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Will Parliament be dissolved tomorrow or day after?

(Versi BM)

The single question engrossing the minds of Malaysia is not whether Malaysia is on the precipice of facing the greatest monsoon and floods disaster because of climate change, likely to cause more than 54 human lives and property damage of some RM6.5 billion as last year, or the economic crisis faced by Malaysians because of increase of food prices and depreciation of the ringgit, or the tabling of the 2023 Budget on Friday, but whether Parliament will be dissolved tomorrow or day after.

I will be surprised if Parliament is dissolved tomorrow or Friday, for it will mean that we have a Prime Minister who has not only served the shortest tenure of 14 months, but the most irresponsible Prime Minister in the nation’s history who has abdicated his responsibility to Malaysians to help them weather the worst monsoon and floods season in history and to cushion them from the economic crisis of rising prices and depreciation of the ringgit. Read the rest of this entry »

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