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The 42 MACC Panel members should meet in emergency session on whether Ahmad Said is fit and competent to continue as MACC Chief Commissioner or they should call for his dismissal

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Said Ahmad Hamdan has shown himself to be completely callous and heartless over the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock who went to the 14th floor MACC headquarters on July 16 to co-operate with its investigations but ended up as a corpse on the fifth floor.

Ahmad Said told Sin Chew that he had been informed that there had been ten cases of people investigated by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) who threw themselves off from high-rise buildings since the establishment of ICAC and there was nothing he could do if people investigated cannot withstand the pressure.

The implication of Ahmad Said’s statement is crystal clear – he is blaming Teoh’s death on suicide for being unable to withstand the pressure of investigation by the MACC, seeking justification in the alleged ten cases in Hong Kong of people “throwing themselves off high-rise buildings” following ICAC investigations.

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Perak State Assembly

Live updates @limkitsiang

01:45 PM
Perak State Assembly 2nd Sept at Hotel Heritage adjourned sine dine

01:44 PM
Adun Sungai debated. Motion amended 2include demand 4immediate release of 7 arrested n t contract for IGP Musa Hassan should not be renewed

01:41 PM
Emergency motion 2 condemn police highandedness hotly debated. Among speakers ADUN lubok merbau, pokok assam, teja, hutan melintang, canning

12:59 PM
One of the 7 arrested K Ananthan DAP Chairman Lok Lim Garden suffers ashmatic attack. Being sent to Ipoh GH

12:31 PM
Assembly adopted report of Public Accounts Committee. Now debating report of Privileges Committee.
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