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What next?

By Christine Lai | TMI
September 6, 2014

“Even the Chinese like it; they buy a lot”. I looked more closely at the piece of lingerie in my hand. Yes, that’s right, lingerie or in plain English — underwear of the female kind. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. What, now even underwear has gone racist, is it?

I wanted to ask the enthusiastic salesgirl, “So how about the Indians, they don’t like?” But I kept my peace. Who knows, if I open my big mouth and get overheard by some zealous patriot who feels insulted about their ‘rights’ to inner fashion, I might get a slew of police reports lodged against me. Which pity our men-in-blue, they may then have to waste their precious time hauling puny little me in for investigation under the Sedition or whatever Act for promoting ill-will and inciting hatred in society. Look, they already have their hands full with honourable MPs, ADUNs, oh, and don’t forget university lecturers. I should just keep my mouth shut and pray like a good Malaysian.

Which I do. Pray, I mean; though I am not too sure about the “good” Malaysian bit. Nowadays if I listen or read too much, sometimes I wonder. After all, sometime back my ‘kind’ has been called ‘pendatang’ and recently anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-bumiputra and arrogant. And if I voted opposition, for sure I am classified anti-government. That’s a lot of A’s but all not ‘good’. Despite that, I am still Malaysian, right — at least I think so. Last I checked my Kad Pengenalan, it’s still blue and the words imprinted on it.

If I were made of lesser stuff (not that I am great stuff, but just a matter of speech), I would really be very doubtful of my status as a Malaysian. I am supposed to feel good about being Malaysian, especially with all that ra ra ra parade, videos and speeches made just about a week ago, on August 31st. I anticipate being treated to a second round in about two weeks’ time come Sept 16th. More of that “How far we have come as a nation united in diversity” line, blah blah blah. Which apparently for some means that I can only be Malaysian if I do, say or think certain things a certain way, like ‘them.’ Read the rest of this entry »


DAP lodges 2nd police report on Beng Hock’s death

7 September 2014

DAP lodged a police report in Puchong today as part of its nationwide move to pressure the authorities to find the culprit responsible for Teoh Beng Hock’s death following a Court of Appeal verdict on Friday.

The Court of Appeal set aside the open verdict by a coroner on Beng Hock’s death five years ago, ruling that “a person or persons were responsible for his death”.

Kinrara assemblyman Ng Sze Han said someone should be responsible for the political aide’s death as stated in the verdict by the Court of Appeal and that action should be taken against the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officers involved in Teoh’s case in 2009.

“They should be suspended from duty immediately as they are not fit to work,” said Ng after lodging a report at the Serdang police headquarters in Puchong today.
“After five years of fight, the family finally see some hope. We applaud the court decision.”

He said this was the second police report lodged by DAP. The first was in Ipoh yesterday. More reports are expected to be lodged nationwide by DAP to put pressure against the investigators. Read the rest of this entry »