Hishammuddin’s “no more statement that Malaysia is secular state” warning and power-grab by publications unit

“Amaran kepada MCA – Hishammuddin minta henti kenyataan Malaysia Negara secular” — blared the Berita Harian front-page headline today, which carried the report by-lined Norfatimah Ahmad and Suzianah Jiffar as follows:

RANAU: Pergerakan Pemuda Umno meminta pemimpin MCA berhenti daripada mengeluarkan kenyataan yang mendakwa Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara sekular kerana tindakan itu tidak membawa manfaat kepada sesiapa.

Ketuanya, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (gambar)menegaskan polemik sedemikian tidak harus cuba diperbesar-besarkan oleh MCA kerana ia tidak membawa kebaikan kepada mana-mana pihak sebaliknya boleh memberi kesan negatif.

“Saya beri amaran kepada pemimpin MCA supaya berhenti membuat kenyataan sedemikian. Ingin saya tegaskan, saya bukan pemimpin naif yang akan membenarkan perkara ini berterusan. Amaran saya ialah berhenti membuat kenyataan,” katanya selepas merasmikan mesyuarat Umno Bahagian Ranau, di sini semalam.

Kelmarin, beberapa akhbar melaporkan Setiausaha Agung MCA, Datuk Ong Ka Chuan, mempertikaikan kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Isnin lalu yang menegaskan Malaysia adalah negara Islam yang melindungi hak bukan Islam.

Ong antara lain dilaporkan berkata, kedudukan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara sekular terbukti menerusi pelbagai dokumen sejarah termasuk Laporan Reid, Suruhanjaya Cobbold dan keputusan Mahkamah Agung yang dibuat pada 1988.

Beliau berkata, status sekular Malaysia itu juga terbukti berdasarkan persetujuan dan kontrak sosial oleh pemimpin terdahulu seperti termaktub dalam pelbagai dokumen yang digunakan dalam proses merangka Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Bernama yesterday also carried a similar report which appeared on New Straits Times online, as follows:

Stop making statements on secular state, Hishammuddin tells MCA


Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein today asked MCA to stop making statements on Malaysia being a secular state.

He said though it was nothing new, such claims would not benefit anyone.

“I’m not naive enough to allow this issue to go on,” he told reporters when asked to comment on the issue after opening the Ranau Umno delegates conference.

MCA secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan had said the party had ample evidence to show that Malaysia was a secular state, including several important events leading to the country’s independence and formation of Malaysia.

He had cited notes prepared by the Colonial Office dated May 23, 1957 at the London Conference Talks.

The question that immediately comes to mind from Hishammuddin’s warning to the MCA Secretary-General Datuk Ong Ka Chuan is whether MCA Ministers and leaders are under the thumb of both UMNO Youth and low-level government officials.

This is because a clamp on the MCA Ministers and leaders have already been imposed a day earlier by the Internal Security Ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit banning all media from publishing comments on the highly controversial and divisive statement by Najib which had no constitutional basis whatsoever — that Malaysia is an Islamic state driven by Islamic fundamentals and is not and had “never been a secular state”.

A senior officer of the Internal Security Ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit Che Din Yusof has said that allowing such discussions would cause “tension”. He said “Islam is a sensitive issue”, and a directive had been sent to all mainstream newspapers banning the publication of any news on whether the country is secular or Islam — apart from the statements by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

It would appear that the Internal Security Ministry’s ban and blackout of any response to Najib’s dubious claim that Malaysia is an Islamic state and is not and had “never been a secular state” applies to all, including MCA Ministers and leaders, except Umno and UMNO Youth leaders as evident from the warning not only by Hishammuddin from Ranau, Sabah but also the statement by UMNO Information chief, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, on the same subject distorting and rewriting constitutional history and developments – which appeared in the same Berita Harian report today.

For political reasons, MCA Ministers and leaders may be cowed by Hishammuddin, but why must the MCA Minsters and Deputy Ministers be subservient to the lowly officials in the Internal Security Ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit?

Is the MCA Deputy Internal Security Minister, Datuk Foo Ah Kiow, supervising the Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit or is he himself being supervised by the Unit?

Although the Internal Security Minister is the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who had left for Perth on Monday night for a 11-day private family holiday, Abdullah had been such an absentee Internal Security Minister that at the best of times he had left the ministry in the charge of his two deputy ministers, Datuk Johari Baharum and Datuk Foo Ah Kiow.

Has the role of political master and policy implementer in the Internal Security Ministry between the politicians and the civil servants been reversed?

Has the Ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit usurped powers to the extent that it is now not only more powerful over the Deputy Internal Security Ministers but also Cabinet Ministers — as this must be the first time in the nation’s 50 year history where it had issued a directive which amounted to a de facto ban on statements by Cabinet Ministers and deputy Ministers except for those from the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister!

What is the precedent and basis for the Publications Control and Al-Quran Text Unit to grab such powers? Who empowered the unit to act so undemocratically, delivering a grave blow to media freedom and the freedom of speech of Malaysians, even censoring the freedom of expression of non-UMNO Ministers and Deputy Ministers?

Let MCA Ministers and other non-UMNO Barisan Nasional Ministers declare whether at the Cabinet meeting on Wedneday they will challenge the right and power of the Publications Control and Al-Quran Text Unit to impose such a ban on discussion and debate on Najib’s statement that Malaysia is an Islamic state driven by Islamic fundamentals and not and had never been a secular state.

  1. #1 by LittleBird on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:24 pm

    Ini BN punya hal.. UMNO cakap MCA, DAP peduli apa?? Wink..Wink…

  2. #2 by OverseaMalaysian on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:25 pm

    Just cannot immagine that under this kind of fire, the No. 1 can still go for holidays. Is this a scripted act or sth?

  3. #3 by inandty on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:30 pm

    In the first place, why a DPM made such a dubious statement…? PM should make a statement and his stand on this.
    What kind of power that Hishammuddin has that he can warn MCA? I doubt about that…
    Urging all Chinese voters not to support any malay candidate in the coming next General Election , only support chinese candidates (no matter it is MCA, DAP or PKR)..

  4. #4 by cklife on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:38 pm

    What the hell?

    How am I suppose to vote BN with such dictatorial statement?

  5. #5 by uyatnej on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:43 pm

    To all MCA leaders, now its time to show [deleted], if MCA dare not voice out because UMNO Youth told them so, then don’t tell us that MCA represent all Chinese in Malaysia, we don’t need MCA, we don’t need [deleted] to represent Chinese at all, wait for next GE, hope all chinese will vote for DAP.

  6. #6 by ihavesomethingtosay on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:47 pm

    Yes, yes, keep quiet MCA [deleted], your master says wag your tail. better start wagging.

  7. #7 by Bobster on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:47 pm


    Ini BN punya hal???? Guna akal sikit. Ini seluruh Bangsa Malaysia punya hal!!! Apa you cakap???

  8. #8 by uyatnej on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:52 pm

    What kind of power that Hishammuddin has that he can warn MCA? I doubt about that…- inandty
    The power come from their self declare ketuanan melayu.
    They though they are the master, they can say whatever they want, they can wave their keris whenever they want.
    Its time for us Chinese to show our ketuanan, vote for DAP and show them we are the master!

  9. #9 by dawsheng on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 12:54 pm

    Errr.. Bobster, Littlebird was being scarstic. Wink wink!

  10. #10 by uyatnej on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:01 pm

    LittleBird tu burung belum cukup besar, macam UMNO, bising sini, bising sana, negara dah lingkup masih bising yang bukan-bukan!

  11. #11 by promking on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:02 pm

    UMNO giving amaran to MCA ? i thought they are in the same coalition ? (DAP is sitting up the hill looking downwards at the childish fight within BN)… sigh… macam budak-budak. pentadbir berwawasan kononnya…

  12. #12 by smeagroo on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:20 pm

    And I am warning u HIS-Shamefuldin. One more time u tok nonsense and threaten us again….I m gonna cane u

  13. #13 by kurangajah on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:23 pm

    His Sham has once again shamefully demonstrated his “power”, only this time he did not foolishly waive the Kris at the MCA. Is he in support of his cousin or just to gain some more political mileage, or both? Oh yes, I forgot, he is running for UMNO Vice President next year, right? While I can’t blame the MIC which hitherto has been led by an incompetent opportunist, why are the MCA so afraid? So very afraid? At least for once, they must speak their minds (unless their brains are empty except for the $ sign).

  14. #14 by dawsheng on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:25 pm

    Let’s see if MCA chicken out after Hishamudin’s warning. I hope to see what Hishamudin will do if his warning was ignored by MCA. Will he finally uses his keris???

    “Saya beri amaran kepada pemimpin MCA supaya berhenti membuat kenyataan sedemikian. Ingin saya tegaskan, saya bukan pemimpin naif yang akan membenarkan perkara ini berterusan. Amaran saya ialah berhenti membuat kenyataan,” katanya selepas merasmikan mesyuarat Umno Bahagian Ranau, di sini semalam.” Hishamudin

    Read this statement carefully! What Hishamudin means by being naive??? What is being non-naive then? Hishamudin better answer this question. We want to know what he will do. Ahhh! Will MCA scared to fight for the truth? Ong Ka Chuan should just keep quiet in the fisrt place, if it is for real, Ong should warns Hishamudin back for his naive statement. [deleted]

  15. #15 by tc on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:27 pm

    Knowing that these kind of statements bring very negative sentiments to all parties, would the UMNO Youth “chief” kindly reprimand the Deputy PM first for stating that Malaysia is an Islamic country!
    “Saya beri amaran kepada pemimpin MCA supaya berhenti membuat kenyataan sedemikian”…..spoken like a true “master”! Master to all our MCA “leaders” and “ministers”. Come on!!! Show some real grit and true leadership and stop being the[deleted].
    Everytime they brandish their silly daggers and make statements that incite racial disharmony, you just make a show of “protesting” but when “diberi amaran”, you just tuck your tails between your legs and run away!
    Are you all so afraid to upset the political status quo that the businesses that you, your family, your cronies are running are affected? In the first place, what “status quo”? When UMNO says “jump”, MCA don’t get to say “why” but “how high”. Is that status quo that you contend with? Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves what MCA means. The last time I looked, the “C” stands for “Chinese”. [deleted] You have become so irrelevant and passe. You have become nothing short of being subservient clowns and coolies of your UMNO masters all for a damned title and a little handout so that you and your families and friends can enrich themselves.

  16. #16 by Jefus on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 1:59 pm

    How can MCA be viewed as standing on its own power after this fiasco? Shame on you MCA SPEAK UP, are you not representatives of a community?

    All that waving of a short crooked knife has affected his perspectives. This concerns all of Malaysia. You cannot shut up the country. The will of the country will speak.

    We are going through very difficult times. WE NEED LEADERSHIP – Pak Lah are you listening? All these young Turks need proper guidance.

  17. #17 by dawsheng on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 2:12 pm

    What did I said that got deleted???

  18. #18 by smeagroo on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 2:21 pm

    U know why MIC and MCA leaders cant be truly bothered abt this secular vs islamic thingy?

    To them MONEY is their religion. Same goes for the umnoputras.

    Money is king. Money is god.

  19. #19 by sheriff singh on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 2:31 pm

    Najib and Hishamuddin as potential Prime Ministers? Now you know where we are heading.

    Does the people of Sabah and Sarawak support this “Islamic State” nonsense and what are they going to do about it? Will non-Malays and non-Muslims still support UMNO? Will Edward de Bonkers still give Najib an Excellent Leader Award next month? Will PAS and the Malays soon come out to praise Najib for his statements and stand?

    “Sharing” power is that all you non-Malays and non-Muslim underlings do what UMNO says and shut up. Do as you are told. You are all there as “decorations” only, to give some legitimacy and colour.

    In Bolehland, all the people live in “peace and harmony” because they have all been told to “shut up or else” and because the government said it is so. And they all lived happily ever after. Bedtime story.

    And you wonder why them foreign investors are not coming. Lee Kuan Yew is right in advising his investors to “beware”. Our government have “flopped” again. Iskandar is dead.

  20. #20 by procol on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 3:02 pm

    A SHAME!! This might get deleted, [deleted] especially the majority, stop bickering on who came first, who has a better blade to wave, whether as “native” they should get better rights, FOCUS ON THE DAMN ECONOMY. It’s killing to know Malaysia is insignificant compared to the growth of our neighbours. After reading a few articles, I don’t see much of Malaysia heading the charts/tables as preferred country to invest. The Sun paper on 20.07.07 reported Singapore as the world’s hottest property market for 2007, with Japan and China among the top favourites as quoted by Jones Lang LaSalle. This is only one example. If Malaysia don’t buck up, it’ll soon be gobbled up by the growth in the region. Singapore, a small tiny island can beat Malaysia hands down. STOP harping on master/servant issues. Start playing on level field, if you are no good then bow, be humble and learn. No wonder why foreign grads don’t want to return to this stinking place led by the puny brains of the leaders.

  21. #21 by trashed on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 3:04 pm

    Perhaps it is the golden opportunity for the MCA to advise their BN counterparts that the Chinese vote is not going to be delivered by the MCA due to this issue. MCA can then tell them “I told you so”.

    Should there be a major diminution of votes for the current ruling party in the next general election, the usual post mortem analysis can already be written now !!!

  22. #22 by Food for thought on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 3:11 pm

    What a warning!..oh boy..I am so scared, use the army like Indonesia to incite racial tension and riots? What mentality is that! I suppose Hishammuddin does not understand English nor Malay as he seems not to understand the meaning between secular or islamic? Take a lesson or two from the bloggers, dude. Or perhaps he might want to use the keris again? I think he better balik kampung tanam padi lah. Your days are numbered.

  23. #23 by hanuman on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 3:25 pm

    Famous phrase “Kalau tak suka, kau boleh keluar”.

    I wondered what stopped Hishammuddin from saying, “Kalau tak suka, kau boleh keluar BN.”

  24. #24 by Jong on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 3:38 pm

    Yes the heat is on and the No.1 CEO of the country is still on his 4th, 5th round of honeymoon – whole family in Aussie land?

    I wonder if he’s drafting his resignation letter?

  25. #25 by democratic junkie on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 3:56 pm

    At least MCA had [deleted] come out and defy the statement by Najib…..lets wait and see wether MCA bows to hishammudin or stands up for the people they are representing….

    if this gets out to the mainstream media, BN arent going to get the votes of non-bumi’s…..

  26. #26 by LittleBird on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 4:08 pm

    dawsheng Says:

    July 21st, 2007 at 14: 12.45
    What did I said that got deleted???

    Must be the truth where it hurt the most. BTW, thanks for educating little brains above.

  27. #27 by Libra2 on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 4:34 pm

    If the warning was black out all comments on Njibs statement, then why did Berita Harian and Bernama carry this statement.
    Does it mean UMNO can say what it likes but non Malays must shut up.
    As usual MCA will walk with its tail between the legs.

  28. #28 by AnakTiriMalaysia on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 4:41 pm

    Hishamuddin is one of most the notorious Malay chauvinistic leader. Khairi is the other one.
    Waving Keris to show his ‘Tai Ko’ ship? Your Keris couldn’t stop the Portuguese, the English in many centuries ago.

    Can it stop nuclear bombs? Don’t show your ‘Samseng’ness with the Keris.. It is a redundant weapon and its proper place is the museum!

    And as we rakyat should give this warning to Hishamuddin:

    “Kami beri amaran kepada pemimpin UMNO supaya berhenti mempertuankan diri sendiri. Ingin kami tegaskan, kami bukan rakyat naif yang boleh dianiaya dan diperbodohkan. Amaran kami ialah berhenti daripada menjadi Malay chauvinist [deleted]!”

    If Malaysia become a Islamic state, it may end up like Afghanistan and Iraq…. Malaysia is best to be a secular state.

    Vote wisely.. GANYANG UMNO!!

  29. #29 by Anak_Permyjaya on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 4:52 pm

    Didin’t hear this thing on newspaper or radio now, so what’s the outcome now? MCA did speak up or not?

  30. #30 by Libra2 on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 4:53 pm

    This is Confucianisism’s Doctrine of Mean:
    ” It is characteristic of absolute sincerity to be able to foreknow. When a nation or family is about to flourish, there are sure to be lucky omens.
    When a nation or family is about to perish, there are bound to be unlucky omens.”

    So you decide whether we are to flourish or perish. Recent events are all unlucky omens. Don’t you think so?

  31. #31 by Libra2 on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 4:54 pm

    Spelling mistake : Confucianism’s Doctrine of Mean

  32. #32 by ProMalaysiaNotBN on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 5:00 pm

    It’s all coming back, isn’t it? “Thou shall do unto others what they cannot [and shall not] do to us” UMNO and Muslims can utter words of religious intolerance against other religions and other sensitive issues in the country and get away with just a shrug of the shoulders. But when others speak out against the awful and inappropriate words of UMNO ministers on religious prominence and other race issues, those in UMNO and the fanatics can come out crying for their blood and voices to be gagged. Well, well, well …. the insecurity manifests itself more than ever. And to bring home their dominance, even their partners in government are to shut up and toe the line. What ridicule. What arrogance! What little minds do these “great” men possess!

    And are these the same people voted by the people to run the country? God helps everybody now and forever – there is no end to this kind of diarrhoea given out by UMNO and its lackeys. MCA, MIC or Gerakan – just stand aside altogether if you are impotent to act. If you don’t, you are just as guilty of promulgating this kind of shit as UMNO. Above all, all the elected politicians running the country now are so useless that they are playing with issues that create more turmoil than get on with bringing Malaysia up to be the developed country it was projected to be.

    2020 is becoming a “Too Nought Too Nought” with the likes of these politicians who are bent on bringing our country down to its lowest level of human decency and destitution. Any body still so hyped up about the 2020 Vision where Malaysians see themselves as the centre of the world? Nah, more like we are going back to the Stone Ages with landscape like Afghanistan, Sudan or Ethopia. Who care when sunny Australia beckons!

  33. #33 by inoato on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 5:09 pm

    Kerismudin has to do something to placate his supporters lah. He knows KJ will be taking over UMNO youth oredi.

  34. #34 by devilmaster on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 6:41 pm

    Let us sit down & watch which MCA [deleted] got the guts to defy UMNOputra’s order…

  35. #35 by Jonny on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 8:04 pm

    I think is one stone kill 2 birds. Two birds are on their way out with the absent leadership to comment on what was chirped by these 2 birds.

    Political assassination, remote-control styled. First bird got nailed down. Second bird tried to help, but in future will be nailed down when couldn’t take on the party post vacated.

    In any case, none of my family and friends vote is for BN. We’ve to break the hegemony and the new colonial masters who took after the lowering of the Union Jack.

    Talk about Union Jack. Heard that it shall be lowered again in Merdeka celebration. Isn’t this stupid and childish? Won’t other nations be slighted? What if Singapore lowers Malaysia flag on their 50th celebration? Doubt they would do such immature typical Malaysia Boleh stunt acts.

  36. #36 by Chong Zhemin on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 8:34 pm


    Thanks for your reply. It is a good explanation and gives me more understanding on this secular and islamic issue.

    When I first say “if we are not islamic, we are automatically secular.” I based on the assumption that secular and islamic are mutually exclusive. Secular means non-religiosity is the opposite of religious. Hence there is no grey area in between. We cant at the same time be religious and non-religious, can’t we?

    Despite all the debates, I feel that there is an urgent need to sort out a clear cut definition on secular state, islamic state, islamic nation, and islamic country. I know many out there are confused(so am I).

    A few years back, I read a chinese article about islamic state. According to the author, Malaysia is a 回教国(islamic country) but not an islamic state. The word 回教国(islamic country) simply means that we are a muslim majority country. However the word “state” as in islamic state carries legal implications where islamic laws need to be imposed.

    This confusion has been capitalised by MCA leaders to support Mahathir 929 declaration in which in their intepratation islamic state is merely a muslim majority country. Read this article by Ng Wei Aik. This article was published in Sin Chew(if i’m not mistaken)


  37. #37 by japankiller on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 9:10 pm

    Shame on Malaysia, while most of the developing country are putting their eye on global warming issue and those globalisation impact, Malaysia politicianare still having a same old debate with no ending.

    Hisshamudin is the big loser, raising that issue will never win his vote from Malay voter, cos Malays are getting smart and smarter nowaday, they know what they want, not simply cakap kosong that creat chaos.

  38. #38 by grace on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 9:18 pm

    Pak Lah is happily holidaying in Australia while there are so much bickering at home. Pak Lah is justlike the head of family who has no control over the chldren. Some of the children are real scoundrels. Some are spoilt and some are timid.
    in the end, the family is rosak la!!!!

  39. #39 by grace on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 9:22 pm

    Tomorrow you will see a ‘rombongan’ of MCA members led by Ong Ka Ting to pay homage to Hishamuddin and minta “ampun” la!!!

  40. #40 by bennylohstocks on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 9:34 pm

  41. #41 by freespirit22 on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 9:49 pm

    Our PM clearly had chosen his priority. Country is not on top of his list right this minute. Its embarrassing as a PM not to show his face whn things are getting out of hand in Msia.Yes, agree with the fact that we havent put a clear cut decision wether Msia is an Islamic state or secular. These ministers cant simply change the status every time a new person becomes PM/DPM. And yes, guv has the habit of putting all the sensitive issues(as claimed by thm) under the carpet, whn it gets too much to bear, all will come stumbling out.Perhaps it is the time now.
    Perhaps it is time for the rakyat to come forward and ask the guv to explain whats going on? Perhaps it is time for the guv to set things straight and dun chnage the rules anymore. Perhaps it is time to elect leader based on their beliefs, not according to their races.

  42. #42 by wtf2 on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 10:20 pm

    It’s no longer national front – just umno front. They should revise the front’s symbol from a balanced “dacing” to something that reflects truer to the current state of unbalanced affairs.

    MCA and MIC should seriously consider leaving this unholy union if they are not given serious equal rights within the party. Perhaps they can join DAP or PKR!

  43. #43 by devilmaster on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 11:09 pm

    “Tomorrow you will see a ‘rombongan’ of MCA members led by Ong Ka Ting to pay homage to Hishamuddin and minta “ampun” la!!! “- grace

    Or UMNO youth will do another “Loh Seng Kok warning” by gathering many UMNOputra members and start to charge into OKC service centre.


  44. #44 by lucia on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 11:24 pm

    i thought there is a gag order in the mainstream media not to talk about malaysia being an islamic state… but why is kerismuddin talking about it then? he’s not the PM or DPM!

  45. #45 by art-upon-mu on Saturday, 21 July 2007 - 11:50 pm

    Ha, ha, ha – back to reality show. MCA wanted to act macho and contradicted the boss, UMNO. Now, MCA was ordered to shut up and accept the islamic state. Umnoputras must have also ordered MCA leaders to write lines a thousand times: I must not contradict my boss.
    Gerakan and MIC leaders are smarter: my lips are sealed.
    Whatever noise people make, please accept the fact that Malaysia is indeed an islamic state – Period.

  46. #46 by art-upon-mu on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 12:01 am

    Don’t expect MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. to leave BN – crumbs are better than nothing and wagging tail is an easy task in exchange of Tan Sri, Datuk Sri, Datuk, etc. titles and a piece of various tenders and contracts. Also, being in the good book of UMNO, party members of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. know that their children are assured of goodies from the various ministries, in terms of securing scholarships and prized places in foreign and local public universities, access to APs, etc. So, Hisham and Najib, please, please, do not be mad with us – so said party members of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. – we will agree with and do everything you said.

  47. #47 by smeagroo on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 12:25 am

    # grace Says:
    July 21st, 2007 at 21: 18.36

    Pak Lah is happily holidaying in Australia while there are so much bickering at home. Pak Lah is justlike the head of family who has no control over the chldren. Some of the children are real scoundrels. Some are spoilt and some are timid.
    in the end, the family is rosak la!!!!

    Dont just blame the children. The father aint holier also.

  48. #48 by mwt on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 12:49 am

    It was unfortunate, Datuk Seri Najib Razak , the Deputy Premier “off the cuff” remarks were made are all influenced by his beliefs. From the Video Clip, it can be seen it was an automatic response to the question posed to him. He is holding strong beliefs (and so are many Islamic scholars and UMNO stalwarts) to this issue. His reply was motivated by his beliefs and he seemed unaware of the influence of his beliefs; and was not paying attention to what he was saying in relation to the subjects that deemed to be significant or important.
    In a cultural setting, the physical location of a country, the mass beliefs expressed in that country which are reinforced by all of the people incorporate certain absolutes, which become their truths as in religious beliefs. What is significant is that we must recognize objectively that theses are NOT actually TRUTHS. They are strongly unquestioned BELIEFS. The belief systems that are strongest to us individually, we would call that a truth. You express it each day within your focuses. You associate with it continuously. Many of your automatic responses are associated within yourselves as truth. And he wants his truth (beliefs) entirely unquestioned and challenged by others.
    More details & Watch and listen (34 s) his actual words and manner when he spoke as a matter of fact that Malaysia is an Islamic State at

  49. #49 by Utopia on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 2:27 am


  50. #50 by paix on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 5:30 am


  51. #51 by Plaintruth on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 6:28 am

    How many times MCA was provoted and MCA done nothing. By not giving a proper (or legal) response, it send the message to UMNOPUTRA that MCA blinks and do not challenge.

    It is the time. Right now. To rebuff Hishammuddin. Show the community what you stand for. Is MCA going to be without backbone?

    Hishammuddin behavior is trying to intimitate the rest into submission. This is rather barbaric. Malaysia is still a democratic country. We can say anything we like (within the law).

    We have to voice our opinions. Text message to your friends, discuss this in the Kopidiam, talk to you relatives, talk to your colleague who is not Chinese or Indian, …. let them know the situations.

    We are mad and we can not take it anymore.

    We have to save this country from this irrational Hishammuddin. If one day he become the PM, we are all doomed (malay included).

    Take my word for it.

    God, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Siva save Malaysia.

  52. #52 by mendela on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 8:49 am

    [Cursewords and swearwords do not advance any argument and detrimental to the purpose of this blog. Let us observe a minimum level of decency in our language out of respect to all visitors. – Kit]

  53. #53 by devilmaster on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 9:04 am

    Uncle Kit,

    i managed to read mendela’s comment. To be fair to him, i really did not find any ill-mannered comments. The cyberspace is for us to express our honest opinions. Otherwise, what is the purpose of blogging if it is going to operate like Bolehland mainstream media?

    [Apology to Mandela. That note was not directed specifically at Mandela, one of mainstays of the posters enriching this blog, but various comments which while rightly expressing disgust with lack of principle of political leaders used “strong and colourful” words and expressions not appropriate if this blog is to reach out to a larger readership. While appreciating the need to vent our spleen, let us do it in a restrained manner avoiding language and terms which would give a headache to the blog administrator. Thanks for your understanding. – kit]

  54. #54 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 10:04 am

    Read Hishamuddin statement carefully. He did not diagree with MCA statement but just want them to stop.

    Don’t you get it? The likes of Hishamuddin don’t believe in Islamic state but they want and need to use Islamic state as a political tool.

    In other words what Hishamuddin is saying is that the next generation of UMNO leader don’t have what it takes to deal with THE MOST CRITICAL issues such as Islamization AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the NEP and our global competitiveness. THAT IS THE REAL ISSUE OF BN and UMNO leadership.

  55. #55 by Jong on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 10:31 am

    If MCA has any backbone left, they should put that Krishamuddin where he belongs. Who does he think he is? Deputy PM No.2 ?

  56. #56 by negarawan on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 11:13 am

    To all non-bumi Malaysians out there. Our rights as Malaysians are being steadily eroded over the last 50 years in the name of UMNO policies such as NEP, ketuanan Melayu, and Islamic state. Let’s collectively send a strong message to UMNO, MCA and MIC that they have failed to build Malaysia as a strong and united nation where all races and religion can live in peace, tolerance and harmony. Let’s vote BN out and lend support to PKR and DAP. Let’s not make the same mistake of voting for BN again. My entire family and relatives and friends have pledged to vote for PKR and DAP. We need to reform the seriously corrupted and backward government of Malaysia. Together we can do this!

  57. #57 by Jong on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 11:20 am

    Way to GO, count me in!
    DAP and PKR, over to you now, make it or break it.

  58. #58 by ihavesomethingtosay on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 11:48 am

    This is the one time that ONG KATA NOTHING…………

    so true to one of his many nicks.

  59. #59 by raven77 on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 12:47 pm


  60. #60 by trashed on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 2:04 pm

    Sharp observation by BigJoe.

    Hishammuddin did not disagree with MCA – just wanted them to stop making statements.

    So does he agree if he did not disagree ?

  61. #61 by Jefus on Sunday, 22 July 2007 - 2:37 pm

    Guys, we are not alone, take a look at this link,


    “Those reforms include a proposal for the country’s president to be elected directly by the people, rather than by parliament.

    They were put forward by the AK Party, whose candidate for the presidency, Abdullah Gul, was repeatedly rejected by parliament.

    Turkey’s current president and its secularist establishment have vowed to resist what they regard as the Islamist agenda of the AK Party. ”

    This Islamisation is growing elsewhere too. Turkey is a close example of how diverse religions manage to coexist. The right side of the BBC news has links about Turkey, maybe we can pick up a few pointers.

  62. #62 by burn on Monday, 23 July 2007 - 12:10 am

    karang tembelang dah pecah!
    nampaknya penyokong parti parti komponen BN yang lain telah dipermainkan semenjak merdeka!
    rasa bodohkan! semenjak beberapa tahun yang lepas, kaum kaum lain dah memang terasa akan perubahan yang telah berlaku. sayangnya, ada kroni kroni komponen BN hanya mementingkan diri sendiri sehingga terlupa akan kesusahan kaum kaum lain.
    UMNO have make a fool out of you! time to wake-up!

    hidup DAP!

  63. #63 by sotong on Monday, 23 July 2007 - 7:28 am

    How could the country be an Islamic state?

    If the country is heading to become an Islamic state, BN leaders, in particular Malays leaders, had betrayed a modern, progressive and multi religious country.

    Non Malays had palyed their part and owed the country nothing….it is time the Malays leaders play a more constructive and responsible role in a multi religious country.

  64. #64 by shaolin on Monday, 23 July 2007 - 9:46 am

    Watch out of Islamic Terrorism in Malaysia,
    Why they acclaim Islamic State is Definitely with Ulterior Motives!!

    To harbour Talipans and Afghanistanese into the Country,
    To fight US and ALL other Countries who are Against them!!

    We Must UNITE All the WORLD globally,
    To Bury ALL the Islamic Terrorists ALIVE!!

  65. #65 by peterhou on Monday, 23 July 2007 - 1:55 pm

    I believed all the while the Umno “big brother” like to bully their small brother component party like Mca, Mic, Gerakan and others. The keris man and his buddy always frighten them. The small brothers scare the racial issue raise up again… The Umno make used the past history to gain their political and economy empire. They don’t learn the real Islam teaching. Don’t worry! The god will keep an eyes and punish them. They are really wrong, wrong and wrong.

  66. #66 by Toyol on Monday, 23 July 2007 - 2:48 pm

    To the Internal Security Ministry…
    If by debating the issue is an Internal Security matter since its causes ‘tension’, why was the DPM not censured or charged with ISA?!!!Please do your job, if you have any dignity or honour left.

    NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW…or is there a law in the first place.

  67. #67 by SugarDaddyKL on Monday, 23 July 2007 - 4:09 pm

    MCA..u better speak up and leave BN immediately and join the opposition before the country goes to the dogs.Who the hell is Umno Youth to tell a bigger brother to shut up?Shame on you MCA!

  68. #68 by Bobster on Tuesday, 24 July 2007 - 1:42 pm

    The way it goes MCA supporters going to vote for the opposition soon! All right! Looking forward to a great GE! Let’s join force kick the corrupted cum racist UMNO out of this GE! Enough IS Enough!

  69. #69 by 9to5 on Wednesday, 25 July 2007 - 3:13 pm

    The Parliament and Senate are not against bloggers!

    They are just against bloggers who expose their corruptions or means to obtain corrupted monies.

  70. #70 by zioburosky13 on Wednesday, 25 July 2007 - 4:51 pm

    Hishammuddin looks just like George W.Bush who just passed a law prohibit any protest against Iraq War….


  71. #71 by ktteokt on Thursday, 20 September 2007 - 10:36 am

    You are right, smeagroo. Money is supreme, so why let Islam be a hurdle. Let declare “Moneyism” as the official religion of the nation or better still make Malaysia a Moneyist Nation rather than an Islamic one!!!!!

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