preparation of the trial right from the beginning?

Gani should be aware of the political implications of and the world-wide interests in the trial and should be wary of taking any steps which can only give wing to speculation of political interference in the conduct of the trial. Read the rest of this entry »