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Samy Vellu jinx in blogosphere – how to exorcise it?

A thread with a title but no content has attracted 95 comments in the past 31 hours. Quite Amazing.

Undergrad is not the only person to think that I had deliberately left the thread blank to provoke comments.

But I did not. I had been struggling for the past 33 hours to upload my media comments in Sungai Siput during the second stop of my 2-day 14-place whistlestop campaign of Perak state over the weekend to spread the important campaign theme of “Good Cops, Safe Malaysia” for the next general election. But I had been stumped by the Samy Vellu jinx in the blogosphere.

Yesterday (Sunday 13.1.08) morning. After my failed attempts to upload the thread “Will Samy Vellu contest against in Sungei Siput” – my media comments in Sungai Siput on Saturday, 12.108 at 11 am – I decided to upload the title first, to be followed by the body of the thread.

The title was successfully uploaded, but there was no way I could upload the statement proper. I enlisted the help of Chong Zhemin to post the Sungei Siput statement from London after reading his exchange with Undergrad, another tried to post it from the Antipodes, but all to no avail. Read the rest of this entry »


Call for CI into all cases of murdered politicians since 2000 – any link with politics?

In an immediate reaction to the gangland-style killing of Johore MIC deputy chief and Tenggaroh State Assemblyman Datuk S. Krishnasamy in Johore Baru on Friday, MIC President and Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu revealed that Krishnasamy had received death threats week before he was murdered. He ordered all MIC buildings to beef up security.

Many questions cry out for answer. Firstly, why didn’t Samy Vellu, who was informed of the earlier death threats by Krishnasamy, take the threats seriously.

In the past decade, two MIC State Assemblymen had been shot dead in public, the previous case being Lunas State Assemblyman in Kedah, Dr. Joe Fernandez, 54, who was shot three times by two men at the Jalan Maju Jalan Harapan junction in Bukit Mertajam on a motorcycle while driving home from his clinic in Kulim on Nov. 5, 2000. Is there any reason why the two cases of elected representatives shot to death in public places were both from the MIC?

Thirdly, in ordering that all MIC buildings beef up security, is Samy Vellu suggesting that the killing of Krishnasamy is related to his political work? Read the rest of this entry »


Call to all political parties to make “Good Cops, Safe Malaysia” common general election theme

During the weekend, together with Perak DAP State leaders, including Perak DAP State Chairman and State Assemblyman for Sitiawan, Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat, M. Kula Segaran, DAP Perak State Assemby representatives, Su Keong Siong (Pasir Pinji), Seah Leong Peng (Pasir Bedamar), Keong Meng Seng (Menglembu), Chen Fook Chye (Keranji), Hee Yit Fong (Jlapang), I made a hectic and grueling two-day 14-place whistle-stop campaign of Perak state to launch “Good Cops, Safe Malaysia” as a top campaign theme in the next general election expected to be held within 60 days.

I found great resonance and support from Malaysians regardless of race, religion, gender or age to this campaign theme as it struck a deep chord among all Malaysians who have never felt more unsafe for themselves and their loved ones in the nation’s 50-year history.

All Malaysians and political parties must regard the breakdown of law and order and the endemic crime situation in the country as having reached crisis proportion – where Malaysians have lost the twin fundamental liberties to be free from crime and the fear of crime.

Everyday, Malaysians live in fear about the safety of themselves and their loved ones, whether in the streets, public places or even in the privacy of their homes.

The gravity of the crime and law-and-order crisis in the country was further driven home by the latest crime statistics released by the police on Wednesday, with the Prime Minister and Internal Security Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi confessing that he was “worried” about the rising crime index. Read the rest of this entry »