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Even the Perlis Mufti Mohd Asri is “stunned” that UMNO and BN’s objective in the 15GE is to make Malaysia a “haven for corruption”

(Versi BM)

Even the Perlis Mufti, Mohd Asri Zain is “stunned” that UMNO and Barisan Nasional’s objective in the 15th General Election is to make Malaysia a “haven for corruption” as stated by the UMNO and Barisan Nasional Chairman, Zahid Hamidi in his speech at the MIC Assembly on Monday.

Mohd Asri tweeted yesterday: “Stunned after hearing how a politician can openly admit (that his political party/coalition) has to win the general election to avoid corruption charges against them. If that happens, this country will become a haven for corruption.” (Terkesima mendengar, bagaimana secara terang orang politik boleh mengaku tujuan untuk menang PRU adalah bagi mengelakkan kes rasuah mereka dibicarakan di mahkamah. Jika itu berlaku, negara ini akan jadi SYURGA RASUAH) Read the rest of this entry »

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