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“Judges who accept bribes” – Ahmad Fairuz must take action or step down as Chief Justice

The Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim dropped a bombshell at the swearing-in ceremony of eight new judicial commissioners in Putrajaya on Thursday when he exposed gross judicial misconduct in the judiciary, including:

  • Judges who accept bribes;
  • Judges who were often seen socializing with lawyers, prosecutors and corporate figures while hearing their cases in court; and
  • Judges who were “constantly angry and foul-tempered”.

Ahmad Fairuz may have to step down as Chief Justice for tarnishing the image of the judiciary if he is not prepared to take action and substantiate his grave charges of judges accepting bribes or guilty of misconduct in acting unethically in socializing with parties while hearing their cases.

The Chief Justice had used the plural when he “hit out at judges who accept bribes”. Had he initiated action against “judges who accept bribes” under Article 124 of the Federal Constitution for the establishment of the judicial tribunal to remove these “rogue judges” or at least lodged police reports against them for full investigations to be started?

If Ahmad Fairuz had not initiated any action against “judges who accept bribes”, then the Chief Justice would be guilty of being a party to the commission of serious crimes which would not be compatible with his continued tenure as the highest judicial officer of the land. If he could not substantiate his allegation of judges accepting bribes, then he had made a most reckless and irresponsible statement seriously tarnishing the image of the judiciary.

Furthermore, what action had Ahmad Fairuz taken against judges for the judicial misconduct and unethical behaviour of “often seen socializing with lawyers, prosecutors and corporate figures” while hearing their cases in court or for “being constantly angry and bad-tempered”? Read the rest of this entry »


Malaysian universities out of international radar – 4th year omitted in WR 3,000 Premier Universities ranking

Malaysian universities are still in the international backwaters with the country fighting a losing battle to enhance international competitiveness in the quest for academic excellence and university quality.

For the fourth year in succession, Malaysian universities have been omitted in the January 2007 Webometrics Ranking (WR) of 3,000 Premier Universities, based on their commitment to Web publication and to the Open Access initiatives.

The National University of Singapore tops the Asian universities in the WR, ranked No. 139 internationally, with the Nanyang Technological University ranked No. 18 among the top Asian universities. Chulalongkorn University of Thailand has again confirmed that it is recognised internationally as in various recent world universities rankings as of superior quality to all the 17 Malaysian universities.

The top 25 Asian universities in the latest WR are:

Top Asian Universities

Asia Rank University World Rank

1 National University Singapore 139
2. National Taiwan University 150
3 Keio University 152
4 University of Tokyo 157
5 Beijing University 190
6 Chinese University of Hong Kong 216
7 University of Hong Kong 218
8 Kyoto University 239
9 National Chiao Tung University 300
10 Tsinghua University China 336
11 Seoul National University 337
12 University of Tsukuba 338
13 HK Univ of Sc & Technology 362
14 Korea Adv. Inst of Sc & Tech 365
15 Nagoya University 367
16 Tokyo Institute of Technology 368
17 Tohoku University 376
18 Nanyang Techl Univ Spore 450
19 National Cheng Kung University 468
20 City University of Hong Kong 470
21 Chulalongkorn University 505
22 Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ 511
23 National Sun Yat Sen Univ 513
24 United Nations University 522
25. Zhejiang University 529

The country distribution of the top 500 WR Premier Universities are: Read the rest of this entry »