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Explain disparity between ‘actual’ and ‘approved’ FDIs, DAP tells Putrajaya

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
The Malaysian Insider
Jun 29, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — The Najib administration must explain the wide disparity between approved foreign direct investments (FDIs) and actual investment figures, the DAP said.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua told reporters that a written reply by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MITI) revealed that from 1996 to 2010 only RM179.8 billion out of the RM289.9 billion of approved investments had been realised.

“A shocking RM199.1 billion of declared FDI had disappeared without a trace,” he said in a statement today. Read the rest of this entry »


When will Hishammuddin or IGP announce that it is unlawful and a police arrestable offence for anyone to wear or sport yellow until July 9?

Just four days ago in Ipoh on Saturday, I had called on the Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to “stop the madness where a person can be detained by the police for wearing the Bersih 2.0 T-shirt, as if he/she is more dangerous than Osama bin Laden”.

Clearly, I had directed my call at the wrong person as Hishammuddin is now at the heart of the “madness” with his announcement this morning that Bersih 2.0 T-shirts are illegal and that it is a police arrestable offence to wear them.

The question Malaysians must pose is whether Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s “Government Transformation Programme” has reached a stage where Ministers can unilaterally make laws like Hishammuddin declaring Bersih 2.0 T-shirts are illegal to justify police arrests and seizures?

Hishammuddin did not mention under what law the Bersih 2.0 T-shirts could be considered illegal and unlawful. The reason is simple – there is no such law, unless Malaysia’s democratic governance has degenerated to a stage where a Minister could unilaterally declare a law “on the run” as the Home Minister has done this morning.

The question is whether the Malaysian judiciary has degenerated to a new low where it would uphold the such Ministerial abuses of power in arbitrarily and unilaterally making a law “on the run” without parliamentary sanction. Read the rest of this entry »


IGP says cops to arrest those with pro-Bersih ‘shoes, cars, buses’

By Yow Hong Chieh | June 29, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — The police will not only arrest those sporting Bersih T-shirts but may also take action against anyone using any medium to promote the illegal rally, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has said.

“Not just T-shirts but shoes, cars, buses. If these are the tools used to encourage people to gather (illegally), this amounts to sedition,” Tan Sri Ismail Omar (picture) told reporters at Bukit Aman police headquarters here today.
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Police did not ask for permission, says Speaker

By S Pathmawathy
Jun 29, 11 | MalaysiaKini

Dewan Rakyat speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia will look into claims by opposition MP Lim Kit Siang accusing the police of breaching parliamentary independence when they questioned several MPs yesterday.

“The police cannot enter Parliament grounds without the express consent of the speaker. The police can only provide policing function on the request of the Parliament officials, sergeant-at-arms and the speaker,” said Lim (DAP-Ipoh Timor) while interrupting the debate on the Money Services Business Bill. Read the rest of this entry »


Bersih T-shirts seized, seven activists held in raid

By Shannon Teoh
June 29, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider

PETALING JAYA, June 29 — About 20 policemen, at least one of whom was armed with an assault rifle, raided the Bersih secretariat here today, confiscating hundreds of the movement’s iconic yellow T-shirts and bringing seven in for questioning.

Seven staff members of women’s rights non-governmental organisation Empower, which hosts the secretariat for the group pushing for electoral reforms, were initially questioned at the premises that had been blocked by about 10 police vehicles, including a Black Maria.

Police then seized several items contained in seven plastic bags and five boxes as well as five banners before taking the workers to the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters. Read the rest of this entry »


Bersih T-shirts illegal, declares Hisham

By Shannon Teoh
The Malaysian Insider
Jun 29, 2011

PUTRAJAYA, June 29 — Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today T-shirts with messages in support of Bersih have been outlawed because they were related to an illegal assembly.

“The Bersih T-shirt is related to an illegal assembly, then whatever they are wearing is illegal,” he told reporters.

Police officers have been arresting activists and opposition members wearing Bersih T-shirts ahead of next weekend’s rally and counter rallies organised by Umno Youth and Perkasa, all of which the government has said will not be given police permits. Read the rest of this entry »


Freedom, imagined

By Adrian Chew
June 29, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider

JUNE 29 — Imagine this.

Tens of thousands of us came from all over to exercise our fundamental rights. In our midst were foreign elements; their presence threatening and encouraging at the same time.

The organisers of the event gave us clear instructions: Wear shirts of a certain colour. Be at the designated staging sites at the appointed time.

Alternative routes were suggested in case the authorities decided to block access to the sites. Many arrived hours ahead and camped inside their vehicles, counting down the hours to the event we’d all anticipated for so long. Read the rest of this entry »


Waging war? The charge simply doesn’t stick!

Aliran Executive Committee
28 June 2011

The way the PSM members were arrested and accused reminds us of the proverb, “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.”

That’s what the police have done. They resurrected the communist bogey and concocted the myth of waging war against the king and hoped that these ludicrous accusations will stick. Unfortunately, the accusations are far-fetched and come across as scandalous and out-right lies.

The PSM is a grass-roots party dedicated to socialism and to the peaceful attainment of goals that would bring benefits to the marginalized and helpless members of the Malaysian community. Their concern for the welfare of the Orang Asli, their struggle for the urban poor, their solidarity with the homeless, their unwavering support for the evicted, their demand for decent basic wages for the largely exploited labour class, all this speaks eloquently to justify their existence in the political area.
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Hishammuddin’s Excuses

Hishammuddin's Excuses by Zunar

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But wait, Bersih didn’t threaten to torch Umno HQ

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jun 29, 11

‘Bersih leaders were the first to receive death threats, yet there were no Bersih supporters outside PWTC threatening to burn down Umno’s HQ.’

Umno Youth ‘threatened’ to torch PKR HQ

Swipenter: We are all sick of the threats of violence verbalised by Perkasa and Umno supporters every time when things are disagreeable to them.

This is reminiscent of the threats issued by Umno Youth to burn down the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (SCAH) over the issue of vernacular education.
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Coming soon: Bersih a front for extraterrestrials?

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jun 29, 11

‘First, Utusan claims Bersih is sponsored by foreign Christians organisations. Then, it’s by communist elements, together with a US pro-democracy NGOs.’

Utusan overdrives on Bersih ‘communist’ plot

Ignis Sacra: It is all the doing of the resentful ghost of that arch crusader, former chancellor Joseph Konrad Adenauer.

Unhappy with current chancellor Angela Merkel, the tortured ghost is now seeking his evil consolation from the idea that every last Malay must be condemned and crucified.
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