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The right to assemble

— The Malaysian Insider
Nov 22, 2011

NOV 22 — On September 15, Datuk Seri Najib Razak went further than just saying he will repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA). In effect, he said the government of the day will treat all Malaysians as adults by reviewing section 27 of the Police Act on the freedom of assembly.

This freedom is enshrined in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution and the prime minister said then that the government will allow public gatherings based on international norms while taking a firm stand against street demonstrations.

Today, he made good his promise. In the most surprising of ways. His administration tabled the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 that actually ends any right to a public procession for any other reason except for religious events and funerals. Read the rest of this entry »



Black Swan
The Malaysian Insider
Nov 22, 2011

NOV 22 — With the debacle that is the NFC and many other issues being hotly debated in Malaysia at the moment, a thought suddenly came to me.

The underlying and pervading issue here seems to be an issue of values. Let me qualify this: I am no psychologist with textbook definitions of values; I am a professional and mother who is increasingly aghast at what is going on in Malaysia.

Values to me are simply our personal guidelines that enable us to distinguish between right and wrong. We would do something that is right because our personal values guide so and we wouldn’t do something because the same values would, again, make us hesitate from doing it.

As the NFC debacle looms larger and politician after politician (from the highest offices of the government) come out and say that this was right and make it all sound very convincing, one then realises that they are saying so because they believe they are right. Why? Their personal values are guiding them.

Which brings to question the entire value system that is being practised. It has nothing to do with religion or race. These people’s values are guiding them to believe that they are right.

When you have politicians saying, “we want to do something because of its political dividend” or “we cannot afford to be ‘picky’” about which groups to align themselves with, and that everything must be done with only one goal in mind — winning the next election — the value system, to me, again comes into question. Isn’t public office about serving the people and doesn’t it require a certain degree of selflessness and humility? Read the rest of this entry »


Dr M: Siapa yang mengaku kelemahan diri?

Aspan Alias
The Malaysian Insider
Nov 22, 2011

22 NOV — Semalam hari minggu. Pagi-pagi lagi saya mendapat panggilan talipon dan beberapa SMS dari rakan-rakan dari jauh dan dekat bertanyakan saya samada saya membaca wawancara Utusan dengan bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Bro dah baca ke interview Dr Mahathir dalam Utusan?”

Saya jawab, “Saya tak langgan Utusan sudah 10 tahun, nanti saya baca Utusan online lah!”

Saya terus sahaja membaca setiap ulasan Dr M dalam Utusan itu dan saya tidak berapa hairan kerana saya sendiri telah menyebut segala-gala yang di sebut oleh Dr Mahathir dalam wawancara beliau itu. Bezanya Dr Mahathir seorang tokoh besar sedangkan saya hanya seorang biasa yang melata di tepian politik negara.

Pada keseluruhannya Dr Mahathir bersetuju dengan pandangan ramai yang Umno dan pemerhatian yang Umno sekarang adalah parti yang lemah dan tidak pandai untuk menjadi parti pemerintah. Pendeknya Umno sudah tidak serupa Umno lagi.

Umno berpecah di setiap peringkat dari cawangan ke pusat dan tidak berkepimpinan. Umno tidak lagi berdaya menjawab persoalan yang di timbulkan oleh orang ramai melalui parti-parti politik pembangkang serta NGO dan ini amat menyulitkan Umno untuk terus relevan sebagai parti yang memerintah negara. Read the rest of this entry »