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Mysterious Witness took stand at TBH inquest

02:46 PM
Inquest adjourns 4tmr Malik asking 4date 4thai pathologist pontip 2testify

02:43 PM
After that complained 2 deputy minister murugiah n public complaints bureau as far as he knows only bpa investigated

02:39 PM
He made 1st complaint 2Suaram then made police report n 3rd complaint 2suhakam

02:37 PM
Was treated 4injuries on head kidney private part n bloodclots He went 2studio 2have pictures of injuries taken Siva produced torn underwear

02:33 PM
Ashraf hit him on private part with cane He was asked 2wear back same underwear which was torn becos of torture
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Another RM2 billion loss?

By Hussein Hamid

Tell me who would be stupid enough to go and buy a bank in Indonesia? You tell me who would do that? Then if that was not enough you go and take a running jump into Pakistan and buy another bank there. But wait there is more! While they are doing that why not pick up a bank in Vietnam. In all they spent an incredible RM10.8 billion to acquire these three banks. Who would be stupid enough to do this when Maybank has been advise AGAINST making the purchase? Maybank belongs to the Government and so they will take instructions from the Government. Taking instructions from a Government run by idiots who thinks that Maybank is also Maybank. So in essence it is the Barisan Government that is stupid enough to go and buy three Banks in Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam for RM10.8 billion.

Now Malayan Banking has confirmed that it lost RM2 billion in this escapade. Now which UMNO guy made a few hundred million in commission from these purchases? Who are the usual suspects? Najib as the Minister of Finance has to be suspect number one – but if MACC does the questioning they will say that he is just ‘helping with inquires’. But Najib must beware that even helping with inquiries can be dangerous if Muhyiddin has anything to do about it.
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