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#kerajaangagal21 – Education Minister should end the denial syndrome over period spot checks and teachers making rape jokes and should appoint officers to launch a campaign to wipe out such practices in schools

Malaysiakini has submitted names of 15 schools where female students were subjected to period spot checks to prove they were menstruating, while a few NGOs have called on students and teachers to stage a walkout of class on May 6 or 7 to demand school reforms over the issue of a teacher making rape jokes to students.

I agree with Saiful Nizam Ab Wahab, the father of a 17-year-old teen, Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, who exposed a teacher for making a rape joke to students, who doubted that a walkout by teachers and students to protest sexual harassment in schools is the best way of protest. Read the rest of this entry »

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#kerajaangagal20 – Communication a disaster In the war against Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia

Malaysia is struggling between bringing the third Covid wave – the longest in the world – under control by reducing the daily increase of new Covid-19 cases to triple-digit and then double-digit figures and the full flaring of the fourth Covid wave.

Everybody is scared that Malaysia may go the way of India, where a second wave has created apocalyptic horrors, with grim scenes of people dying in hospital corridors, on roads and in their homes and where car parks have been turned into cremation grounds while desperate families scramble to find oxygen, medicines and hospital beds.
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#kerajaangagal19 – Call on all the seven living ex-IGPs to speak up whether they had faced political interference in appointing State CPOs

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There is now controversy whether the Inspector-General of Police has unfettered power to appoint State Chief Police Officers (CPOs) and whether it is the Home Minister, Hamzah Zainuddin, in his capacity as chairman of the Police Force Commission, who is politically interfering in the matter by usurping the powers and functions of the IGP on the appointment of the State CPOs.

In a recorded phone call, which the Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin has admitted was his voice and that there was nothing wrong with the phone call, Hamzah reiterated his position that as chairperson of the Police Force Commission, he is responsible for the promotion and placement of police officers, including the appointment of State CPOs. Read the rest of this entry »

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