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Questions raised by Chooi Mun Sou’s Memoirs “Malaysia My Home – Quo Vadis” on the future of Malaysia

(Versi BM)

I have read lawyer Chooi Mun Sou’s memoirs “Malaysia My Home – Quo Vadis” which raised various questions on the future of Malaysia. The book is a “must read” for all Malaysians.

Firstly, whether Jalil Ibrahim, the Bank Bumiputra internal auditor who was sent to Hong Kong to be assistant general manager of Bumiputera Malaysia Finance (BMF) to curb the BMF scandal but was murdered at the Regent Hotel, Hong Kong in 1983, had died in vain – with more bumiputras becoming rich, corrupt and involved in mega-billion-dollar scandals like the 1MDB scandal, in the name of “race and country”. Read the rest of this entry »

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