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Message of PM’s “I don’t know” confession – NIP fallen to bottom of his agenda

The shocking message of the “I don’t know” confession of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ten days after serious and specific allegations have been made against a senior Umno Cabinet Minister and a 632-page memorandum submitted to him is that his national integrity plan has fallen to the bottom of his agenda.

On June 29, the Chairman of the Movement for Democracy and Anti-Corruption (Gerak) Ezam Mohd Nor submitted a 632-page document containing allegations of criminal breach of trust and misappropriation involving a senior cabinet minister, including police reports against the minister made by a chief executive officer of a public listed company in 1998, statements by the Malaysian Companies Commission, and receipts and invoices for millions of ringgit.

Ezam had said that there are several cases against this senior Umno Minister but one is clear, that he used a public company’s funds amounting to RM30 million to settle his personal debts.

Abdullah said yesterday: “I was informed about the memorandum and I will study it.” Asked who was the minister alleged to be corrupt, Abdullah said: “I don’t know”.

Is it credible that a Prime Minister who is serious about his pledge and commitment to make anti-corruption his top priority can allow ten days to pass without bothering to find out who was the senior UMNO Cabinet Minister alleged to be corrupt in the 632-page memorandum which had been submitted to him or that he had not directed his officers to prepare and read a gist of the allegations?

Or is Abdullah going to read the entire 632-page memorandum himself?

If Abdullah needs to take ten days to state publicly that he is aware that the memorandum had been submitted to him in his office, how long would he take to read it and how long more would he need to announce what he proposes to do about it? Read the rest of this entry »