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Call on Ismail Sabri to declare that Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara will meet from Oct. 3 to Dec. 7 as planned that there will be no attempt on his part to dissolve Parliament in between

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Dewan Rakyat meets today under a cloud – whether Malaysia will become a joke in the world with the convening of the parliamentary session where the primary questions are not the economic crisis facing the country as a result of rising prices and a depreciating ringgit, and the forthcoming monsoon and floods season which claimed 54 lives and caused RM6.5 billion damage to property last year, but whether Parliament will be dissolved although there is no motion of vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister in the current session.

Parliamentarians regardless of party must safeguard the dignity and good name of the Malaysian Parliament and not allow 36 UMNO MPs to bring Parliament into disrepute because its “Court Cluster” leadership wants UMNO leaders to escape jail sentences for corruption charges. Read the rest of this entry »

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