Oh Malaysia, Oh Merdeka

By Allan CF Goh

Oh Malaysia, Oh Merdeka

I will always choose fair Malaysia,
The land where I was born and raised;
So are the many people like me,
Malaysia was our true love to praise.
Once it was a calm idyllic land,
Richly suffused with kind, genteel grace.
It was filled with real beauty and flair,
Compared to today’s mounting disgrace.

Now this beautiful country of ours
Is sadly on the slope of decline,
Because the men who helm her are so
Very exploitatively inclined.
To save the country from further slide,
We all have a duty to perform:
We need to excise all things rotten,
To remove all bad laws, and reform.

Let the sunshine bless the land again,
So as to lift the dark gloom and haze.
Let men of virtue and intellect
Cure the land’s destructive racist craze.
Set free all intelligence to bloom,
To produce good ideas to contend.
For the salvation of the nation,
Allow the best mind of citizens
Nurture its potentials to fruition.

All citizens must have a safe place
Under the benign Malaysian sun.
That is the birth-right of all people
Who call themselves the Malaysian son
And daughter of this land of our birth.
All citizens of blessed Malaysia
Must enjoy the same, equal protection
Under the law without amnesia.

Only when the nation becomes one,
In spirit, will and aspiration,
Can the country progress with full steam
Without unfair, unclean distraction.
Let us unite under that vision,
Make Malaysia beautiful again.
Make Malaysia first among equals,
Let us the true merdeka regain.

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