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Internet Blackout Day on 14 August gaining momentum

CIJ Release
13 August 2012

Kuala Lumpur — Malaysian civil society’s latest effort in campaigning against the newly introduced Section 114A to the Evidence Act 1950 — Internet Blackout Day – is gaining momentum and has received more endorsements from prominent websites, Netizens and politicians.

Bar Council has confirmed taking down their website ( to support this while the Democratic Action Party (DAP) is shutting down all websites administered by them and will not be updating their Facebook and Twitter accounts all day on 14th August, 2012. Tech-savvy DAP politician Lim Kit Siang and lawyer/avid Twitter user Edmund Bon have both vowed to go offline for 24hours.

Bloggers who have pledged to support a pop-up to promote the Stop 114A campaign include Marina Mahathir, Hishamuddin Rais (Tukar Tiub), Uppercaise, Nat Tan, Niki Cheong, Anil Netto, Juana Jaafar, Sarawak Bloggers, Fahmi Fadzil, myasylum etc.

Internet Blackout Day pop-up is also being supported by news sites Free Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Digital News Asia, The Nut Graph, bfm, Merdeka Review, and party organ news sites Harakah Daily and Keadilan Daily. Supporters from commercial/entrepreneurial sector include,, nexusmediaworks and MOL. From the online resources & community sector,,, LoyarBurok, mobile88, jbtalks and Read the rest of this entry »


RCI must give priority to purging phantom voters

By Kim Quek | August 13, 2012
The Malaysian Insider

AUG 13 — Sabahans should reject the terms of reference of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants proposed by Prime Minister Najib Razak because they fail to address the issue of purging the state’s electoral roll of phantom voters.

The entire eight-item terms of reference are marked by hypocrisy and evasion of the real issues.

Item after item is centred on “whether” there are illegal identity cards or citizenship granted, and “whether” there are illegally registered voters in the electoral roll, when the whole world knows that the Sabah electoral roll is heavily infested with illegal immigrants who have been illegally registered as voters.

There is already abundance of incontrovertible evidence produced in court as well as in books recording details of clandestine campaigns to massively infuse these phantoms into the electoral roll so as to enable Umno to grab political power in Sabah; so why still keep up the pretence that such a phenomenon is an hypothesis that requires exhaustive investigations to establish its veracity?
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Aliran – “Piss Off”

By Martin Jalleh

It is despicable that lies are being invented and history is being distorted to serve selfish interests to preserve power and position, writes P Ramakrishnan.


Piss off, Tanda Putera filmmakers!

By P Ramakrishnan | 12 August 2012

It is a wonder how the makers of the film, Tanda Putera, raked up an incident in our history that had never been documented or talked about. In fact, such an incident never even took place!

Yet, the producer-director, Shuhaimi Baba, claims that the events depicted in the movie are based on established truth. “My team and I did a lot of research, such as studying documented materials and photographs, to make sure the scenes were backed by historical facts,” she asserted on 4 August 2012.

But where was it documented and by whom that Lim Kit Siang had urinated on the flagpole (in the compound of) the Selangor Menteri Besar’s residence while at the same time shouting a racial slur? Which photographer captured this alleged despicable act being committed?

We need to ask some simple questions:

  • Can anyone just wander into the Menteri Besar’s residence, pee on the flagpole and quietly walk away?

  • Isn’t the Meneri Besar’s residence gated and guarded?

  • If this incident had actually taken place, why hadn’t anyone mentioned it over the last 43 years? Was it classified under the OSA?

  • If Kit Siang had committed this unmentionable act, wouldn’t they have finished him off politically long ago? He wouldn’t have survived this alleged sordid episode! No sane person would have supported him!

  • How could this incident have taken place when Kit Siang had irrevocably established the fact that he was not in Kuala Lumpur on 11–13 May 1969?

  • Was Kit Siang a delinquent or educationally subnormal or mentally deranged to have committed this shameful act?

  • Knowing Kit Siang, would anyone believe that he would be that foolhardy to commit this insane act?

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Why is Shafie Apdal telling bare-faced lie that UMNO does not use religion for politics when it is so easily debunked by UMNO/ Utusan’s “Sokong DAP Haram” campaign in past 6 days?

I am astounded by the growing frequency and the increasing number of instances of Umno/Barisan Nasional leaders abandoning principles, scruples and elementary ethics just to score political points with the approach of the 13th general elections.

The closer the approach of the next general elections, and the more uncertain and even more desperate UMNO/BN leaders feel about their electoral prospects in the next general elections, UMNO/BN leaders have shown their preparedness to be even more unscrupulous, unprincipled and unethical than in the past in their attempt to remain in power.

Yesterday for instance Umno vice president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal was caught red-handed telling a bare-faced lie when he said in Kota Belud that UMNO does not use religion for its political interests.

How could Shafie make such a preposterous claim when it could be so easily debunked by UMNO and Utusan Malaysia’s irresponsible, seditious and anti-national “Haram Sokong DAP” campaign in the past six days? Read the rest of this entry »



By Martin Jalleh

Umno supreme council member Nazri Abdul Aziz declares that Anwar Ibrahim’s efforts to entice Sabah BN leaders will not affect BN (Mkini, 12 Aug 2012).

He then adds: “If Anwar want to take those who will not be fielded by (BN), go ahead. Anwar is also a frog because he left Abim (a Muslim youth movement) for Umno and then to PKR.

“It is no surprise that he takes in his own kind. The frog will accept another frog.

“Anwar’s political journey has made him ‘Bapa segala katak (King of frogs)’

Fact No. 1: Abim is not a political party. Therefore there was no hopping involved. Furthermore Anwar was invited by Dr Mahathir to join Umno!

Fact No. 2: Anwar did not leave Umno, he was sacked by Dr M and the Umno Supreme Council.

Fact No. 3: He did not jump into PKR, he formed it!

Fact No. 4: Nazri’s political journey has made him an idiot!


We are the descendants and the inheritors, Nazri!

By P Ramakrishnan | 11 August 2012

It is a ridiculous to claim that only Umno. MCA and MIC have the right to decide the Merdeka Day theme because the founding members of these parties fought for and won Independence for the country.

This was stated by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz. It is well known that his forte is in making statements that have very little merit!

Every Malay, every Chinese and every Indian was not a member of these communal parties then. Is he trying to assert that without the support of the vast majority of these communities who were not members of these parties, Umno, MCA and MIC successfully negotiated with the British for our Independence?

Common sense will dictate that there was no need for them to be members of any political party to support a just cause. Just because they were not members of any political party at that time that did not invalidate their support and influence in the quest for our freedom. Without the tacit support of the majority of people who were not members of these political parties, we could not have attained our freedom.
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Fatal flaw in the RM180 million allocation to Indians

By Jeyaseelan Anthony | Saturday, 11 August 2012 01:55

Recently our Prime Minister had announced an allocation of RM180 million to uplift the economic standing of the Indian community. It was indeed a major announcement and a big step forward on the part of the government to help the Indian community. However in practice whether this allocation will help Indians in the long run is doubtful.

Malaysia is still plagued by discriminatory policies which favour the majority Bumiputra races. Announcing an allocation is rather easy but making the money usable for business or social purposes is another.

Take for example a real incident highlighted by Senator Dr. S. Ramakrishnan recently and I quote it here.

“One of my cousins wanted to import goats from Myanmar sometime in 2006. When he went to the Customs and Agriculture department for permits to import, he was told that he can only import under a Bumiputera name. My cousin then went looking for a trusted Bumiputra partner to import goat or at least lend his name for that purpose and he managed to find one. He imported goat and sold it in Malaysia. After the first import the Bumiputera partner went to Myanmar and started importing himself. My cousin lost a reliable source of supply and income.
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Konsep kafir harbi-zimmi, satu penjelasan

Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty
Ketua Penerangan, PKR
11 Ogos 2012

Sesungguhnya, di bulan Ramadan yang penuh dengan kerahmatan Ilahi ini, kita dikejutkan dengan pandangan seorang Tok Guru yang mendakwa bahawa umat Islam di Malaysia haram menyokong DAP kerana DAP menentang hudud and tidak mahu mendaulatkan Islam. Tuan Guru Haji Abdullah Sa’mah, seorang guru pondok dari Geting, Tumpat, Kelantan, berhujah bahawa umat Islam di negara ini tidak boleh menyokong PAS dan PKR justeru kedua-dua parti tersebut bersekongkol dengan DAP.

KEADILAN berpendirian bahawa konsep kafir harbi (boleh diperangi dan dibunuh) serta kafir zimmi (patuh kepada pemerintahan Islam) perlu diperjelaskan kepada umum secara lebih tepat. Ini bagi memastikan supaya konsep ini difahami mengikut perkembangan semasa bersesuaian dengan perkembangan dunia pemikiran Islam yang bersifat global. Sebenarnya, begitu ramai figur ulama dan cendekiawam Islam yang telah memberikan pandangan mereka yang lebih bersifat kontemporari berasaskan pemahaman yang nyata mengenai perbezaan di antara syari’ah dan fiqh serta menganalisis fiqh berasaskan realiti semasa (fiqh al-waqi’),

Sheikh Rashid Ghanoushi (Ketua Parti al-Nahdah, Tunisia), yang kini menjadi penasihat kepada Kerajaan baru Tunisia, dalam beberapa tulisan ilmiahnya menyatakan bahawa idea kafir harbi dan kafir zimmi serta kewujudan Negara yang boleh diperangi (dar al-harb) memang relevan pada zaman keagungan empayar Islam di masa yang silam. Namun, pada hari ini, ketika umat Islam tergabung dalam sebuah entiti dunia yang terbahagi di antara warga Muslim dan bukan Muslim yang berimbangan serta semakin bersifat global, maka kedudukan kafir harbi dan kafir zimmi sudah tidak praktikal lagi. Justeru, beliau menganjurkan konsep al-muwatinun (kewarganegaraan) diguna pakai sebagai alternatif yang praktis. Read the rest of this entry »

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Isu haram undi DAP: ‘Utusan tak serik’

Zairil Khir Johari
Ogos 9 2012


Walaupun sudah dua kali didapati bersalah oleh mahkamah kerana menyiarkan laporan-laporan yang berunsur fitnah terhadap ketua menteri Pulau Pinang merangkap Setiausaha Agung DAP Lim Guan Eng, akhbar Utusan Malaysia tampaknya masih tidak serik.

Dengan tajuk sensasi, “Haram sokong DAP” pada muka hadapan serta laporan susulan di muka surat dalaman, Utusan Malaysia telah menyiarkan beberapa tuduhan liar seperti yang dipetik di bawah:

Adalah haram dan berdosa untuk umat Islam menyokong DAP yang secara terang-terangan menentang penubuhan negara Islam serta pelaksanaan hukum hudud.

Beliau berkata, agenda perjuangan DAP berbeza dengan MCA dan MIC dalam Barisan Nasional (BN) yang digolongkan sebagai bukan kafir harbi iaitu tidak membawa kemudaratan kepada kedudukan Islam dan umat Islam.

“Perjuangan DAP tidak terima Perlembagaan negara, mereka mahu sama rata Islam dan bukan Islam, kuil dan masjid juga mahu sama rata…”

(Dipetik daripada “Haram, berdosa undi DAP”, mukas urat 5, Utusan Malaysia 8 Ogos 2012.)

Adalah jelas di sini bahawa laporan tersebut bermotif politik dan bertujuan untuk menabur fitnah dan implikasi bahawa:

1.DAP merupakan parti yang haram.
2.DAP tidak menerima Perlembagaan Persekutuan.
3.DAP merupakan parti kafir harbi. Read the rest of this entry »


‘Kafir harbi’ umpama lampu hijau untuk membunuh

Maszlee Malik
Ogos 12 2012

Saya ingin merujuk kepada kenyataan Abdullah Samaah yang dikeluarkan oleh Utusan Malaysia berkaitan haram menyokong DAP kerana mereka merupakan kafir harbi.

Istilah kafir harbi merupakan istilah fiqh yang membawa konotasi suasana zaman perang di antara wilayah Islam di zaman dahulu dengan negara musuh.

Kafir harbi adalah merujuk kepada negara musuh yang berperang dengan Muslim di mana darah mereka adalah halal ditumpahkan kerana ianya di dalam suasana perang, di mana kafir harbi itu sendiri berusaha membunuh umat Islam.

Kafir harbi adalah wajib diperangi di peringkat negara di atas dasar peperangan.

Di zaman ini, warga atau rakyat bukan Islam yang tinggal bersama umat Islam tidak dikira sebagai kafir harbi. Malah pengklafikasian harbi atau dhimmi yang digunakan oleh ulama klasik telah diperbaiki oleh ulama moden, memandangkan negara-negara moden mempunyai konsep kewargenegaraan yang memberikan hak dan tanggungjawab yang saksama di antara Muslim dan bukan Islam.

Pengkelasan Abdullah Sama’ah bahawa DAP adalah kafir Harbi adalah tidak tepat sama sekali, malah membahayakan. Beliau seolah-olah memberikan lampu hijau untuk umat Islam memerangi parti DAP dan membunuh ahli-ahli dan kepimpinannya. Read the rest of this entry »