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Najib’s credibility has now reached such a low level that Utusan Malaysia has blacked out the story of Najib’s documentary self-defence on the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account

How low the mighty have fallen in a matter of four months.

In his nine years as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has achieved what the previous five Malaysian Prime Ministers as well as Prime Ministers in other countries had never done – loss of his credibility to near zero level!

In fact, Najib’s credibility has now reached such a low level that Utusan Malaysia, which had depended on Najib for keeping it alive for nine years, have blacked out the story of Najib’s production of documents to try to prove the truth of his claim about the former King of Saudi Arabia’s RM2.6 billion donation in Najib’s personal bank account.

The front-page stories of Utusan Malaysia today are “SERAH WANG 1MDB – Mahkamah Singapura arah pulangkan RM45 juta” and “Muktamar bakal cipta sejarah PAS-UMNO” while there is no news report about Najib’s documentary self-defence at all.

Even the Star, the newspaper of MCA, a loyal component of Barisan Nasional when Najib was the Prime Minister and whose top leadership whether in Cabinet, Parliament or government had aided and abetted Najib in the 1MDB corruption scandal bringing infamy to Malaysia as a global kleptocracy today blacked out Najib’s attempt at self-exoneration and self-exculpation. Read the rest of this entry »

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If Hanif is not senile, then he should act as a responsible former IGP but not be an irresponsible former top cop by failing to take cognizance of the “scorched earth” tactics of UMNO and PAS political opportunists and extremists in post-14GE exploiting the toxic and dangerous politics of race, religion, fear, hate and lies to new unprecedented levels

Former Inspector-General of Police, Tun Hanif Omar, has told Sinar Harian today that he is not senile, that he has got a good memory as he can still remember the Japanese bombing of Teluk Intan on 24th December 1941, when he was not yet three years old!

A person who is senile would not admit that he is senile, but I congratulate Hanif for having such a good memory. He is better than me as I could not remember what I did before I was three years old!

I had given Haniff 48 hours expiring around noon on Sunday to quote chapter and verse, date and place where I had made the preposterous and ridiculous proposal to partition Peninsular Malaysia into two parts, the West for the Chinese and the East for the Malays, for which he sent me to prison in 1969.

He failed to do so and his clarification to Sinar Harian today has not met my 48-hour deadline. Read the rest of this entry »

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