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Challenge to Bagan and Penang, as the first front-line state for the Malaysian Dream, to secure the highest voter turn-out in the country in the 15GE

(Versi BM)

Twenty-seven years ago, I called on the voters of Bagan in the Bagan by-election to write history and make Bagan the “Bandar Democracy” by giving the DAP by-election candidate Lim Hock Seng a 5,000-vote majority as his predecessor, the DAP leader P. Patto had won Bagan parliamentary constituency in the April 1995 general election with a very slim majority and unfortunately passed away.

At the time, for the DAP to secure a 5,000-vote majority was regarded as “wild and impossible” by both friend and foe, but the Bagan voters decided that even a 5,000-majority was not enough for Bagan to create history and lay claim to the title of “Bandar Democracy”. They rallied to give the DAP a majority which is more than twice the 5,000-majority I had asked for. The majority was 11,802. Read the rest of this entry »

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