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Economic performance of Pakatan Harapan government in past year not doing too badly despite the prophets of gloom and doom as well as legacy problems of past administration

Despite the picture of gloom and doom painted by the advocates of klepto-theocracy as well as the legacy problems of the last administration, the economic performance of the Pakatan Harapan government in the past year had not been doing too badly.

The latest OECD 2019 Economic Survey of Malaysia released last week has this to say about the Malaysian economy:

“Malaysia’s economy is doing well, but social and governance challenges must be addressed.

“The new government prioritises inclusive growth and improving trust in public institutions.

“Further progress towards the planned target of high-income country status by 2024 will also require focusing on productivity growth with structural reforms to move up the value chain and improve skills.

“Ensuring environmental protection will improve the quality of growth.”

It forecasts growth is set to moderate in the near term, mainly due to slowing global trade. Read the rest of this entry »

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