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Najib’s “clarification” is proof that PAB is the worst and most slipshod bill in 54-year parliamentary history

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s last-minute clarification today of the Peaceful Assembly Bill (PAB) is testimony that the PAB is the worst and most slipshod bill ever drafted in the 54-year history of Malaysian Parliament as well as raising questions about Najib’s bona fides in political reforms and transformation.

Najib blamed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for “confusing” the public with regard to the 30-day notification requirement.

He said:

“Actually the wording is within 30 days, it can be within five or 10 days but that word led to so much confusion so we decided that 10 days to be specific, so that there will be no doubts.” (The Malaysian Insider)

Najib said the previous 30 days’ notification did not mean a month’s notice was needed.

Najib’s ”clarification” is utterly ridiculous. In fact, Najib is presenting a sorry public spectacle of a Prime Minister who does not know what he is talking about, and even worse does not understand the content of the Bill he introduced in Parliament on Thursday though he described it as “revolutionary”. Read the rest of this entry »


Najib forewarned he is heading for another political disaster if rejects proposal for a PSC and forces PAB through all readings in Dewan Rakyat tomorrow

The Police Royal Commission Report 2005 listed the complaints against bias, unreasonableness and discrimination in the exercise of police powers under Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 which vests police with the power to regulate assemblies, meetings and processions through the granting of a permit, including the following:

*Permits granted to opposition political parties or NGOs perceived to be critical of the government or aligned with opposition parties always have a number of conditions which are considered ridiculous and difficult to implement and tantamount to an indirect refusal of permission.

*There are complaints that the police do not seem to be neutral and impartial in the granting of permits, as would appear to be the case from their alleged numerous refusals of permits to opposition political parties and organisations perceived to be linked to them. There were also allegations that those attending the events were arrested and questioned as to why they did so and why they expressed opposition towards the government.

*According to some complaints, a peaceful demonstration that turned into rioting was not caused by the action of demonstrators but on the provocation of the police.

There is nothing to demonstrate that in the six years after the publication of the Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission Report and its 125 recommendations, the Malaysian Police has won public confidence as it has transformed itself into an independent, incorruptible and professional police force, discarding the outmoded colonial police concept of “regime protection” and replacing it with the modern principles and concept of “democratic policing”. Read the rest of this entry »


Time Runs Short for Europe to Resolve Debt Crisis

November 27, 2011 | The New York Times

LONDON — Eighteen months into a sovereign debt crisis — and after many futile efforts to resolve it — the endgame appears to be fast approaching for Europe.

While its leaders may well hold to the current path of offering piecemeal solutions, nervous investors are fleeing European countries and banks.

Two main options exist: either the euro zone splits apart or it binds closer together.

Each of these paths — Greece, and possibly others, dropping the euro or the emergence of a deeper political union in which a federal Europe takes control of national budgets — would lead to serious political, legal and financial consequences.

But with financial panic now threatening to move beyond Italy and Spain to Belgium, France and Germany, the euro zone’s paymaster, the pressure to arrive at a solution is at a new level of intensity. Read the rest of this entry »


The imperative march against the Peaceful Assembly Bill

By Low Teck Kuan
November 26, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider

NOV 26 — Have you ever felt a sense of discomfort sitting on your chair whenever you read the news?

Or sometimes (most of the time for me) a sense of disbelief and appal at how politics has screwed our rights, liberties and monies over and over again?!

Just when we had to digest all the poor spending and misappropriation (for example, the Auditor-General’s Report, the National Feedlot Corporation scandal and Kedai 1 Rakyat Malaysia fiasco), now we are told that a Bill will be passed to restrict our natural right to assemble!

The government tells us that we can assemble, and it says it is “revolutionary”. However, they seek to implement various criteria and obstacles before we “can”, or rather more accurately, be allowed to assemble (one fine example would be the requirement of a 30 days’ notice). This clearly illustrated the government’s pure hypocrisy in singing the tune of “best democracy”, “revolutionary” or even “upholding democratic principles” when it in fact it seeks to restrict the rakyat’s natural right to assemble! Read the rest of this entry »


Najib has taken the rakyat for a ride!

By Aliran
November 28, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider

NOV 28 — The much-heralded reforms promised by Najib to bring us into a new era of liberalism has exploded in the face of the rakyat as a sham, a shameful promise.

We were promised that the ISA would be revoked — and the rakyat rejoiced prematurely. The joy was shortlived when it was revealed that two other laws would replace the ISA, retaining the obnoxious detention without trial. The same undemocratic features of the ISA will now come under a new name, gravely disappointing the rakyat.

We were promised easier democratic freedom of assembly without the need for police permit. The rakyat applauded this sensible approach, which seemed to guarantee the right of assembly as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. With the presentation of the Peaceful Assembly Bill, now they realise that they have been deluded once again.

The Barisan Nasional is not capable of respecting the people’s human rights or honouring its solemn word. The BN is only used to restricting our rights, denying our freedom, controlling our space, destroying our faith in the electoral process, trampling upon our judiciary and completing ignoring what is fair and just. Read the rest of this entry »


Free Enterprise As An Islamic Tradition

Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #90
Chapter11: Embracing Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise As An Islamic Tradition
By Bakri Musa

There are those who believe that capitalism implies greed, the very antithesis of our core religious value. Nothing can be further from the truth. This misguided notion led many nations to adopt socialism, with its promised egalitarianism.

The Koran explicitly encourages free market. It commands the faithful to venture into the marketplace and earn a livelihood: “When the prayer is finished, then disperse ye through the land and seek the bounty of Allah.” (Surah Al-Jumu’a, 62:10). Earning a lawful livelihood is a duty second only in importance to that of prayer, preached our prophet (pbuh).

In Islam it is better to give than to receive a wage; that is, better be an employer than employee. A businessperson enjoys an exalted position in Islam. Contemplate this hadith: “In the Day of Judgment, the honest, truthful Muslim merchant will rank with the martyrs of the faith; the trustworthy merchant will sit in the shadow of the throne of God on Judgment Day.”

Ibn Khaldun wrote in his Muqadimmah, “Commerce means the attempt to make a profit by increasing capital, through buying goods at a lower price and selling them at a higher price…This may be realized by storing goods and holding them until the market has fluctuated from low to high price…or by transporting goods to another country where they are more in demand.” Read the rest of this entry »

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