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Can Malaysia’s leaders emulate Myanmar’s political reform?

— Koon Yew Yin
The Malaysian Insider
Mar 02, 2012

MARCH 2 — One of the leading papers in the region, The Nation, recently conducted an interview with Myanmar President Thein Sein’s chief political adviser, Ko Ko Hlaing. In that exclusive interview, Ko Ko Hlaing told the Bangkok paper that Myanmar’s political reform is “irreversible” because of the president’s strong will.

He stressed that the specific constitutional provision towards democracy, the Myanmar people’s taste of newfound freedom, and the need for the country to follow the international trend ensured that the reforms would have to proceed.

In the interview, he also gave an insider’s glimpse into the thinking and philosophy of the former strongman who ran of Myanmar for close to 20 years. According to him, Senior General Than Shwe, following his resignation as head of state in 2011, was not running the country from behind the scenes as commonly alleged and would not be making a comeback. Read the rest of this entry »


Parti pemerintah guna kekuatan samseng, parti alternatif guna kekuatan pemikiran

By Aspan Alias | March 02, 2012
The Malaysian Insider

2 MAC — Budaya samseng pula yang mula menular dengan cepat didalam Umno sekarang. Kejadian mengganggu majlis-majlis anjuran Pakatan Rakyat kini selalu diganggu dan dicemari dengan kekacauan yang dilakukan oleh kumpulan samseng upahan untuk menggagalkan majlis anjuran Pakatan Rakyat. Dunia dan negara sekarang sudah masuk ke alaf baru dan manusia kini menuju kemajuan dengan etika dan cara kehidupan yang bertamaddun.

Seorang yang dididik dengan baik dari keluarga yang baik dia akan menjadi lebih berhemah jika bersalah-salahan pendapat dan pandangan dan akan sentiasa menghormati orang lain seperti yang dituntut oleh agama dan budaya, apatah lagi kita orang Melayu yang beragama Islam ini. Seseorang yang beriman dan halus jiwanya akan memujuk hati dan nafsunya sendiri untuk tidak berbuat apa yang tidak baik dan ditegah oleh adat dan agamanya.

Sebaliknya sebahagian dari kita orang-orang Melayu khususnya orang-orang kuat Umno (OKU), bertindak diluar adat dan adab bangsanya serta agama mereka dengan membina budaya samseng dan budaya ini adalah budaya orang-orang zaman batu dahulu. Ini bertambah berluas-luasa akhir-akhir ini dengan mengganggu majlis-majlis yang dianjurkan oleh pihak Pakatan Rakyat.
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Just another election prediction

by Zairil Khir Johari
The Malaysian Insider
Mar 02, 2012

MARCH 2 — The art of prediction is such that one can only really predict things after they have happened. So goes a wise saying by the French-Romanian playwright Eugene Ionesco. Be that as it may, nothing will stop Malaysians from engaging in our favourite pastime — trying to predict the timing of the 13th general election.

For more than a year now, we have all been living in constant anticipation of an election that has been perpetually “around the corner.” It has even come to the point where no politician in this country is able to get through a single day without someone asking, “So when will the elections be?” Some have even fallen into the habit of continually predicting one to be just three months away, a cycle that has been renewed five times in the last 15 months.

I too am unable to escape this quintessential question that is thrown at me time and again. In tandem with the progression of current affairs, my answers have also undergone constant evolvement.

However, whenever I am asked when should the general election be held, I have held one constant response for more than a year: that it should have been held last year, in concurrence with the Sarawak state election. Read the rest of this entry »


The system stinks – Dare Najib set up a judicial tribunal to investigate into serious allegations by former CCID director that AG had abused his powers?

The system stinks. For the first time in more than a decade, there are now serious allegations of gross abuse of power against one of the highest officers of the land – the Attorney General – by another high-ranking officer.

Dare the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak get the Cabinet to set up a judicial tribunal to investigate into the serious allegations by the former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Chief Datuk Ramli Yusuf that the Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had abused his constitutional powers to ensure that there is justice and fair play in the land?

The serious allegations made by Ramli are not new to informed and knowledgeable Malaysians as they have been in the public domain for quite some time, but this is the first time that it has been made specifically by Ramli in public against Gani, which warrants serious and instant attention and action by Najib if the Prime Minister is sincere and serious in wanting to carry out a government and national transformation in the country where abuses of power and corruption are regarded as anathema under his administration. Read the rest of this entry »


Not all of us are still blind, are we?

— May Chee Chook Ying
The Malaysian Insider
Mar 01, 2012

MARCH 1 — Not too long ago in a land not so far-away, in the kingdom of the blind, a one-eyed led. The kingdom didn’t start out as having only blind citizens. The truth was; those seeing ones were incarcerated for precisely, having seen the light. As soon as anyone with a well-formed conscience saw it his duty to illuminate others, this one-eyed jack would throw him behind bars, using draconian laws and spineless institutions as his side-kicks.

Along the way, he promised the blind he would lead them to the Promised Land. That he would liberate them. That they would be blind, no more. That they would neither thirst nor hunger anymore. Today, he has seemingly succeeded in making only a handful free, see and who neither have to thirst or hunger anymore. Today, he stands, guilty of nepotism, cronyism and worst of all; he has made more gone not only blind, but totally dependent on “crutches”. All these were by design. His design, so that till the day he died, and maybe even beyond the grave, others would be beholden to him and all that he holds dear.

Is there no God that a mortal could play with our lives so wantonly? So irresponsibly? So cruelly? Our beloved country has been plundered to feed his ego and greed. Our people have been maimed to allow him control. And we can’t stop him?

We, live, purportedly, in the best democratic country on earth and all the above can happen here, so easily? Who are we fooling? Read the rest of this entry »