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Haidar as head of Lingam Tape RCI and restricted terms of reference – most disappointing and great letdown

The appointment of Tan Sri Haidar Mohd Noor as Chairman of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam Tape scandal and the commission’s restricted terms of reference are most disappointing and a great letdown for Malaysians who had looked forward to a new page for Malaysia’s judiciary and administration of justice.

Haidar, who was former Chief Judge of Malaya, is clearly not acceptable or suitable to be Chairman of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam Tape scandal in view of his disgraceful role in the 1988 Judicial Crisis which saw the arbitrary and unconstitutional sacking of Tun Salleh Abas as Lord President and two Supreme Court judges, Datuk George Seah and the late Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman Pawanteh – the “mother” of a string of judicial crisis in the past 19 years which rocked the country with repeated erosion and ravages of the independence, impartiality and integrity of the judiciary.

In drawing up very restricted terms of reference strictly confining the Royal Commission of Inquiry to the Lingam Tape, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has missed the golden opportunity to put right what had been wrong and rotten with the system of justice for nearly two decades.

What Abdullah should have done is to frame the widest and most comprehensive terms of reference to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam Tape with the mandate to restore national and international confidence in the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

The missed golden opportunity – which can come only once-in-a-lifetime – is felt most acutely with the brave admission by the new Chief Justice, Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad on the rot in the administration of justice and his vow for a “house-cleaning” of the judiciary. Read the rest of this entry »


DAP ceramah – New Deal for marginalised Indians and all marginalised groups

DAP Ceramah – New Deal for marginalised Indians and all marginalised groups

Speakers –

1. Lim Guan Eng DAP Secretary-General
2. M. Kulasegaran – MP Ipoh Barat
3. Fong Kui Lun – MP Bukit Bintang
4. A. Sivanesan – CEC member
5. M. Manoharan – Human Rights lawyer
6. Lim Kit Siang – Parliamentary Opposition Leader

Venue – Wisma NUBE,
No. 12 Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3, Brickfields,
(besides Petronas station)

Date – Wednesday 12th December 2007 (7.30 pm)


Zaki should support Chief Justice’s vow of “house-cleaning” of judiciary with three measures

The new Chief Justice of Malaysia Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad has made a courageous pledge of “house-cleaning” of the judiciary after being sworn in as the highest judicial officer of the land.

Abdul Hamid is the first top judicial officer to admit to the rot in the judiciary which has plunged national and international confidence in the system of justice to the lowest point in the 50-year history of the nation, and the rot in the judicial system is most vividly described by the Chief Justice when he said:

“I am aware that this appointment is a heavy burden on me. It is more so when it happens at a very challenging time, that is, when public perceptions of the judiciary are disturbing, when the integrity of the courts in the administration of justice is doubted, when appointments and the behaviour of judges and their commitments in the discharge of their duties, are all being questioned.”

Describing the judiciary as the last frontier of a nation, he said : “When the people no longer have confidence in the courts, there will be chaos.

“The independence of the judiciary means giving decision in a case based on law and evidence adduced in court without being influenced or pressured by any party.”

I wish to express my full support to Abdul Hamid’s bold admission of the rot in the administration of justice and his vow to “house-clean” the judiciary.

I do not doube Abdul Hamid’s sincerity, honesty or seriousness of purpose. However, I am very pessimistic at the prospect of success of such a “house-cleaning” by Abdul Hamid for two reasons: Read the rest of this entry »


Sanctity of Parliament violated (2) – Mustapha roughed up (YouTube)

YouTube video of police roughing up and dragging away veteran PAS leader who was former Deputy Minister and MP, Mustapha Ali when effecting arrest at Parliament precincts yesterday – another damning evidence of the violation of the sanctity of Parliament by the police and executive.

I told the police that what they had done was just wrong. DAP MP for Ipoh Barat, M. Kulasegaran asked where was the court order justifying the police action, but the police refused to show such an order.

Mustapha was guest of PAS MP for Tumpat, Kamaruddin Jaffar but such niceties and courtesies mean nothing to the Police, as clearly shown by this video clip captured by Lim Swee Kuan.

Shame for Parliament! Shame for Malaysia!


Sanctity of Parliament violated – Chin Huat sings Negaraku on arrest (YouTube)

YouTube video of police violation of sanctity of Parliament with unprecedented mass arrests of BERSIH activists in parliamentary precincts yesterday, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007.

What was their crime? For upholding the Malaysian Constitution for wanting to have free and fair elections?

Writers Alliance for Media Independence chairperson Wong Chin Huat held up the Constitution and sang Negaraku when he was arrested by the Police in Parliament yesterday to tell the world that he committed no crime except for his love for the country and to protect and promote the Malaysian Constitution.

See this most touching and memorable episode captured for posterity by Lim Swee Kuan in YouTube.

Also arrested at the same time as Chin Huat were Suaram executive director Yap Swee Seng, Centre for Independent Journalism executive director V Gayathry (both on YouTube) and Pusat Komas programme director Mien Lor.

DAP MPs Chong Eng (Bukit Mertajam), Fong Kui Lun (Bukit Bintang), M. Kulasegaran (Ipoh Barat), Chow Kon Yeow (Tanjong), Fong Pokuan (Batu Gajah), Lim Hock Seng (Bagan), Chong Chien Jen (Bandar Kuching) and I were taking the four for lunch outside Parliament when the police swooped and intercepted them while in parliamentary precincts as if they were “top villains” of the country!

Shame for Parliament! Shame for Malaysia!