Not all of us are still blind, are we?

— May Chee Chook Ying
The Malaysian Insider
Mar 01, 2012

MARCH 1 — Not too long ago in a land not so far-away, in the kingdom of the blind, a one-eyed led. The kingdom didn’t start out as having only blind citizens. The truth was; those seeing ones were incarcerated for precisely, having seen the light. As soon as anyone with a well-formed conscience saw it his duty to illuminate others, this one-eyed jack would throw him behind bars, using draconian laws and spineless institutions as his side-kicks.

Along the way, he promised the blind he would lead them to the Promised Land. That he would liberate them. That they would be blind, no more. That they would neither thirst nor hunger anymore. Today, he has seemingly succeeded in making only a handful free, see and who neither have to thirst or hunger anymore. Today, he stands, guilty of nepotism, cronyism and worst of all; he has made more gone not only blind, but totally dependent on “crutches”. All these were by design. His design, so that till the day he died, and maybe even beyond the grave, others would be beholden to him and all that he holds dear.

Is there no God that a mortal could play with our lives so wantonly? So irresponsibly? So cruelly? Our beloved country has been plundered to feed his ego and greed. Our people have been maimed to allow him control. And we can’t stop him?

We, live, purportedly, in the best democratic country on earth and all the above can happen here, so easily? Who are we fooling?

“No man loses his freedom, unless, it is through his own weakness,” said Gandhi. Some of us here in Malaysia, have been “incarcerated” through our own making. That, I believe, is only a minority. He can’t be having a dossier on each and every one of us, can he? So, why let him continue to mess up our lives and our beloved country, Malaysia?

Every day, the headlines, of course not the mainstream media, scream out one scandal or another. There are days I wish I wasn’t a Malaysian. There are days I wish I had left long ago. I’m really paying a lot more to remain a Malaysian, forgoing a lot more to remain in these shores. Some days, I really cry when I pray for my country, Malaysia. Dear God, is there no stop to all these heinous “crimes” (for want of a better word), past and present? And someone got sent back to stare death in the face over a tweet? And some to have their liberty denied for a good many months, for having shoplifted milk for their young? And billions of dollars to be written off just like that, to erase an old lion’s wrongdoing? (That, too, came with shameless taunting!) Is there no sense of balance anymore in my beloved country, Malaysia? Didn’t we all have to slog for those billions?

Friends have asked, “Why didn’t you leave?” I used to say, “How can I leave my mum behind?” My mum died three months back. Do I still have any excuse? I do. I, really do. How can I leave the country I love so much behind?

I’m appealing to all Malaysians; I know the majority of you are right-minded. Please, you can put a stop to this “prevalent doom”. We are Malaysians, we can do this. We love our country, Malaysia and because of this, we shouldn’t allow her to be annihilated like this. She doesn’t deserve this. The majority of us, work night and day, to build up Malaysia. Our forefathers did, too, with their blood, sweat and tears! How can we let her go to the dogs like this? We are all Malaysians. Please, unite behind the truth. Please, do not be divided by the cowards who still take us for fools. Please, do not let those one-eyed ones lead us astray anymore. We are “seeing” people. We can take them on. We don’t need crutches. There is enough for everyone. For that, the plundering has got to stop! Period.

I would not say that I’m deeply religious but I believe that there’s a God. All these wonderful creations of God are meant to be shared by all mankind. One is not to plunder and deny his neighbour of his rightful stake. We are put on earth temporarily to care for God’s beautiful creations. In denying our neighbour, we do not do justice to the God we love. In denying Malaysia her rightful place in history, we, all but deny our very own existence and God’s wonderful creation. (What can I say; I’m a coward for I live my life in fear of God!)

I do not want to be responsible for a Malaysia with a blighted history. Do you?

  1. #1 by yhsiew on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 8:06 am

    Thanks to the new media which has opened the eyes of many to see what went wrong with Malaysia.

  2. #2 by drngsc on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 8:43 am

    Hi, it is a matter of perception.
    The receiver of the message may not be blind, but to the arrogant messenger, the receiver is as if blind. Through his arrogance eyes, you are blind, and he can get away with it.

    This time, we have to teach the arrogant messenger a good lesson.
    We need to change the tenant at Putrajaya. GE 13 is coming soon. Change we must. Change we can.

  3. #3 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 8:48 am

    Aiyah, you are talking about dr mamak. I know one. No need to go round and round. Just straight to the point. Say lah: “Dr mamak is evil, greedy and power crazy.” Cukup!

  4. #4 by k1980 on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 9:06 am

    //And billions of dollars to be written off just like that, to erase an old lion’s wrongdoing? //

    Old lion? Should be old hyena.

  5. #5 by Jeffrey on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 9:53 am

    Talking about your “one-eyed” Cyclops & his ilk, they still believe that there sufficient numbers amongst whom emotions will always triumph over logic and to whom talk of this dilemma or that dilemma will always be effective to work up sufficient fear and insecurities to preserve the only surviving Ethnocracy in the world which has extended a blanket over and excuse for all kinds of abuse of power and corruption! The next GE’s outcome will show how many are still blind and whether the 1 eye Cyclop and his ilk are right that majority of Malaysians are not mature enough for public televised political debate, let alone a paradigm shift from race based to inclusive politics! They say that the 308 tsunami was not caused by such a shift but due to dissatisfaction of ineptness/incompetence of the then PM. (As usual assigning blame to others and never one own self is their forte). The title “Not all of us are still blind, are we?” – the words “are we” import uncertainty. Maybe there are still sufficient number of the blind to maintain the Cyclops legacy.

  6. #6 by Jeffrey on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 9:55 am

    The current PM appears to believe in the idea of paradigm shift in 308 (from race to issue based politics) esp amongst the minorities and younger set and tries to accommodate this shift by launching policies that never took off by reason of being stymied at every step of the way by Cyclops & his ilk. Yet he soldiers on but not necessarily because he thinks majority have seen the light but because he thinks that majority of Malaysians are still blind enough to be unable to distinguish appearance from reality and that their perception could be massaged by modern techniques of political advertising to favour incumbency, and of course that ultimate appeal to the baser of human instincts of “I help you -you help me”. In this, his hopes are buoyant based on the 2009 poll conducted by the International Islamic University of Malaysia based on average sample of 1,500 respondents — Malay, Chinese and Indian registered voters on the question of how satisfied they were with the leadership qualities of the five leaders. According to the polls his popularity rating is rising relative to the decline of Opposition leaders. Even the Cyclops receives a good review of being an ”exemplary leader”. The polls – if believed- basically confirms that there are sufficient number of the blind still. No reason to be sanguine and overly hopeful of the situation.

  7. #7 by k1980 on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 10:17 am

    we can realistically expect a June 2012 date for the next general election

  8. #8 by cseng on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 10:25 am

    Yes, we are no longer blind, that is not enough, we must help others to see.

    Lets play as a change agent. Tell people what is right, what you read and share your thoughs… that helps.

    MCA always say accept these political reality, political reality, the model of BN, of them. If we don’t change, who will. Insanity is doing the same and expect the different.

  9. #9 by sheriff singh on Friday, 2 March 2012 - 2:33 pm

    Close your eyes. Open up your mind. Let it expand. Let it fly. Let it be free. It can ‘see’ what opened eyes can’t or won’t.

  10. #10 by mm08 on Saturday, 3 March 2012 - 4:18 pm

    Yes, I believe most of us are ready for a change and eagerly wanted to save our beloved Country Malaysia !

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