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What was Nazifuddin’s main agenda in his trip to Taiwan after his father Najib was charged in court on four counts of corruption?

Much ink has been spilled over the trip of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s son Mohd Nazifuddin Mohd Najib to Taiwan and his rendezvous with Taiwanese actress Celia Zhang on a day after Najib was charged in court in Kuala Lumpur on four counts of corruption.

The Malay Mail Online, for instance, carried an article : “Report: Najib’s son seen gallivanting with Taiwan actress after ex-PM freed on bail”, based on Taiwan’s Apple Daily video report spotting Nazifuddin “dining and drinking wine” with an actress in Taiwan at a steak restaurant in the Breeze Xinyi mall near Taiwan capital’s iconic tower Taipei 101 a day after his father was charged for corruption in Kuala Lumpur over RM42 million from a former 1MDB unit.

The portal said the two were seen drinking glass after glass of red wine in a relaxed atmosphere during an allegedly mirthful meal that lasted three hours, claiming that two bottles of red wine were opened.
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