Respect Merdeka Day!

By Allan CF Goh

Respect Merdeka Day!

Merdeka Day is for the celebration
Of national achievement and calibration
It is a day of by and for the people
Not for meaningless slogans and words of tipple
It must highlight the single aspiration
Of the common dream of one people, one Nation
It is not a politicians’ comic stage
For playing imagined greatness and false image
Merdeka must invoke an inspiration
Towards a genuine oneness of a great Nation
Not for touting the supremacy of race
Nor the other communities’ contrived disgrace
It must show a people’s commemoration
Of all worthy deeds for a loved righteous Nation
Adhering to right is right to follow right
Malaysia can be a Nation of brightest light
Let’s respect the Merdeka celebration
By respecting each big or small contribution
Let every Malaysian be paid the homage
As the Nation’s invaluable heritage
When all can stand equal before the Nation
That will be the greatest cause for celebration

  1. #1 by sheriff singh on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 - 2:19 pm

    Merdeka 2012 is in dire, dire danger
    Of being hijacked by the ‘great pretender’.
    The people must clearly and seriously ponder
    Will they let him tear the nation asunder?

    The ‘Reformer’ and his merry geng of sycophants
    They all go about with their dastardly scams.
    But the people are now definitely much wiser,
    They will stop this band of rogue elephants.

    Ah Jib Gor fancies himself as Superman,
    Why, he even wears his Pampers up in front.
    Performance Now ! People First! they cry,
    Alas the people know they are merely con-men!

    Their new scam they name as ‘Janji ditepati’,
    Which they say everyone must ‘hormati’.
    But as you and I and all clearly know
    They are all merely selling kosong capati.

    To the Indians big brother comes acalling
    ‘Nambikei’ he desperately says to them all.
    ‘Please trust me’ he begs and pleads of them,
    ‘Without you I will surely fall’.

    To the golf course he now turns to,
    Clearly with much desperation.
    ‘I will partner with the great Tiger’, he blogs,
    But we all know he can only play flogs.

    The bankers in the Land Below the Wind,
    They are restless and all up in arms.
    They all want to uplift their ‘fixed deposits’
    Najib’s ventures are definitely in the way of harm.

    His hair is white and almost gone,
    His face wrinkled beyond his years.
    Ah Jib Gor and geng needs to be retired,
    The ‘sell-by’ date has long, long been expired.

    The country is reached dire straits,
    Caused by years of UMNO/BN mumbo-jumbo.
    It urgently needs rejuvenation and ‘aspirasi’,
    Coupled with dignity, pride and true democracy.

  2. #2 by undertaker888 on Tuesday, 7 August 2012 - 7:24 pm

    Merdeka merdeka merdeka
    Semboyan riuh rakyat Malaysia
    Tapi itu olang BN hanya tahu duduk kira Kira
    Wang Wang dia olang curi Dari rakyat jelata.

    Itu olang nak tipu kita hari hari
    Cakap itu slogan janji sudah ditepati
    Tapi Lu tengoklah sekeliling sendiri
    Apa dia olang capai.

    Sudah lebih Lima puluh tahun merdeka
    Melayu Cina India masih pecah berbelah
    Itulah olang BN punya angkara
    Tak habih habih buat rakyat derita

    Sudah muak dengak itu minister minister tiga suku
    Boleh buat election deal cakap you help me I help you
    Yang satu lagi lebih dahsyat Dan takjub
    Dia cakap dia boleh change his mode

    Jentera jentera media bn the star, utusan dan nst
    Hari hari fitnah LKS Anwar dan Tok Haji
    Putar belit kucar kacir memang pandai ditulis orang keji
    Tiba GE13 tahulah dia olang nanti

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