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Secret letter by Najib government seeking help from CIA in 14GE highlights the question why it had not protested against US Attorney-General’s public condemnation of 1MDB corruption scandal as “kleptocracy at its worst” which is as good as international indictment of Najib as “kleptocrat at its worst”

The secret letter by the Najib government seeking help from the US CIA in the 14th General Election highlights the question why the Najib administration had not protested or taken any action against the US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions’ public condemnation of the 1MDB corruption scandal at an international forum as “kleptocracy at its worst”.

This was as good as an international indictment of the US government telling the world that Najib, the then Prime Minister, was “kleptocrat at its worst” on the world stage.

Can Najib be in Parliament tomorrow to explain why his government did not defend itself against the “kleptocracy at its worst” charge by the US Government at an international forum last December, but five months later, five days before the 14th General Election, sent a secret letter to the CIA seeking support against Pakatan Harapan in case the election result turned out to be close? Read the rest of this entry »