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The 2012 Budget for a class of seven-year-olds… and voters

By Shern Ren | November 16, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

NOV 16 — Tomorrow my younger brother is going to school to collect the RM100 that the government has promised him as a school-goer. It’s all well and good for him to get a bit more spending money, but what difference does it make in our national Budget? Here’s an imaginary conversation that will take place tomorrow in a school far too close to home…

Hi, and welcome to Class 1 Malaysia in SJK Pelancar(1). As you’re all aware, our class president (who’s also the class treasurer) has magnanimously decided to give RM100 to all schoolchildren — that’s you and me! But before you all line up to receive his magnificent gift, he’s asked me to make a little speech about how far we’ve come as a class.

There are fifty of us in this class, 1 Malaysia. Who’s bringing in the dough? Well, 21 of us are employed, but only six of us will have any qualification higher than the SPM. Only three working people earn enough to pay any class fees at all to the class fund, which makes it all the more interesting that two of you guys are actually working for the class and earning your living from that same class fund. Don’t get too comfortable in your job though — there are eight fellows from other classes like 1 Donesia willing to do our jobs for half the price, or two of them for every five of us.
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Kenapa Yang Berhormat dan bukan Yang Berkhidmat?

By Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos ( | November 16, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

Saya kerap bertanya soalan tersebut selama hampir 20 tahun: Kenapa dipilih untuk mengelar wakil-wakil rakyat dengan istilah “Yang Berhormat” dan bukan dengan istilah “Yang Berkhidmat”?

Semalam, saya ditanya oleh seorang pemuda aktivis soalan yang sama! Katanya ramai pemuda-pemudi hari ini kurang senang dengan isitlah “Yang Berhormat” kerana mereka merasakan ia tidak tepat menjelaskan kedudukan wakil-wakil rakyat. Saya setuju.

Pertama, pada faktanya, wakil-wakil rakyat diundi oleh rakyat jelata untuk berkhidmat kepada pengundi-pengundi yang berada didalam kawasan Dewan undangan negeri atau dalam kawasan Parlimen mereka. Mereka tidaklah diundi untuk bermegah atau untuk mencapai kejayaan peribadi sebagai seorang wakil rakyat atau untuk memperkayakan diri. Maka jika mereka menawarkan diri sebagai calon dan diundi untuk berkhidmat, bukankah lebih tepat mereka digelar sebagai “Yang Berkhidmat”?
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