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Najib should ask first Cabinet meeting of the year to endorse the 10-Point Solution as well as Summit of Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat leaders on National Reconciliation to rebuild National Unity

Malaysia has never been in more dire straits in more than half-a-century of nationhood going by the avalanche of challenges and problems confronting the the nation and people even before the first week of the new year is over.

Heralding in the 2014 New Year, the country was convulsed for two weeks by the Inspector-General of Police’s “fairy tale” plot of a conspiracy to “topple the government” on New Year’s eve in Dataran Merdeka just because there are Malaysians who want to exercise their constitutional rights of peaceful protest against the series of price hikes which would add to the economic hardships of the people.

As a result, the police wasted over 2,000 police man-hours over some 2,000 police reports lodged by trouble-makers all over the country who wanted to exploit the “fairy-tale” plot of a “topple government” conspiracy, when these precious 2,000 police man-hours could be more productively spent on making the Malaysians, investors and tourists safer from crime in Malaysia.

Malaysians entered the new year totally clueless about the national educational crisis of deteriorating standards, highlighted by the poor performance of Malaysians students in the 2012 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) results, which confirmed the poor results of Malaysian students in the 2011 TIMSS (Trends in International Maths and Science Study). Read the rest of this entry »


Hello, PM, Malaysia needs you to act now

Zaid Ibrahim
The Malaysian Insider
January 04, 2014

Dear prime minister,

If I were still a member of parliament, I would table a motion of no confidence in you.

The Speaker would probably reject it even before it could be debated and votes counted, but I would do it anyway.

Your indifferent silence and total lack leadership on the “Allah” issue is bringing this country to the brink of catastrophe, one that neither you nor the government will be able to pull us back from once it is too late. The clock is ticking.

It is not my intention to ridicule you, for you have my utmost respect, but what else can be done to move you to act and manage the dangerous situation we are in at this moment?

This cannot be allowed to continue because there are elements, real troublemakers, who will bring turmoil to our peace-loving people. Read the rest of this entry »