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How low can you go, Najib? Let all UMNO and PAS leaders who claim that I am equating Islam with kleptocracy speak up, loud and clear, to identify themselves so that Malaysians can know about their intellectual capability and moral failing

Let me ask the former Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, how low can you go, to the extent of making such a wild, false and unfounded claim that I am equating Islam with kleptocracy.

I cannot but doubt Najijb’s intellectual calibre and even his educational standard when a statement with the objective to declare that Islam should not be equated with corruption and kleptocracy is interpreted by Najib as a statement equating Islam with corruption and kleptocracry!

A school student with ordinary mental and intellectual capabilities would not make such a colossal blunder but the former Prime Minister of Malaysia can make such a shocking mistake! What does it say about Najib? Read the rest of this entry »