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48 hrs for two BN MPs to apologise for slur on mission schools

The explanation by the Barisan Nasional MP for Parit Sulong Syed Hood Syed Edros defending his proposal to remove the crosses and images in missionary schools has compounded his offence, not only because of his recalcitrance but his totally unapologetic stance.

Syed Hood said he raised the issue to seek clarification from the Education Ministry based on grouses on the ground.

He said: “Times have changed and I think that we cannot allow Malays to look at the crosses and statues without explanation.”

What type of an explanation is this which not only reflects his petty-minded but highly offensive attitude to all fair-minded Malaysians who accept Malaysia as a plural society of diverse races, religions, cultures and languages.

A study of Syed Hood’s offending speech in Parliament on Oct. 29 will show that he was not seeking clarification but making baseless assertions –as recorded in the parliamentary debate on Oct. 29 in the Hansard (pp142-144): Read the rest of this entry »


Why AG appeared for charging 26 Hindraf supporters but did not appear for Altantunya murder trial?

The personal appearance of the Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail at the Shah Alam Sessions Court yesterday to lay charges against 26 Hindraf supporters for attempted murder of a cop has raised many question.

The first question is why Gani Patail thought it important to appear on an attempted murder charge when he never thought it important to personally handle the high-profile Mongolian Altantunya Shaariibuu murder trial on its 66th day of High Court trial in very same court building in Shah Alam, although the murder trial of the Mongolian woman has far-reaching national and international implications in view of ramifications reaching to the highest government level?

Yesterday, the Shah Alam High Court was told that plastic explosives were placed on three parts of Altantunya Shaariibuu’s body — her head, chest and lower abdomen — before she was blown up when the explosive were detonated simultaneously by using a single detonator connected to all three parts.

Secondly, questions arising from one of disbelief that as many people as 26 people are being charged for the attempted murder of a cop injured in the Batu Caves fracas in connection with the Kuala Lumpur Hindraf demonstration on November 25 , a charge which entailed a maximum 20 years’ jail with fine for the 26 persons.

If the Attorney-General succeeds in his prosecution and in securing maximum sentence, Malaysia will create world history in getting the most number of people sent for life sentence for the attempted murder of a cop — but what a world record!

These troubling thoughts raise the further question as to the real motives of the re-arrest and new charge of attempted murder for 26 people — and whether this is conducive to the larger national objective to de-escalate the tensions caused by the long-standing marginalization of the Malaysian Indians and highlighted by the 30,000-strong Hindraf demonstration on November 25. Read the rest of this entry »


Let Us Vote this Chief Minister out

This piece by Richard Teo is taken down following Vehir’s post and Jee’s email that the demolition of the Sri Penyachi Amman temple in Tambak Paya, Melaka had taken place some four months ago, and not two days ago.

As all the posts have also been removed, posters concerned are welcome to re-post suitably amended points-of-view on other threads.

Many thanks to Vehir and Jee. Apologies to all for this mistake.