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Port Klang Free Zone — Forlorn and pathetic air of another failed multi-billion ringgit mega-project

This morning, together with Ronnie Liu, Peter Tan, Tee Boon Hock and other DAP Klang leaders, I visited the multi-billion ringgit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), which has been shrouded in such secrecy despite being open to operation more than six months ago on November 1, 2006.

The PKFZ has the forlorn and pathetic air of another failed multi-billion ringgit mega project and Malaysiakini reporters Fauwaz Abdul Aziz and Sabrina Chan are right in coining the term “mega ghost-town” for it.

The PKFZ offers 512 standardised warehouse units, 260 ha of open land and four blocks of eight-storey office complexes. After seven months of opening, there are only signs of two of the 512 warehouse units being taken up but not yet utilized. The only company that has visible presence of operations is the Norwegian oil and gas company Aker Kvaerner. Otherwise, the 1,000-acre PKFZ is an expanse of empty office blocks, warehouse units and land blocks.

There is no vibration of activity or even sense of commercial life!

No wonder the authorities concerned were so upset when they received word that I was going to visit the Westports and a security detail was very rude in demanding to know what I was doing at PKFZ, inviting an earful as to why a visit by the Parliamentary Opposition Leader should be regarded as akin to trespass especially when Parliamentary sanction will have to be sought if there is to be a billion-ringgit bailout of the failed PKFZ.

Many questions swirl around the PKFZ for the past few years without answers, and it is time that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s pledge to lead an open, accountable and transparent administration be respected by his subordinates, particularly the following personalities: Read the rest of this entry »


Double productivity of 1,800 JB police to fight crime apart from deploying 400 more cops

The Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights and Good Governance will meet on Monday and two items on top of its agenda will be the worsening crime situation in the country particularly in the crime capitals like Johor Baru and Malaysia’s inclusion by the United States Government in “Tier 3” of the worst human trafficking offenders.

The challenge of the Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights and Good Governance is to ensure that the increased police presence in Johor Baru after the spate of brutal robbery-gang rape crimes that shook the nation is not short-lived, but sustained and results in daily improvement of the crime situation in Johore and country.

The secretary of the Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights and Good Governance, Chong Eng (DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam) has proposed that the caucus visit Johor Baru to hold a public hearing to help the people of Johor Baru ensure that the war against crime will always be the priority concern of the government and police, and not when there is a public outcry after public patience had been stretched to the limit and snapped with one brutal crime after another.

Although the people of Johor Baru welcome the deployment of an additional 400 cops, 200 police vehicles and establishment of temporary police stations, an equally important question is what strategy is there to ensure the doubling of the productivity of the present 1,800-strong police contingent in Johor Baru. Read the rest of this entry »