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New civil movement, Diaspora New Malaysia New Zealand formed, which will be part of worldwide New Malaysia civil movement for Malaysians in country and worldwide Malaysian Diaspora to contribute and participate in building a New Malaysia

My twelve-day visit to four Australian cities – Perth, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne – and four New Zealand cities – Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland – have been most successful in promoting the cause and role of Malaysian Diaspora in contributing to and participating in the building of a New Malaysia.

It is no exaggeration that never before in the development of the Malaysian Diaspora since the nineteen seventies have Malaysians outside the country have felt so proud as Malaysians as on May 9, 2018 – as proud as their countrymen and women in Malaysia – at the peaceful and democratic transition of power first time in six decades.
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Malaysians must not waste the “second chance” to reset nation-building policies to fulfil our national destiny to be a great nation

Esther Wee, who had been in Auckland for fifteen years, flew back to Kuala Lumpur to vote for the 14th General Election to cast her vote for the Seputeh constituency, but when she went to her polling centre after lining up for nearly two hours, she was told by the Polling Agent that she could not vote, as her name in the polling roll had been deleted as her vote had already been posted to her to her Auckland address in New Zealand.

The postal ballot which the Election Commission sent to her in Auckland was only received on 11th May, two days after Polling Day on May 9, 2018. She has the Election Commission letter and the postal marks to prove such a shocking state of affairs in the second decade of the 21st century. Read the rest of this entry »