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Let us learn from the lessons of the past 19 months

Former top civil servant Tan Sri Alwi Jantan’s following 2020 New Year’s Day poem yesterday “Change” is food for thought for all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, who care and love Malaysia and only want the best for Malaysia and our children and children’s children:


We voted for a change
From kleptocracy to Malaysia Baru.
You won’t believe it but it’s strange
What we get are all true.

Black shoes and khat for schools,
Zakir Naik the hate guru.
As if we haven’t been taken for fools,
Flying car and crooked bridge too.

Academics become cheer leaders
In search of lost dignity.
Not fit to become teachers
At any university.

O Lord, my wish for the New Year,
Show us the way to salvation.
Let us together strive and bear
The burden of rebuilding this nation.

I agree with Alwi that a lecturer who could set an university examination paper on ethnic relations extolling the preacher Zakir Naik as an icon in the Muslim world is not promoting but undermining ethnic relations in Malaysia and is ‘Not fit to become teachers at any university”. Read the rest of this entry »