What a joke – a global kleptocrat inviting me to join UMNO when UMNO has not cleansed itself of “global kleptocracy”!

What a joke – a global kleptocrat inviting me to join UMNO when UMNO has not cleansed itself of “global kleptocracy”?

Can Najib Razak explain whether UMNO had cleansed itself of global kleptocracy with Ahmad Zahid Hamid as the new President of UMNO?

How can this be the case when Zahid is facing 87 charges related to corruption, money-laundering, bribery and criminal breach of trust, 45 charges more than what Najib himself is facing, with Zahid creating a new national record as a Malaysian facing the most number of corruption charges in our courts.

Or had the previous Acting UMNO President Mohamad Hassan embarked on cleansing UMNO of “global kleptocracy” in the past six months when Zahid went on garden leave?

Why did Zahid go on “garden leave” as UMNO President for the last six months?

Have the reasons why Zahid had gone on “garden leave” been resolved in the past six months, and if not, why had Zahid returned unilaterally and without consultation of the UMNO Supreme Council from “garden leave”?

That is only the first question.

Another is whether UMNO membership is open to all Malaysians or only to kleptocrats?

Najib said he was concerned that my membership application might be rejected on the grounds of lacking integrity and sanity.

Only a kleptocrat who is insane will apply to join a political party which had not cleansed itself of “global kleptocracy”!

For this reason, I am not so lacking in integrity and sanity as to take up Najib’s offer!

Najib should know that I would not invite him to join DAP, for any such invitation will raise questions about the integrity and sanity of both the inviter and invitee.

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Parliament on Tuesday, 2nd July 2019)

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