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#kerajaangagal79 — Convene Parliament to evoke the Dunkirk Spirit among Malaysians to unite and prevail over the Covid-19 crisis

The lament of the Health Director-General Noor Hisham Abdulalh that there is heavy traffic out of Klang Valley before the total lockdown on Tuesday despite the inter-district travel ban and the fear that the health system is facing paralysis is part of a larger problem — the inability of the Muhyiddin government to restore public trust and confidence and the failure to have a “whole-of-society” strategy and approach in the 17-month war against Covid-19 pandemic.

We have not been able to evoke the “Dunkirk spirit”, the nation’s ability to come together with courage and resourcefulness to get through a crisis, because the government has become a kakistocracy and the government leaders do not inspire the people with trust and confidence. Read the rest of this entry »

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#kerajaangagal78 — Khairy should reveal the latest time-line for Malaysia to achieve herd immunity against Covid-19 under the National Immunisation Programme (NIP)

Two days ago, an article on the race by countries  to achieve herd immunity against Covid-19 by vaccinating three quarters of their population against the disease gave the  following chart:

Nation Doses given (million) Population Coverage (%) Vaccination Rate (doses per day) Estimated time needed to achieve herd immunity from May
Israel 10.6 58.4 4,595 22 months
UK 61.4 46 5,801,439 2 months
USA 288 44.9 1,750,524 4 months
Singapore 3.41 29.9 38,534 4 months
Germany 45.4 27.3 679,567 4 months
France 34 26.2 520,616 4 months
China 527 18.8 15,037,429 3 months
Brazil 64 15.2 663,323 12 months
India 200 7.3 2,104,068 2.4 years
Malaysia 2.48 3.8 69,658 22 months
Thailand 3.02 2.2 97,617 2.8 years
Vietnam 1.03 0.5 3,655 >10 years

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